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The original company concept for Uniprix drug stores included means to increase buying power as a small brand without sacrificing personalized service. Founded in the late 1970s, Uniprix established several relationships with distributors in an effort to lower prices offered in-store. Uniprix manages close to 375 locations across Quebec. In total, roughly 4,000 full-time and part-time associates work for the regional drug store chain.

One of the largest drug store chains in the Province of Quebec, Uniprix offers a wide range of products at low prices. Each location houses a full, working pharmacy and various assortments of food items, health and beauty products, and miscellaneous household merchandise. Uniprix staffs knowledgeable, reliable, and dedicated workers to provide outstanding customer service and pharmaceutical services. Convenient locations across Quebec account for a great deal of business for the Canadian drug store chain. Low prices and helpful employees also stand as major draws to Uniprix stores.

The drug store industry offers prospective workers instant access to meaningful entry-level jobs and professional careers in management and pharmacy-related fields. Applicants in search of part-time or entry-level work may take advantage of Uniprix customer service jobs. Work in pharmacy or managerial roles also provide sound options for employment and typically feature full-time schedules, viable pay rates, and access to employment benefits packages. The company consistently hires motivated and dedicated aspiring associates to fill job vacancies. Fill out a job application form in store or apply online to learn more about Uniprix job opportunities today.

Popular Uniprix Positions and Salary Information
Minimum hiring age requirements include workers 14 and over for Uniprix jobs. Some employment opportunities may require applicants to stand at least 18 years of age. Entry-level jobs available at Uniprix stores generally require no real work experience for employment consideration. Careers in management and pharmacy often require prospective employees to hold accredited degrees from colleges and several years of related work experience. Uniprix regularly hires for the following jobs:

Cashier – Some of the most common positions available at Uniprix stores, cashier jobs primarily entail customer service responsibilities. Uniprix cashiers greet customers, operate cash registers, ring up purchases, and answer questions regarding products, services, and policies. Introductory pay scales hover around minimum wage. Experienced cashiers with Uniprix may make in excess of $11.00 an hour.

Pharmacy – Uniprix also offers careers in pharmacy positions. Prospective associates may apply online to work as pharmacy technicians or pharmacists. Available job titles with Uniprix involve dispensing medications and explaining possible drug reactions and allergen information. Pharmacy jobs also include various aspects of customer service and cashier-related responsibilities. Uniprix typically mandates pharmacy technician applicants hold at least a bachelor’s degree and relevant experience to gain hiring consideration. Additional hiring requirements may exist for candidates vying for pharmacist positions, including background checks and skills assessments. Pharmacy technicians with Uniprix often begin at $30,000 per year. Starting salary rates for pharmacists fall around $65,000 a year.

Management – Uniprix hires self-motivated, dedicated, and highly organized individuals to work as managers. Exceptional leadership qualities and the ability to delegate effectively often benefit prospective Uniprix managerial associates. Available job titles include supervisor, assistant manager, and store manager. Uniprix supervisors hire and train new workers and supervise entry-level employees. Assistant managers assist store managers in carrying out administrative job duties as well as conduct job interviews and ensure customer satisfaction. Uniprix store managers oversee operations at store locations and communicate directly with company corporate offices. Supervisors work both part-time and full-time and make entry-level hourly pay around $13.00. Assistant managers with Uniprix typically begin at $30,000 per year. Salary options for store managers often hover between $55,000 and $65,000 a year, on average.

Benefits of Working at Uniprix
The diverse employment opportunities available through Uniprix provide sound job benefits. Both part-time and full-time workers with Uniprix enjoy competitive wages, complimentary uniforms, and discounts on products and services upon hire. New-hire workers also instantly enjoy flexible scheduling, supportive job settings, paid training, and career advancement programs. Additional work benefits also exist for qualified Uniprix associates, such as financial planning assistance and healthcare options.

Uniprix employees in full-time jobs often receive access to employment benefits packages. Common job perks offered to eligible associates include paid time off, healthcare coverage, 401(k) retirement plans, and employee assistance programs. Uniprix locations often vary eligibility requirements and specific employee benefits available. Apply online for further information regarding Uniprix benefits and begin the hiring process today.

Founded in 1977, Uniprix operates as the second largest pharmacy chain in Quebec. After experiencing substantial initial success, Uniprix expanded across the Canadian province to extend throughout the region. In 2009, Uniprix entered into a mutually exclusive business partnership with Pharmasave in English Canadian territories. Approximately 375 drug stores operate under the Uniprix banner nationwide.

Special Services
Primarily catering to French-Canadian citizens, Uniprix stands as a prominent destination to buy pharmaceuticals and general household goods for French-speaking populations. Customers find generic and name-brand prescriptions, cleaning supplies, food items, and gifts at reasonable prices. The Uniprix company website highlights weekly specials and discounts on items as well as resources for health and beauty-related topics. Most Uniprix locations operate as standalone stores. Some locations may include drive-thru pharmacy windows, as well.

Uniprix operates as a private company. Primarily located in Quebec, Uniprix generates annual revenues in excess of $1.5 billion. The Canadian drug store company employs roughly 4,000 entry-level workers and seasoned professionals. Uniprix maintains corporate offices in Montreal, QC, Canada.

Minimum age to work at Uniprix: 14

Official Site: www.uniprix.com/en/careers/jobs_branches/

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