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Learn about the Tim Hortons Interview & Hiring Process

After completing and submitting the appropriate paperwork for employment consideration, Tim Hortons applicants typically hear back from a hiring manager to schedule a job interview within a couple of days. Candidates generally encounter a single interview session during the Tim Hortons hiring process. Entry-level job seekers typically interview with a supervisor or acting store manager in one-on-one question-and-answer sessions.

Second Interview Expectations
Most job seekers participate in a single interview during the Tim Hortons hiring process, although additional job interviews may prove necessary for managerial candidates. Potential workers vying for careers as supervisors and managers must often meet with existing managers and then interview with general or area managers. Tim Hortons applicants typically receive formal invitations to second interviews at the end of the initial interview. Depending on volume of applicants, some prospective managers may wait as long as a week to receive a second interview.

Interview Tips

What To Wear
Tim Hortons expects employees to maintain presentable appearances. Job seekers should demonstrate a willingness to adhere to company codes of conduct by wearing business-casual or professional attire to job interviews. Avoid wearing jeans or cotton t-shirts. Arrive dressed in polo shirts or dress shirts and slacks for men or professional dresses or conservative tops and dress pants or appropriate-length skirts for women.

Possible Interview Questions and Answers

Q: Do you have any long-term career goals working for Tim Hortons?
A: I’m using the job as a way to gain professional work experience, but my career goals exist in another industry.

Q: How would you feel about working at multiple locations?
A: I wouldn’t mind if there was travel or gas compensation.

Q: Why do you want to work for Tim Hortons?
A: I’d like to build my resume with a prominent company.

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