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Originally conceived in England, YMCA serves approximately two million citizens across over 1,000 communities in Canada. The organization commits to keeping people healthy, confident, and connected to the community. To accomplish the goal, the non-profit maintains expansive facilities, each requiring a large workforce with a diverse range of talents. Anyone looking to join the team should show passion for health and fitness and the ability to build genuine connections with people. Values the community-based organization looks for in workers include caring, respect, honesty, responsibility, and inclusiveness.

With a vast range of careers at each location, Canadian YMCA locations serve as excellent opportunities for anyone interested in working in the health, fitness, or nonprofit sectors. Major areas of employment include administrative, guest relations, child watch, education, fitness center, and aquatics. Individuals selected for employment may take opportunities to explore even more careers and functions within the organization. Most positions offer ever-increasing responsibilities to keep team members engaged with new challenges and experiences. Committed to keeping the future of the organization bright, the company works diligently to shape and grow associates. Each fitness centre provides ongoing training as associates pick up new duties and offers development programs designed for career advancement.

In addition to caring for the health and wellbeing of individuals, YMCA cares about staff happiness. The organization fosters supportive work environments catering healthy work/life balances. Workers enjoy flexible schedules, request time off, and shorter shifts on Sundays. Each location manages hiring individually. Candidates looking to work for the organization need to contact each desired centre to learn about job opportunities.

YMCA Employment Opportunities and Pay Scales
Canadian YMCA centres offer flexible shift scheduling and generous hourly pay to entry-level associates. Professional careers award full-time hours and lucrative salary options. Age requirements vary by job title. Basic entry-level jobs need applicants to reach 16 years old before applying. Management or skilled positions may set age requirements at 18 years old. The non-profit organization regularly hires for the following jobs:

Membership Service Representative – Membership service representatives serve as the first points of contact with guests entering each facility. Essential duties include greeting members, providing facility information, giving tours, directing phone calls, and signing up new members. YMCA Canada looks for friendly, articulate individuals with sales skills to fill membership service representative jobs. Job qualifications include high school diplomas and some guest services experience. Membership service representatives usually earn between $8.50 CAD and $11.00 CAD an hour.

Personal Trainer – Personal trainers provide fitness instructions to individuals and small groups. A personal trainer creates customized fitness programs for participants and motivates individuals to achieve fitness goals. Ensuring client safety remains essential to the job. Personal trainers must also recruit and sell memberships to clients. The average personal trainer earns between $14.00 CAD and $24.00 CAD an hour. Pay rates may vary by education, certification, experience, and client rosters.

Lifeguard – Lifeguards monitor pool activities to ensure guest safety. Essential duties include attentively watching swimmers, enforcing pool rules, and checking chlorine and PH levels in the water. Qualifications necessary for employment include lifeguarding certifications, CPR PRO certifications, and the ability to pass physical rescue tests. Lifeguards must also remain dependable and show up on time to every shift. YMCA prefers candidates with prior experience and the ability to take direction. Lifeguards typically make about $9.00 CAD an hour starting out.

Benefits of Working at YMCA Canada
Committed to employee care, YMCA offers generous work benefits package to eligible associates. To support associate health, the organization provides medical, dental, and vision plans along with life insurance coverage. Financial benefits include 401(k) retirement plans, pension plans, and work incentives. Associates receive access to fitness centre services and free or steeply discounted memberships. Job benefits packages may differ by job title and location of employment.

USA YMCA Application

Founded in the mid-1800s, YMCA, or Young Men’s Christian Association, first consisted of a group of roughly one dozen young persons in London, England. Within seven years, popularity of the organization as a safe-haven for young Christian men centered on excelling in body, mind, and spirit grew significantly and led to the establishment of North American chapters in Boston, MA, USA, and Montreal, QC, Canada, in 1851. Operations continue to expand throughout Canadian Provinces, with community buildings, fitness centres, and local partnerships integral in bettering the lives of people in surrounding areas.

The organization remains dedicated to personal growth, both in mind and spirit as well as community enrichment. Each facility offers a wealth of programs in health and fitness, child and youth recreation, and childcare. Focused on fitness, most locations offer swimming classes, group fitness classes, individual conditioning, and weight management programs. Developing the health of children and youths remains a key priority. Examples of programs designed to better surrounding communities include YMCA Raising Healthy Kids and YMCA Healthy Kids Day.

As of December 2012, YMCA controlled over $150 million worth of assets in the United States alone. Global operations utilize more than $22 billion in collective resources. Despite founding in England, the major non-profit firm maintains corporate headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

Minimum age to work at YMCA: 16

Official Site: http://www.ymca.ca/en/get-involved/careers.aspx

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