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Canadian footwear retailer Town Shoes maintains a nationwide presence consisting of roughly 50 stores across six provinces. To keep each location properly staffed, the chain of shoe stores needs to hire entry-level sales and stock associates as well as experienced assistant and store managers. Applicants with passion for shoes and enthusiasm for helping customers generally enjoy the best chances of gaining employment. The footwear retail chain publicizes current career opportunities on the company website, which allows job seekers to apply online for available positions.

Entry-level associate positions represent the type of jobs most widely available to applicants. Job titles for associate positions designate employees as either sales or stock specialists. Sales associates mainly assist customers in finding pairs of shoes, while stock associates primarily handle and organize merchandise in storage and on the sales floors. Classified as entry-level jobs, both opportunities require nothing of applicants other than the flexibility and adaptability needed to work in fast-paced environments centered on sales and customer service.

In contrast, candidates submitting online job applications for management positions secure hiring consideration only after fulfilling several qualifications. Town Shoes hires managers with significant experience in serving customers, supervising employees, and achieving sales goals. Candidates pursuing careers in retail management with the shoe store chain must also possess relevant college degrees or some other type of post-secondary education background related to desired jobs. The footwear retailer maintains such high standards for managerial job openings due to the major responsibilities the positions entail.

Town Shoes Positions and Salary Information
Town Shoes jobs provide entry-level workers access to competitive pay, flexible schedules, and opportunities to advance professionally within the fashion retail industry. Managerial employees enjoy the potential for lucrative annual salary options and additional employment benefits. Job seekers interested in working for a successful Canadian retail chain should complete an application form online for vacancies like:

Sales Associate – Candidates applying for sales associate jobs need to possess general knowledge of shoes and other fashion trends. The entry-level job involves using product knowledge to identify and meet the footwear needs of customers. Sales associates also use point-of-sale systems like cash registers to ring up purchases, calculate and collect payments, and conclude the customer shopping experience. Maintaining the cleanliness and organization of the sales floor ranks among the other leading job duties of the position. Starting pay for sales associates typically hovers around $11.00 CAD or $12.00 CAD an hour, with opportunities for increased earning potential based on commissions.

Stock Associate – Stock associate jobs entail splitting time between storage rooms and the sales floor. Job duties range from receiving product shipments and keeping inventory organized to stocking new footwear on shelves or displays and assisting customers as needed. Stock associates also help sales associates keep stores clean and attractively presented. Provincial minimum wage generally serves as the standard rate of pay for the entry-level position, as most stock associates earn between $10.00 CAD and $11.00 CAD per hour.

Management – Assistant managers and store managers work together to build and lead teams of talented employees, maintain high standards of customer service, enforce company policies, and ensure the commercial success of the store. Specific responsibilities include hiring and developing entry-level workers, planning budgets and improving sales, providing leadership during work shifts, and analyzing industry trends and market research to gain a better understanding of customer demands. Managers also order new merchandise based on departmental needs, coordinate and oversee the flow of inventory, and handle administrative paperwork related to the various aspects of running successful shoe stores. Keeping a positive attitude and displaying an energetic personality as well as a strong interest in footwear and fashion in general often helps separate managerial applicants with similar types and amounts of work experience. The annual salary for a typical manager usually ranges from $20,000 CAD to $45,000 CAD and varies by job title.

Benefits of Working at Town Shoes
New-hires enjoy immediate eligibility for a number of job benefits. In addition to competitive pay scales and flexible hours, the footwear retail chain offers fast-paced, collaborative work environments revolving around trendy fashions and accessories. New workers also take advantage of employee training and development programs. Free shoes and discounts on other merchandise serve as major employment benefits furnished by the footwear retailer, as well. Managers and full-time employees also frequently receive health benefits, life insurance, and RRSP retirement plans.

The popular footwear retailer began as a family-owned venture in 1952. Decades of expansion across multiple Canadian provinces resulted in widespread prominence of the brand name. Town Shoes operates under the formal holding company Town Shoes Limited, which maintains five similar retailers of footwear and accessories.

Products and Services
Town Shoes offers footwear for both men and women. Each store location features a wide range of shoe styles from prominent brands like Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Steve Madden, and Ugg. In addition to carrying name brand labels, the shoe retailer boasts private brands of footwear sharing the same name as the chain. Customers can also purchase handbags and wallets in-store. The footwear retail chain even closes stores to the public in the event of a private shoe party, which shoppers can schedule for a variety of social occasions.

A private company, Town Shoes Limited operates business as a family-owned practice. In addition to self-branded stores, the major proprietor manages The Shoe Company, Shoe Warehouse, Sterling, and Canadian DSW locations. Collectively, the large footwear chain pulls in close to $290 million CAD a year. Recent expansion to include a DSW Canadian off chute further bolters the national presence in the industry. Company operations take place inside North York, ON, Canada, offices.

Minimum age to work at Town Shoes: 16

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