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Wilson Fuel serves a majority of the Atlantic Canada region, with more than 55 service stations in operation. In addition to company-owned retail locations, the major gasoline purveyor distributes to franchised and independent partners in four provinces. Some storefronts strictly sell gasoline, as opposed to offering both fueling services and vehicle repair and maintenance. The company primarily partners with international gas station proprietor Esso.

Job seekers readily find meaningful employment with the regional chain. Individuals may fill out application forms in store or online for work as entry-level attendants and cashiers or complete hiring documents for opportunities in management. The basic requirements for employment consideration largely center on age for entry-level roles, whereas aspiring managerial associates need to possess some background in leadership and experience in the retail or gas station industry. Wilson Fuel sets the minimum age for employment at 16 in most cases. Managers must stand at least 18 years old and hold basic high school educations or equivalents.

The work environments found at Wilson Fuel stations reflect the community-oriented history of the company. A major player in the reconstruction of Dartmouth, NS, after a military supply ship exploded in the Halifax Harbour and destroyed much of both towns, the fuel refiner and retailer continues giving back to surrounding areas. Applicants should demonstrate family values and respect for local municipalities in addition to possessing personable, attentive, and courteous attitudes. Other key characteristics the gas station chain looks for in new-hires includes open availability and manual dexterity. Hours of operation typically extend well into the evenings and span holidays and weekends, in most cases. Employment hopefuls in good physical health also generally excel in available roles, as daily responsibilities include lifting, bending, pulling, and pushing.

Wilson Fuel Jobs and Salary Expectations

Patrons in Atlantic Canada expect kind, prompt, and efficient services from Wilson Fuel gas stops. Applicants must uphold the company image of operating as a first-rate refueling station chain in order to gain employment. Upon hire, workers enjoy paid training, complimentary uniforms, and flexible hours. Employment benefits and pay raises also become available over time. Stations consistently offer the following opportunities:

Station Attendant

  • The historically part-time position of station attendant includes greeting customers, processing transactions, cleaning work areas and sales floors, stocking products, and assisting patrons as needed.
  • Full-service stations also require attendants to pump gas, wipe windows, top off fluid levels, and check tire pressure.
  • The average Wilson Fuel station attendant makes between $10.00 CAD and $12.00 CAD.
  • Pay increases may lead to hourly rates in excess of $13.00 CAD or $14.00 CAD.


  • Applicants looking for long-term work with the Atlantic Canadian gas station chain should consider Wilson Fuel supervisor and station manager jobs.
  • Careers in management offer stable hours, full-time employment, and salary options ranging from $25,000 CAD up to $50,000 CAD or more, depending on experience and tenure.
  • Supervisor positions largely involve decisions regarding staffing and daily operations, such as hiring and training new workers, setting schedules, and opening and closing storefronts.
  • Station managers often serve as administrators, with duties like driving sales, compiling reports, ordering supplies, and tracking inventories integral aspects of the roles.

Wilson Fuel Job Benefits

Voted as one of the best managed companies in Canada, Wilson Fuel cares for employees and offers generous pay and work benefits. Competitive entry-level pay scales and lucrative salary options for professional associates highlight monetary job benefits available. Associates may also qualify for RRSP retirement plans, healthcare coverage, life insurance plans, and paid time off. Employees must work full-time in order to qualify; however, the chain provides uniforms and discounts on products and services to workers at all levels of employment.


Founded as a trade company in the 1800s, Wilson Fuel gained traction in 1909 with the establishment of a coal company. Operations later expanded into oil-based fuels in the 1960s, which culminated in the addition of retail stops in the 1990s. The company partnered with competing oil companies as a distributor throughout Atlantic Canada, including Esso, during the 1990s, 2000s, and into the 2010s.


Retail gasoline sales comprise a majority of services provided at Wilson Fuel stations. Other services may include car washes, detailing, and replacement auto part and accessory sales. Carwashes and detailing may not remain available at all locations due to franchising. Some storefronts may offer as full-service assistance instead of self-serve concepts. Customers also typically enjoy assortments of snacks, drinks, and miscellaneous travel items for sale. Tobacco and alcohol sales may remain available, as well.


Headquartered in Truro, NS, Canadian oil refiner and retailer Wilson Fuel operates as a private company. The prominent firm pulls in close to $280 million CAD per annum and employs hundreds of workers throughout the Atlantic provincial region. Efforts to expand the gas station offshoot of the brand remain in place for the near future.

Minimum Age to Work at Wilson Fuel: 16

Official Site: http://gasstops.wilsons.ca/contact-wilsons-gas-stops.html