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Known for a recognizable logo featuring a golden eagle, Ultramar gas stations and convenience stores operate as a subsidiary of North American fuel retailer CST Brands. Founded in the early 1960s, the prominent chain boasts over 800 locations throughout Eastern Canada. Most company fueling stations include in-house shops where customers enjoy travel-related goods, such as snack and drinks, toiletry items, and automotive accessories, in addition to unleaded petrol sales, carwash services, and rewards programs.

As part of a major international oil refining and marketing firm, Ultramar provides thousands of job opportunities to interested applicants. Individuals seeking gas station jobs in Canada gain access to both part-time and full-time positions ranging from entry-level service station attendant roles to work as station managers and supervisors. A majority of gas station employees assume part-time, entry-level jobs upon hire; however, locations consistently add new managers and supervisors as needs arise. Career-oriented workers in search of long-term job options may also take advantage of regional and corporate office employment in fields like logistics, engineering, outside sales, and marketing.

Typical work environments revolve around sales and customer service. Entry-level employees tend to overall station cleanliness and outward appearances. Job duties include sweeping and mopping floors, wiping down counters, cleaning and organizing shelving units, greeting customers, pumping gas, checking vehicle fluid levels, ringing up purchases, and opening and closing stores. Managers assist in daily operations and set schedules as needed. Some basic math used in processing transactions requires workers to possess rudimentary educations; however, no real prerequisite skills remain necessary for employment consideration.

Ultramar Jobs and Salary Expectations

A sizeable presence in French-speaking areas of Canada facilitates the need for workers with bilingual abilities. Hiring personnel use the interview and application processes to screen for individuals able to speak both French and English as well as candidates with open schedules and self-motivated attitudes. Most Ultramar stations set the minimum hiring age at 16 due to the sale of alcohol and tobacco products at each location. Brief summaries of popular job titles follow:


  • Depending on location, Ultramar attendants may work indoors or outdoors.
  • Self-serve stations utilize attendants as cashiers and stock personnel.
  • Full-service stations employ the entry-level associates to assist customers at the pump.
  • Attendants generally earn minimum wage or around $10.00 CAD an hour.
  • The position typically offers part-time hours ranging from 15 to 30 per week.
  • Some attendants may work full-time; however, the job title largely offers part-time employment.
  • Manual labor, including lifting, bending, stooping, pushing, and hauling, takes place with regularity in the position.
  • Applicants should stand in good health in order to successfully fulfill expectations in the role.


  • Each station also needs to hire on part-time and full-time managers.
  • Workers interested in supervisory roles may work as shift leads, while career seekers often gain employment as full station managers.
  • Shift leads offer support and assistance to entry-level workers in addition to setting schedules, delegating daily tasks, opening and closing the stores, and tracking inventory.
  • Station managers take care of administrative functions like reporting sales, ordering products and supplies, and hiring new employees.
  • Applicants must hold high school-level educations and the ability to work nights, weekends, and holidays to gain consideration.
  • Some experience in the industry or in similar customer service and/or sales roles may also influence overall hiring decisions.
  • On average, shift leaders make between $10.00 CAD and $12.00 CAD hourly.
  • Annual salary options rise to more than $30,000 CAD a year for station managers, with higher yielding locations providing pay scales in excess of $60,000 CAD with the proper credentials.

Ultramar Job Benefits

Associates enjoy wide ranges of financial planning, healthcare, recognition, reimbursement, and assistance programs through parent company CST Brands. The major North American oil company offers qualified individuals deferred compensation and RRSP plans, bonus incentives based on performance, and monetary incentives to lead active and healthy lifestyles. Employment benefits packages also include healthcare coverage, paid time off, employee assistance programs, and reimbursement for education-related expenses. Service stations provide employee discounts, complimentary uniforms, and flexible scheduling, which remain available to both part-time and full-time associates.


Ultramar plc. began in 1961 as an international extension of an already established British entity. The company expanded into Canadian markets with the completion of an oil refinery in Quebec in the early 1970s. Acquisitions and rebranding of service stations during the 1980s and 1990s, including a major merger with the Diamond Shamrock brand, account for the widespread presence of the company in eastern portions of the North American country. Competing Valero purchased the merged gas station chain in 2001 before spinning off locations under the original namesake in 2013.


A typical Ultramar gas station consists of fuel pumps, a convenience store, and bathroom facilities for travellers. Customers may purchase varying grades of fuel, including diesel at some locations, in addition to automotive fluids and other fuel sources like propane, butane, and kerosene. In-house convenience stores sell snack foods, hot foods, soft drinks, water, travel items, and replacement accessories for vehicles and luggage. The self-serve and full-service stations also typically include carwash amenities.


Ultramar belongs to a corporate conglomerate worth nearly $13 billion. Parent company CST Brands trades publicly as CST on the NYSE and employs around 12,000 entry-level associates and career professionals worldwide. Despite enjoying a heavy presence in Canada, CST maintains corporate headquarters in San Antonio, TX, USA. Company home offices for the gas station subsidiary reside in Montreal, QC.

Minimum Age to Work at Ultramar: 16

Official Site: http://www.ultramarcst.ca/en/quebec/jobs/