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A casual establishment, White Spot operates in communities across Western Canada. Dedicated to variety, White Spot offers diverse menus including traditional entrees and health-conscious selections. White Spot locations feature warm and inviting dining environments. Some locations even offer drive-in and carhop service. Originally based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada, White spot currently manages around 60 locations throughout British Columbia and Alberta.

Hamburgers and cheeseburgers stand as the most popular items on the White Spot menu. However, the Canadian restaurant chain offers dozens of options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch. Casual meals from White Spot outside of burgers include appetizers, pastas, salads, dinner and lunch bowls, sandwiches, and classic dinners. White Spot menus also feature desserts and full bars complete with unique beers, ciders, comfort drinks, and classic cocktails.

The Canadian restaurant chain plans for continued growth in the fast food industry and needs to hire dedicated and motivated individuals across the country. Students looking for part-time jobs may find White Spot entry-level employment suitable and accommodative. Career opportunities and full-time employment also exist with White Spot. Fill out an online application form for more details on White Spot jobs today.

White Spot Positions and Salary Information

White Spot restaurants designate employment into the following departments: front of house, kitchen, restaurant management, and home office. Regardless of position desired, job seekers must complete an application form to gain hiring consideration from White Spot. Entry-level employees need only to provide contact information, availability, position desired, work history, skills, and references. For more advanced jobs, such as management or home office careers, applicants may also need to submit resumes and cover letters. Apply online with White Spot for information on fast food jobs, like:

Front of House

  • Front of house positions with White Spot usually include jobs, like host, hostess, server, expeditor, and bartender.
  • Each front of house employee must provide excellent customer service.
  • Servers take orders and meet any customer demands.
  • White Spot expeditors, bartenders, and servers must generally participate in formal training prior to employment.
  • Base pay for front of house White Spot associates typically varies with experience but generally ranges between minimum wage and $12.00 per hour.


  • White Spot kitchen workers prepare menu items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Kitchen employees include cooks, sous chefs, porters, dishwashers, and bussers.
  • While cooks with White Spot prepare food, dishwashers and bussers clear tables and wash dishes.
  • Sanitation and cleanliness represent important traits for successful kitchen workers.
  • Dishwasher and busser jobs generally do not require an extensive amount of training to perform duties.
  • However, White Spot restaurants regularly hire cooks and chefs with some culinary experience.
  • Wages for cooks and chefs with White Spot settle between $11.00 and $15.00 an hour.
  • Bussers and dishwashers often earn minimum wage pay to start.


  • Each White Spot restaurant needs to hire supervisors and leaders to ensure operations run smoothly.
  • Managers and supervisors work both front of house and in White Spot kitchens.
  • Managers delegate work to associates and resolve workplace and staffing issues.
  • Additional job duties include hiring and training new team members and processing payroll.
  • White Spot managers typically earn lucrative salary rates and performance bonuses.
  • Annual salary options for general managers with White Spot often fall between $40,000 and $55,000.

Benefits of Working at White Spot Canada

White Spot restaurants offer qualified associates several enticing work benefits. Employee benefits qualifications include employment status, job title, and time spent as a crew member of the restaurant. Full-time White Spot employees typically receive more extensive benefits packages than part-time workers. Contact a local White Spot restaurant for full listings of employment benefits today.

Basic job benefits available to White Spot team members include meal discounts, flexible scheduling, frequent raises, and paid vacation opportunities. For larger peace of mind, White Spot offers several medical and financial benefits to eligible workers. Medical insurance options include vision, dental, prescription drug, and overall general health coverage. Financially, qualified White Spot employees earn wealth management assistance, health savings accounts, and 401(k) retirement plans. Find a meaningful career in the Canadian fast food industry and earn lucrative work benefits packages with White Spot jobs now.


The first White Spot location opened in 1928 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. White Spot rose to popularity for using the signature Triple-O sauce, an original creation for burgers and sandwiches. Initially, the restaurant chain only operated drive-in locations before changing over to dining room formats. Today, White Spot manages more than 60 full-service restaurants in major urban areas and local communities across British Columbia and Alberta.


Popular White Spot menu items include fresh Canadian beef or chicken served on multigrain buns. Patrons may customize meals with each order. White Spot menus also include salads, such as the Crispy Buttermilk Chicken, Caesar, Santorini, and Lifestyle Asian Chicken salad. The Canadian fast food restaurant chain features appetizers, including onion rings, chicken wings, French fries, and the French-Canadian favorite poutine. White Spot menus offer selections of healthy alternatives for calorie-conscious patrons, as well.


General Foods purchased the White Spot brand in 1968. After the acquisition by General Foods, White Spot began franchising. The company also opened Triple-O by White Spot, a network of small, drive-thru style restaurants. Additionally, White Spot operates several international locations in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Kowloon, and Seoul, South Korea. Annual revenues fall around $2.5 billion for the fast food chain. The original White Spot location in South Vancouver serves as the company main offices.

Minimum age to work at White Spot: 14

Official Site: www.whitespot.ca/careerpath.htm

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