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The original concept of T&T Supermarket began in 1993 with the opening of a storefront in Metro Vancouver, BC, Canada. The store owners sought to provide immigrants from Asian countries comfortable surroundings to purchase native cuisine and fixings. The Asian grocery store chain operates over 20 locations in three Canadian provinces and manages thousands of associates nationwide.

Unlike traditional Canadian grocery stores, T&T Supermarket offers strictly Asian produce and goods. Customers may find Oriental food items ranging from Korean and Japanese to Chinese and Thai. Popular draws to T&T Supermarket locations include wide selections of sushi-related foods and supplies, Chinese barbeque departments, and Asian delis and bakeries. Although primarily appealing to Asian-Canadian populations, T&T Supermarket also stands relatively popular among fans of Oriental cuisine. Convenient locations in most major cities throughout Alberta, Ontario, and British Columbia serve as reasons for continued success and growth of the brand, as well.

T&T Supermarket looks to hire individuals with knowledge of Asian cuisine and culinary arts. Applicants must generally descend from Asian backgrounds; however, T&T Supermarket expressly hires associates based on ability to perform job duties and forbids racial discrimination. The ability to speak Japanese and/or Mandarin Chinese greatly improves odds of employment. Entry-level jobs and professional careers both stand readily available to employment seekers. Apply online with T&T Supermarket to receive further details on entry-level jobs and professional careers for hire today.

T&T Supermarket Positions and Salary Information

The minimum hiring age for employment consideration with T&T Supermarket generally depends upon the desired job title. Entry-level workers must meet the minimum age of 15 in most provinces in order to work at T&T Supermarket stores. The grocery store chain may hire prospective employees as young as 12 with special permits obtained through local governments. Careers in management typically stand reserved for individuals 18 and over with grocery store industry experience. T&T Supermarket regularly hires for the following positions:


  • As a popular grocery store chain, T&T Supermarket needs to hire cashiers in order to maintain checkout lanes.
  • Primary job duties typically consist of scanning food items and coupons, ringing up purchases, and completing transactions.
  • The position often features part-time hours or roughly 15 to 30 hours a week.
  • Some stores may hire cashier employees full-time.
  • T&T Supermarket pays cashiers between minimum wage and $12.00 per hour.

Store Assistant

  • The position of store assistant includes work in various departments throughout T&T Supermarket locations.
  • Applicants may apply online for store assistant jobs in grocery, bakery, kitchen, and general store departments.
  • T&T Supermarket store assistants perform mainly customer service and inventory-related job duties, such as stocking shelves, building displays, cleaning work areas, and assisting customers.
  • Most store assistants work part-time, as well.
  • Pay scales begin around minimum wage and increase up to $12.00 or $13.00 an hour with experience.


  • T&T Supermarket hires technicians full-time to perform routine maintenance and repairs on equipment and grocery store facilities.
  • Applicants must hold at least one or two years of relevant experience working in fast-paced environments.
  • The ability to comfortably perform manual labor also proves necessary for T&T Supermarket technician jobs.
  • Technician associates earn between minimum wage and $11.00 per hour to start.


  • Many levels of managerial opportunities exist at T&T Supermarket grocery stores.
  • The Canadian company hires for assistant department managers, department managers, and store managers.
  • Job duties range from maintaining inventory levels and driving sales to supervising entry-level employees, setting work schedules, assigning daily tasks, and conducting job interviews.
  • T&T Supermarket managers work full-time and receive anywhere between $40,000 and $70,000 in annual salary.

Benefits of Working at T&T Supermarket

In addition to competitive pay, T&T Supermarket workers enjoy fun, fast-paced, and cultural job settings. The supermarket chain offers generous discounts, flexible hours, paid training, and career advancement opportunities. Qualified T&T Supermarket associates receive employment benefits packages, as well. Contact a local T&T Supermarket to learn more about available work benefits and pay scales now.

A member of the Loblaw Companies Limited umbrella, T&T Supermarket offers eligible workers a wide range of comprehensive job benefits. Employee benefits consist of financial assistance plans, healthcare options, and wellness programs. Specific benefits available include 401(k) retirement plans, profit sharing opportunities, medical and dental plans, and paid time off. An online application form offers further information on available T&T Supermarket job benefits and eligibility requirements.


Founded in 1993, T&T Supermarket expanded to more than 10 stores by the early 2000s. The original storefront opened in Chinatown, Vancouver, BC, Canada. After realizing the potential for success outside Vancouver, the grocery store chain began opening locations in other metropolitan areas throughout Canada. In 2009, grocery store retailer Loblaw Companies Limited purchased T&T Supermarket and assumed full proprietorship. T&T Supermarket operates over 20 locations nationwide.

Special Services

Selling primarily Oriental cuisine and grocery items out of large, warehouse-format stores, T&T Supermarket also provides online retail sales. Customers may browse popular foods and culinary supplies online and purchase goods directly from the website. T&T Supermarket also sells gift cards and offers weekly and daily specials on products and services.


Previously a private company, T&T Supermarket operates as a subsidiary of Loblaw Companies Ltd. T&T Supermarket generates more than $100 million in annual revenues and helps parent company Loblaw pull in over $30 billion in annual revenues. Loblaw trades on the TSX as L and maintains corporate headquarters in Brampton, ON, Canada. T&T Supermarket headquarters reside in Richmond, BC, Canada.

Minimum age to work at T&T Supermarket: 15

Official Site: www.tnt-supermarket.com/en/general_info.php


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