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Airline industry job seekers looking for work with WestJet often find valuable employment opportunities with outstanding pay and commitment to career development. The Canadian airline offers entry-level jobs in both part-time and full-time capacities.

WestJet Job Opportunities

Full Time & Part Time

Professional careers in aviation, customer service, and administrative fields also exist for interested applicants. WestJet conducts rigorous hiring to screen for the most qualified individuals. Some positions hold irregular, late, or even long hours. Working holidays, nights, and weekends often proves necessary in many WestJet jobs, but the airline offers extensive time off, viable pay rates, overtime options, and access to comprehensive, flexible work benefits packages.

Basic requirements

Contact WestJet hiring managers or fill out an online application form to take advantage of available entry-level jobs and professional careers with the Canadian airline today. Many prospective associates undergo several rounds of interviews, background checks, drug screening, certification, and skills assessments prior to gaining employment with WestJet. Specific job requirements and qualifications typically vary by position. Most positions available through WestJet require related experience and an aptitude for customer service.

Available WestJet Job Titles and Salary Information

Entry-level job seekers must meet the minimum hiring age of 18 to work for the international airline. WestJet consistently hires for the following positions:

Customer Service Agent

Primary job duties for WestJet customer service agents include assisting customers in booking flights, answering questions about services, destinations, and airline policies, check bags, issue tickets.

  • The entry-level position often features clerical work.
  • The ability to collate and process information in an expedient manner often benefits prospective workers.
  • Potential airline associates must also possess friendly and attentive personalities.
  • Previous experience working with the public also serves as an ideal trait of workers vying for WestJet customer service agent jobs.
  • WestJet regularly hires customer service agents in at $14.00 to $15.00 per hour.

Flight Attendant

WestJet flight attendant jobs represent ideal opportunities for individuals looking to travel internationally while earning competitive salary options.

  • Flight attendant jobs involve caring for and fulfilling passenger requests and needs during flights and demonstrating proper safety procedures prior to departure.
  • WestJet typically hires individuals who exude confidence and feel comfortable spending several days or weeks away from home at a time.
  • WestJet imposes height requirements of no more than 6’2″ and asks applicants to possess the ability to lift up to 50 pounds.
  • First aid training courses and criminal background checks also prove necessary for hiring consideration.
  • WestJet flight attendants receive around $40,000 a year to start. Annual salary often exceeds $70,000 for experienced flight attendant associates.


In addition to customer service and aviation-related positions, WestJet offers outstanding career paths for administrative professionals.

  • Work available includes jobs in fields like IT, accounting, marketing, human resources, and management. WestJet administrative careers include both entry-level positions and full-time employment opportunities.
  • Job duties range from managing business operations to filing paperwork and communicating with sister hubs worldwide.
  • Specific responsibilities vary by position. Entry-level administrative opportunities with WestJet often pay between $11.00 and $14.00 per hour. Some career opportunities in airline administration offer salary rates in excess of $100,000 a year.

Benefits of Working at WestJet

Like many airlines around the world, WestJet offers employees, both new-hire and seasoned professionals, extensive discounts on travel rates and airfare. WestJet associates receive competitive pay scales, employee profit sharing options, and access to flexible job benefits packages. Apply online to review full listings of WestJet employment benefits today.

WestJet offers qualified workers sound financial planning assistance and healthcare options. Eligible WestJet crew members enjoy medical, dental, and life insurance plans, 401(k) retirement plans, paid time off, employee ownership plans, and opportunities for career advancement and development. Inquire with WestJet to find further details on work benefits packages and discover meaningful entry-level jobs and professional careers in the Canadian airline industry.

More About WestJet

What is WestJet?

WestJet operates as a prominent Canadian airline flying to roughly 85 domestic and international destinations. Founded in the mid-1990s, WestJet began as a low-cost, economy-class airline. WestJet originally operated as a domestic airline and later incorporated international destinations as popularity for the brand increased. Ranking as one of the Top 20 largest airlines in North America, WestJet boasts a fleet of over 100 aircraft and serves approximately 17 million passengers annually. WestJet employs close to 9,000 workers.

Customer satisfaction ranks as a major priority with WestJet. The Canadian airline works hard to provide world-class services and fly to popular travel destinations throughout North and South America at affordable prices. Travelers with WestJet enjoy online booking services and up-to-date flight information through the company website. The airline also partners with local travel agencies in major cities and suburban areas to provide further access to flights and services. WestJet primarily uses American-made Boeing 737 Next-Generation aircraft, which feature modern amenities and the latest safety innovations. The international airline stands recipient of the 2011 J.D. Power & Associates Customer Service Champion award.


Officially formed in 1996, WestJet originally only flew to destinations in Western Canada. In 1999, WestJet went public and expanded flights offered to include destinations in Atlantic and Central Canada, as well. During the mid-2000s, WestJet began offering international flights. Early international flights included major cities in the United States. WestJet added international flights to the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Jamaica, and Saint Lucia in 2007. As of April 2013, WestJet featured more than 100 aircraft and flew to roughly 85 locations worldwide.

Special Services

WestJet accommodates passengers of every background and need. Aircraft feature handicap-accessible seating and restroom facilities. The airline also offers several entertainment options for passengers. Travelers enjoy Bell TV in-flight satellite television services featuring major motion pictures and popular television. Earphone rental remains available for interested individuals as well as tablet rental. Patrons may purchase tickets and access hundreds of tips on flying and other services information using the WestJet company website, as well.


The Canadian airline trades publicly on the TSX under the stock symbols WJA and WJA.A. The company offers employees full divestment and partial ownership opportunities upon hire. Annually, WestJet pulls in roughly $2.5 billion in revenues. WestJet partners with several travel organizations worldwide, which enables joint advertising and promotional discounts to passengers. Major hubs for the international airline include Calgary International Airport and Toronto Pearson International Airport. WestJet maintains corporate headquarters in Calgary, AB, Canada.

Minimum age to work at WestJet: 18

Official Site: www.westjet.com/guest/en/jobs.shtml


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