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Discount retailer Zellers maintains over 350 locations across Canada. A division of Hudson’s Bay Company, Zellers offers hundreds of products to make shoppers lives more convenient. Zellers sells name-brand products at competitive discount prices. Headquarters for Zellers reside in Brampton, ON.

Some of the most popular products of Zellers discount stores include clothing, electronics, home appliances, bedding, and furniture. Zellers products include several major name brands, in addition to several exclusive labels sold at Zellers. Many Zellers locations offer grocery items, as well. Many Zellers department stores provide pharmacy services and company rewards.

As a major discount store chain, Zellers employs a large workforce of part-time team members and full-time associates. Find opportunities in more than 300 Zellers stores by applying in store or online for entry-level positions or advanced jobs. Zellers provides easy ways to apply for retail discount store jobs. Individuals interested in Zellers employment may visit a store or fill out an online application form to find local opportunities.

Zellers Job Titles and Salary Info

Cashier – Zellers cashier positions generally do not require much training, save for on the register. Successful cashiers with Zellers must stay detailed and swift. Most stores hire cashiers around 16, though team members must be at least 18 to ring up alcohol purchases. Additionally, Zellers cashiers must be willing to work flexible shifts. Cashiers typically earn pay rates around $9.00 to $12.00 an hour.

Stock Associate – Stock associates and sales associates with Zellers department stores mainly work on the sales floor and stock room. A physical job, stocking mainly entails filling the sales floor with new product and existing merchandise. Stockers must follow plan-o-grams set up by Zellers shift leads. Despite the amount of responsibilities stockers already face, these employees must first and foremost meet the needs of Zellers customers. Another hourly position, Zellers stock associates make around $10.00 to $13.00 per hour.

Shift Lead – Zellers shift leads usually sit right below store managers and above regular hourly workers. Shift leads mainly monitor team members, like cashiers and stock associates, and keep everyone on task. Shift leaders with Zellers also meet with customers to take care of any discrepancies or concerns. Associates in this position often perform the same duties as regular store employees, including stocking and operating the cash register. Shift leads at Zellers stores often earn higher wages, though – roughly $12.00 to $15.00 an hour.

Manager – Management team members mainly enforce Zellers store rules and policies. Zellers usually picks managerial candidates from the existing pool of store associates. However, experienced workers in the retail industry should consider finding openings with Zellers discount stores. Main duties for managers usually concern selecting new hires from the current field of applicants. Hiring managers screen applicants, contact candidates, and conduct all the necessary interviews before making final decisions. Unlike hourly employees, Zellers managers usually earn an yearly salary around $50,000 to $65,000.

Benefits of Working at Zellers
Zellers discount stores feature several enticing job benefits for workers. Zellers parent company Hudson’s Bay Company currently sponsors all employee benefits with the company. Benefit categories with Zellers include both medical insurance and financial services. Check with Zellers during the interview and hiring process for further information on available employment benefits.

Financial perks for Zellers associates include both large and small work benefits. For example, each employee earns paid vacation and time off after starting work with the company. More advanced financial benefits include employee savings accounts, wealth management, and a 401(k) retirement program for qualified workers. Medical benefits from Zellers largely include health, vision, and dental insurance, for associates and eligible dependents.

Zellers discount stores opened in 1931 by businessman Walter P. Zeller. The brand started as a Canadian thrift store. By the 1950s, Zellers opened more than 50 stores and employed over 3,000 workers. 50 years later, Zellers owned more than 150 stores and brought in annual revenues of over $400 million. Today, Zellers owns and operates more than 300 discount variety stores, all under ownership of Hudson’s Bay Company.

Products and Services
Zellers retail stores act as an all-around destination for every customer’s shopping needs. Each Zellers store offers a wide selection of clothing, sporting goods, beauty products, toys, housewares, and appliances. Most locations also offer grocery items, such as prepackaged foods, snacks, dairy items, frozen foods, produce, and baked goods. Customers may even fill out prescriptions with Zellers pharmacies. The chain offers a rewards program and credit services.

Hudson’s Bay Company currently acts as the corporate parent of Zellers discount stores. Founded in 1670, Hudson’s Bay Company officially qualifies as the oldest commercial corporation in North America. Based in the Simpson Tower in downtown Toronto, ON, Hudson’s Bay Company also owns The Bay, Home Outfitters, and Lord & Taylor. Through divisions and subsidiaries, HBC produces over $7 billion in annual revenue.

Minimum age to work at Zellers: 16

Official Site: www.hbc.monstermediaworks.ca/

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