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Hiring Process

A majority of Walmart job seekers apply directly in Canadian stores. Within a few weeks, potential candidates meeting the minimum hiring requirements receive a phone call to schedule job interviews.

Phone Screen
A brief phone interview may precede face-to-face interviews at Walmart stores. During the Walmart interview process, applicants meet with human resources managers, supervisors, and store managers to discuss job qualifications, expected responsibilities, related skills, availability, and employment history.

Multiple job interviews often prove customary for all positions, including both entry-level jobs and professional careers.

Group Setting
Some Walmart stores implement group interviews. The average applicant participates in at least one interview during the hiring process.

Skills tests may prove necessary depending on the position desired. Drug testing and background checks may also take place prior to gaining employment with Walmart.

Second Interview Expectations
In most cases, a second interview proves necessary during the Walmart hiring process. Applicants often move on from interviews with human resources managers to supervisors, store managers, and area managers.

Multi Interview Process
Prospective workers may participate in multiple interviews in a single day. Entry-level applicants may encounter group sessions during subsequent rounds of interviewing. Performance in previous interviews directly affects the likelihood of gaining consideration for additional interviews.

When Do They Tell You?
Walmart typically notifies successful candidates of additional interview consideration at the conclusion of each interview.

Video interview with a Walmart employee

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Possible Interview Questions and Answers

Q: How have your previous work experiences prepared you for the job?
A: Yes. I feel as though my experiences working in the retail industry have prepared me for the position.

Q: If you witnessed a coworker stealing, how would you handle the situation?
A: I would try to talk the person out of it. If I couldn’t do that, I would tell a manager and follow proper procedure for handling a situation like that.

Q: Do you work well with the general public?
A: I’ve worked with customers for most of my life, so working with the public is almost like a second nature.

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Interview Tips

How to Dress
Typical dress of Walmart employees includes company-issued polo shirts and slacks. Applicants should arrive at Walmart job interviews dressed in professional attire.

What To Wear
Solid-colored polo shirts without commercial emblems or logos and khaki pants serve as acceptable clothing to wear to Walmart interviews. For women, button-down shirts or professional blouses and dress pants or skirts more than suffice. Managerial candidates may want to dress more on the formal side to demonstrate a professional attitude toward the position; however, applicants should avoid overly formal attire.

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