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Triple O’s operates as the quick-service division of White Spot Restaurants, the oldest existing restaurant chain in Canada. While the parent company boasts a rich history dating back to 1928, Triple O’s made a more recent arrival onto the Canadian dining scene. Launched in 1997, the Triple O’s brand name refers to the famous secret sauce found on White Spot hamburgers. The younger restaurant chain maintains more than 60 locations in Alberta and British Columbia. Triple O’s also enjoys a strong international presence in Asia, with restaurants in China, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Like many quick-service restaurants, Triple O’s specializes in burgers and fries. The hamburger chain stands out from competitors by offering a condensed version of the widely popular and longstanding White Spot menu. Outfitted with inviting retro themes, Triple O’s restaurants feature decor and memorabilia from the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. Restaurant locations exist in a variety of settings, including gas stations, shopping malls, sports arenas, and even select ships in the BC Ferries fleet, in addition to traditional freestanding structures. In 2011, Triple O’s launched the first mobile restaurant in Canada, a 30-foot food truck branded as Triple O’s On The Go.

Triple O’s opens nearly 10 new restaurants each year and serves more than 3 million guests annually. The popular eatery constantly needs to hire entry-level associates and experienced restaurant workers to support such a considerable rate of expansion and satisfy growing customer demand. Entry-level restaurant jobs present ideal opportunities to gain valuable work experience, while Triple O’s management careers often feature lucrative salary options and extensive employee benefits. As the Triple O’s concept continues to grow in popularity, Canadian job seekers gain increased chances for employment in the dynamic restaurant industry.

Triple O’s Jobs and Salary Information

Entry-level workers and career professionals alike encounter suitable job opportunities at Triple O’s. The quick-service restaurant chain regularly hires novice job seekers to serve customers and experienced restaurant workers to manage daily business operations. Prospective employees must have the abilities to work in fast-paced environments, commit to flexible schedules, and meet the minimum hiring ages set by provincial laws and position requirements. Popular job titles at Triple O’s include:

Crew Member

  • Triple O’s crew members perform an array of job duties to provide friendly and efficient service.
  • The entry-level position involves high levels of customer interaction and food preparation.
  • Common responsibilities include ringing up guest orders, processing various forms of payment, creating menu items according to company and customer specifications, and presenting meals to patrons.
  • Crew member associates also clean the restaurant and work the drive-thru window.
  • Prospective workers typically need no previous experience to obtain Triple O’s crew member jobs.
  • Applicants need positive attitudes, enthusiastic personalities, and reliable work ethics.
  • Hourly pay rates for Triple O’s crew members usually start around minimum wage and often increase with experience to $11.00 or more.


  • The Triple O’s management team consists of various leadership positions and managerial job titles.
  • Managers and supervisors work together to develop and meet financial goals, coordinate in-store promotions, assign daily jobs to hourly workers, monitor inventory levels, and resolve customer concerns.
  • Additional job duties include hiring, training, and motivating entry-level associates and generating employee work schedules.
  • While specific employment requirements vary according to Triple O’s franchise location, managerial applicants usually need to have a high school diploma and previous supervisory experience in the restaurant industry.
  • Related college degrees often increase hiring consideration and may prove necessary for more advanced management jobs.
  • Prospective managers need to demonstrate excellent communication skills and a track record of employee development during the hiring process.
  • Managerial pay scales typically vary by job title, experience, and location.
  • Leadership and supervisory positions generally feature hourly pay rates resting between $12.00 and $14.00.
  • Restaurant management careers at Triple O’s often come with salary options ranging from $30,000 to $50,000 per year.

Benefits of Working at Triple O’s

Always committed to hiring the best employees, Triple O’s also strives to retain talented associates by offering several enticing job benefits. Perks like flexible hours, fun work environments, company uniforms, and employee meal discounts become available to workers immediately upon hire. Triple O’s also provides professional development opportunities and frequently promotes entry-level employees into leadership positions and managerial jobs.

Career advancement usually includes comprehensive employment benefits packages often featuring medical coverage, dental and vision plans, life insurance options, and 401(k) retirement plans. Eligible associates typically gain access to sick leave and paid time off, as well. As most Triple O’s restaurants boast independent franchise ownership, available employee benefits may vary by location. Contact a local Triple O’s today to learn more about the job application process and possible work benefits.


The history of Triple O’s remains indelibly linked to the origins of parent company White Spot. Founded by Nat Bailey in 1928, the original White Spot restaurant offered both drive-in and dining room service. White Spot enjoyed steady expansion over the next two decades, developing into a hotspot for celebrity sightings and social gatherings. In 1955, the growing restaurant chain served 10,000 drive-in customers daily and 110,000 guests a week. White Spot launched an updated rebranding campaign in the 1960s and eliminated drive-in service at many locations by the 1990s, though some restaurants continue to use carhops. In 1997, White Spot introduced the quick-service Triple O’s concept to accommodate customers desiring White Spot burgers on-the-go. Finding success in the fast-paced modern world, Triple O’s operates more than 60 restaurants throughout Alberta, British Colombia, and Asia.


Triple O’s offers several varieties of hamburgers, chicken burgers, fish burgers, and veggie burgers. Most sandwich selections feature the signature Triple O’s sauce, which remains a proprietary secret recipe. Other popular items include fresh-chipped French fries and Cajun-seasoned sweet potato fries. The burger chain also boasts salad options, breakfast sandwiches, and hand-scooped milkshakes. Triple O’s uses more locally sourced ingredients than any restaurant chain in Canada.


White Spot operates Triple O’s as the quick-service restaurant division of White Spot Limited. In total, the parent corporation oversees more than 125 restaurants and serves roughly 17 million customers per year, generating annual revenue of about $200 million. Triple O’s maintains headquarters with White Spot in Vancouver, BC.

Minimum Age to Work at Triple O’s: 16

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