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Known for stylish clothing and comprehensive selection of accessories, Tommy Hilfiger operates as a major, international fashion house. Boasting apparel choices for men, women, and children, the global corporation operates hundreds of retail locations worldwide. More than 50 stores sit in Canada, and job seekers consistently find career opportunities with the trendy clothing retailer. Growing the brand remains no small challenge, and the company must hire motivated individuals to sell and represent clothing lines in both entry-level and professional capacities.

Tommy Hilfiger Job Opportunities

Entry-level & Management

Tommy Hilfiger needs entry-level workers to perform routine customer service and store maintenance duties at each location. Associates must stand in good physical health and possess upbeat attitudes to obtain sales associate or cashier jobs with the apparel retailer. The pay remains competitive with the rest of the retail industry, and entry-level workers enjoy flexible schedules and generous store discounts. Hardworking associates often advance into supervisory or team-leading positions, and some employees turn entry-level jobs into fulfilling professional careers.

The retailer must hire management associates to maintain high standards of customer service and teamwork at all times. Often demanding well-rounded organizational skills, foresight, and communication expertise, management jobs directly impacts the success of Tommy Hilfiger stores. Additional upper-level job offerings call for fashion experts to assume merchandising duties and oversee product presentation throughout stores. Personable attitudes and the ability to assume full-time schedules upon hire also bolster candidate chances of employment.

Basic requirements

Ideal for students or first-time workers, entry-level job titles revolve around customer service and product handling. Depending on provincial laws, the company may impose a minimum working age on associates. Added requirements typically hinge upon the required duties of the position.

Tommy Hilfiger Positions and Salary Information

Managerial job seekers should possess several years of experience in retail or similar industries. Some of the most popular job offerings include:

Sales Associate

Employees with the sales associate job title perform all duties pertaining to store upkeep and customer interaction. Sales associates must remain knowledgeable with current promotions, new products, and overall store layout in order to offer comprehensive assistance to patrons. Stocking duties often require associates to lift between 11 kg and 22 kg at a time. Experienced sales associates may rotate between cashier, sales, and stocking duties. Associates job duties are to:

  • Help patrons with final transactions by scanning items.
  • Verbalizing price totals.
  • Operating cash registers.
  • Issuing receipts. When working the sales floor.
  • Maintain tidy store appearances.
  • Approach customers to inquire about shopping needs.
  • Stocking shelves when shipments of new product arrive.
  • Pay for sales associates often starts out at minimum wage.
  • Some experienced sales associates end up earning between $10.00 CAD or $11.00 CAD per hour.


Common upper-level job titles at Tommy Hilfiger include supervisor, assistant manager, and store manager. Supervisors often start out as sales associates and move up to supervisory job titles by performing strongly and demonstrating leadership aptitude. Supervisors job duties are to:

  • Receive tasks from upper-level management.
  • Provide assistance to subordinate employees.
  • Delegate tasks in lieu of managers.
  • Supervisor associates usually earn hourly pay between $11.00 CAD and $12.00 CAD.

Store and assistant managers work together to:

  • Hire and train new employees.
  • Achieve sales goals.
  • Manage inventory.
  • Take care of customers.
  • Communicate with corporate officials about store needs and future initiatives.
  • Managerial salary scales hover between $35,000 CAD and $55,000 CAD per year.

Benefits of Working at Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger offers employees great pay, store discounts, flexible scheduling, and paid time off. Additional employee benefits become available to qualified associates. Niceties include health and wellness benefits, registered retirement saving plans (RRSP), and company training. Some locations even offer fun perks like casual-dress Fridays, summer hours for students, and seasonal or contracted employment.

More About Tommy Hilfiger


Founded in 1985, the major label grew steadily and became one of the leading brand names in fashion in the 1990s. Capitalizing on a quick rise to prominence, the fashion house expanded into several countries, including Canada, during the early 1990s. In 2010, another prominent fashion retailer, Phillips-Van Heusen, also known as PVH Corp., purchased Tommy and assumed full proprietorship of the brand. The early 2010s saw a push for further expansion in Canadian markets, with a massive retail agreement with The Bay Stores to begin selling the iconic Tommy Hilfiger fashions at new and existing locations.

Products and Services

Tommy Hilfiger stores primarily sell clothing and accessories embodying contemporary semi-formal designs. Clothing lines typically include bright colors, use of lines and sharp contours, and simple seams. Customers enjoy lines of fragrances, eyewear, swimwear, and elegant couture in addition to casualwear. Items remain available for purchase in-store at retail outlets or through the company catalog online.


Company operations fall entirely under the control of parent PVH. In North America, Tommy Hilfiger maintains corporate offices in New Jersey, with total revenues generated across international off chutes reaching in excess of $6 billion US. PVH headquarters reside in Manhattan, NYC, New York, USA. Sister subsidiaries include profitable fashion houses like Calvin Klein, Van Heusen, Izod, and Arrow. Subsidiaries and parent Phillips-Van Heusen trade on the NYSE as PVH.

Minimum age to work at Tommy Hilfiger: 18

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Watch video of a Tommy Hilfiger employee discussing their job

Video Transcript

Please describe your job title and primary duties.

Tommy Hilfiger Sales Associate:
I work as a sales associate, and I’m in charge of selling in the kid’s department. So there, my job, what I do is I sell to customers. But not only that, I also clean, so I have to fold the clothes. And then I also do a little bit of visual merchandising because I’ve been working there for the past two years. And also, I learned how to pretty much change between different sections. So I’m able to sell within the men’s, the women’s department, and the kid’s department. And I’m also trained on cash so I can also help customers with their transactions as well.

What was the work environment like?

Tommy Hilfiger Sales Associate:
The employees, we have a really good team. The clothing is really, really good quality and the reputation that Tommy has so the type of customers that come in and look for that and just the work environment is just great. Yeah.

How would you describe the application and interview process?

Tommy Hilfiger Sales Associate:
The hiring, they usually hire around Christmas time. So usually, majority is you should apply end of summer or September, but they also do, if you do have retail experience, you can also apply in April or March.

What questions did the interviewer ask during the job interview?

Tommy Hilfiger Sales Associate:
They ask more retail oriented questions. So one of them was if the weather’s really bad and the store is dead, what would you do to increase sales? Because with my store, it was very large. So it’s a very large store so we have to meet budgets that are really big. So on a day that it’s really dead and there’s one or two customers. How are you going to optimize the most out of each customer, right? So you pretty much have to talk about what sales technique would you use, different ways of approaching that customer if they don’t really want your help and give you a negative vibes, how would you go about that? Another one was how would you describe yourself in three ways, but you can’t repeat what other people said. Because it was a group interview that I did so that was a little … But that was a little difficult because you had to tie it in with the company. So that was a little different.

What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?

Tommy Hilfiger Sales Associate:
I was a seasonal position. So there’s three months probation, so you had to work into it. So once the managers and all of the leads just saw how hardworking I was then they just promoted me to part-timer, so yeah.