WestJet Interview

Job Interview Experience

How to get ready for an interview at WestJet.

Hiring Process

Initial Phone Screen
After reviewing applications submitted online, WestJet hiring representatives begin the interview process with preliminary phone screenings. The phone interview typically entails an introductory conversation covering basic information, like employment history and applicable language skills, to ensure job seekers meet all requirements of the available position.

Selected applicants advance to in-person job interviews often conducted by a panel of WestJet hiring managers and human resource workers.

What Happens Next?
The initial onsite interview usually concludes within a half hour and gives WestJet hiring personnel a brief yet revealing glimpse into the personalities, social skills, and work ethics of applicants. WestJet tends to hire workers already familiar with overall image of the airline and company culture; candidates should plan accordingly and research the low-cost carrier prior to the interview process.

Bring Your Own Questions
Pre-interview research should also generate relevant questions to ask at the end of each interview session as a means of gathering information pertinent to working for WestJet and of exhibiting genuine interest in the position.

Second Interview Expectations

WestJet uses multiple rounds of interviews to hire for most available jobs, regardless of career level.

Group Setting
Second interviews typically feature a group format, with 10 to 30 applicants usually participating in a single session. Generally lasting an hour or longer, the group interview primarily involves assorted roleplaying scenarios and other interactive activities.

On the Spot
Candidates frequently have to speak in front of the group, often about a randomly selected topic and for a predetermined length of time.

Job Simulation
For WestJet hiring managers, the second interview evaluates how applicants behave during simulated work situations, interact with others, and perform under pressure.

Entry-level WestJet jobs typically require no further interviews, while the remainder of the interview process for more advanced positions generally varies by job title desired.

Possible Interview Questions and Answers

Q: Describe a time when something didn’t turn out the way you wanted. How did you change it?
A: I examined the issues I had and continued to improve in the areas I had already felt comfortable with. I then changed my approaches toward the problem areas and tried my best to address them.

Q: Complete the sentence: I don’t like when customers…
A: I don’t like when customers can’t get what they’re looking for. I really strive to ensure everything in my power is being done to address any potential issues.

Q: How would you handle a disruptive passenger on a crowded flight?
A: I would call upon the help of other crew to assist me in pacifying the passenger. If there was anything I could do immediately to help the passenger and resolve issues, perceived or otherwise, I would go ahead and do everything within my power.

Interview Questions & Answers

Interview Tips

How to Dress
While hiring for airline jobs remains competitive, candidates may gain increased consideration from WestJet by wearing professional business attire to each round of interviews.

What to Wear
Dresses, pantsuits, skirts with tasteful tops, and dress pants with button-down shirts and neckties all present ideal options for interview outfits and make for favorable first impressions. WestJet hiring officials often appreciate and take note of applicants who adhere to established interview norms and make the extra effort to look presentable and professional.