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Canadian restaurant chain Wimpy’s Diner first debuted as a drive-in in the early 1960s. In the late-1980s, Wimpy’s Diner shifted gears and began offering full restaurant menus. Wimpy’s Diner locations still sport vintage 1950s decor, including black and white checkered tile flooring, bars with bar stools, and retro juke boxes. The restaurant chain intends to add to locations operating across Southern Ontario in the near future.

A highly successful chain, Wimpy’s offers typical burger joint menus highlighted by giant, 10oz. burger patties. Canadian favorite Poutine, fish dinners, and fish and chips also feature prominently on Wimpy’s Diner menus. Vintage atmospheres and reasonable prices serve as continual draws to Wimpy’s Diner restaurants. Available breakfast and lunch menus also draw large customer bases as well as friendly service and convenient locations.

The popular Ontario restaurant chain serves as an ideal place for entry-level job seekers and career professionals to find meaningful work. Wimpy’s Diner offers both part-time and full-time shift capabilities featuring flexible hours and paid training. Applicants must meet minimum age requirements in order to gain employment consideration. Additional hiring requirements typically include job experience, professional motivations, availability, and personality traits. Learn more about Wimpy’s Diner jobs and fill out an online application form to begin the hiring process today.

Wimpy’s Diner Positions and Salary Information

Entry-level jobs available at Wimpy’s Diners provide sound avenues for career development in fun and rewarding work environments. Job seekers may choose from a wide variety of customer service or kitchen positions. Careers opportunities in management also exist for full-time employment hunters. Complete and submit a job application or review the following list for more details on positions available:


  • One of the most widely available positions at Wimpy’s Diner restaurants, serving jobs require applicants possess friendly, energetic, and personable attitudes.
  • Main responsibilities include greeting customers, explaining specials and menu items, taking food and drink orders, refilling beverages, and catering to patron requests.
  • Lively, positive individuals typically perform well during Wimpy’s Diner interviews for server jobs.
  • No experience proves necessary for the position, although prior experience may aid prospective job seekers.
  • Wimpy’s Diner servers start out at minimum wage and earn gratuities along with hourly pay.


  • Another entry-level job opportunity, Wimpy’s Diner cook positions involve operating commercial kitchen equipment and preparing menu items to order.
  • Wimpy’s cooks must adhere to health and safety guidelines for handling food and disposing of waste at all times.
  • Maintaining clean work stations and storage areas represent pivotal components of cook employment opportunities.
  • Hardworking, motivated individuals often serve as ideal candidates for the job.
  • Experience may or may not play a role in hiring, depending on references and ability to adapt quickly to new procedure.
  • Cooks often earn between minimum wage and $14.00 per hour at Wimpy’s Diner.
  • Increases in pay typically occur with experience gained.


  • Wimpy’s Diner management opportunities include supervisor, kitchen manager, and restaurant manager job titles.
  • Supervisors oversee specific operations, such as hosting and serving.
  • Wimpy’s Diner kitchen managers oversee kitchen operations, while restaurant managers take responsibility for total operations.
  • Common job duties include motivating, training, hiring, supervising, and scheduling employees.
  • Managers also process payroll, maintain inventory, and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Wimpy’s Diner managers must exude friendly, energetic, and often entertaining personalities to gain hiring consideration.
  • Careers in management pay between $13.00 and $14.00 an hour for supervisors and up to $40,000 or $50,000 annual salary for restaurant managers.
  • Salary options generally vary with experience.

Benefits of Working at Wimpy’s Diner

As a prominent restaurant chain, Wimpy’s Diner provides various career paths for entry-level workers to find meaningful, long-term jobs. The restaurant chains pays associates during orientation, offers career development assistance, and offers competitive wages and salary options. Workers receive complimentary uniforms upon hire and enjoy generous discounts on meals, as well.

Employees working full-time, either in management or corporate capacities, also receive employee benefits packages. Though Wimpy’s Diner job benefits and eligibility requirements often vary by position and location, qualified associates often receive paid time off, healthcare options, life insurance plans, and 401(k) retirement plans. Refer to the online job application or contact a local Wimpy’s Diner to learn more about available jobs and employment benefits.


Wimpy’s Diner began as a single, drive-in style restaurant in 1961. Located in Toronto, ON, Canada, the first location enjoyed substantial and sustained success for more than two decades before incorporating traditional restaurant menus in 1988. Wimpy’s Diner opened a second location in 1992. In the years following, Wimpy’s continued franchising and opened several locations throughout Southern Ontario. The Canadian restaurant chain manages roughly 45 locations.


The themed Wimpy’s Diner menus recreate the simplistic and traditional offerings of drive-ins in the 1950s with a few added modern twists. Wimpy’s Diner also offers lunch and breakfast menus complete with egg platters, French toast, waffles, and omelets for early risers, and hot and cold sandwiches, soups, and salads for lunch crowds. Dinner menu largely consist of burgers and fries in addition to classic malts, shakes, and floats. Other dinner favorites include grilled salmon, fish and chips, grilled chicken, signature salads, and steak.


Originally a family-owned enterprise, Wimpy’s Diner changed ownership in the late 1980s. Two Canadian businessmen took over the restaurant chain and began franchising the brand soon after. Each year, Wimpy’s Diner entertains thousands of customers. Annual revenues for the popular brand reach in excess of tens of millions of dollars. Wimpy’s Diner home offices reside in East Scarborough, ON, Canada.

Minimum age to work at Wimpy’s Diner: 14

Official Site: http://wimpysdiner.ca/careers/