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One of the most popular retailers in Canada, The Bay operates over 90 stores across the country. With so many locations, The Bay employs thousands of workers across Canada.

The Bay Job Opportunities

The retail industry may provide exciting opportunities for first-time entrants into the workforce. Experienced applicants should not feel discouraged looking for jobs with The Bay, as department stores need plenty of shift leads and managers. Most stores still carry paper job applications for local workers. Candidates may also apply online with The Bay for jobs across the country. Age requirements for Bay employees usually rest around 16 for most department store jobs.

How to Apply

Interested job seekers may apply to the nearest The Bay to start the hiring process. Individuals may also apply online for even more information on employment with The Bay Canada.

Popular Positions and Salary Information with The Bay

Positions commonly for hire with The Bay include:

Sales Associate

Sales associates with The Bay perform a multitude of customer service duties. These duties include:

  • Sales workers must make each shopper feel comfortable.
  • Sales associates help customers find merchandise, get proper sizing, and even set up special orders for products not in the store.
  • Additional responsibilities for The Bay store employees include keeping the sales floor neat, tidy, and well-stocked.
  • Successful sales associates with The Bay may earn promotions to sales team lead positions, in addition to collecting commissions.
  • Hourly wages for sales associates at the upscale department store average about $11.00 to $13.00 per hour.

Counter Associate

The Bay counter associates usually earn the position after spending some time with the company. The store offers services in beauty supplies, fragrances, and jewelry, all with a need for quality attendants. Counter associates with The Bay must:

  • Become educated and learn about store products.
  • Like many sales workers, The Bay offers counter associates commission on sales and hourly wages around $12.00 to $15.00.

Store Manager

Store managers with The Bay carry a rather heavy workload. Managers must:

  • Monitor and guide team members in every department of the store, from the sales associates to the salon stylists.
  • Eligible store managers typically possess significant experience in the retail industry.
  • Quite often, stores promote current The Bay employees to the ranks of store manager or supervisor.
  • However, any experienced retail worker may apply with The Bay department stores to begin the hiring process.
  • Managerial salary rates with The Bay range from $45,000 to $60,000 a year.

Corporate Jobs

With so many locations across Canada, The Bay department stores runs just like any other business with a corporate parent. Corporate employees for The Bay mainly work for Hudson’s Bay Company, based out of Toronto, ON. Corporate careers with The Bay usually become available to:

  • Experienced individuals and college-educated applicants.
  • The company even offers internship and graduate opportunities to students.
  • Pay scales for corporate employees with Hudson’s Bay Company vary greatly depending on experience and job title.

Benefits of Working at The Bay

Work benefits for The Bay employees filter through parent Hudson’s Bay Company. Most job benefits through The Bay usually come down to several qualifications and other requirements. For example, full-time team members and management personnel may earn additional perks over entry-level or part-time associates. Employment benefits from The Bay include medical and financial programs.

Insurance & Savings Packages

Medical benefits for The Bay workers mainly include health, vision, and dental insurance. Optional coverage includes short-term and long-term disability insurance. Health savings accounts for qualified team members include care for dependents, as well. Financial perks available to The Bay associates largely include employee savings accounts, financial wealth management, and future planning assistance. Eligible workers may even take advantage of a 401(k) retirement plan from Hudson’s Bay Company.

More About The Bay

The Bay offers a classy yet affordable shopping experience, with thousands of products for men, women, and children. The Bay operates as the main brand for Hudson’s Bay Company, one of North America’s oldest companies. Present in nearly every Canadian province, The Bay department stores carry English and French-speaking services.


The Bay department stores first opened in 1881. Formed in Winnipeg, Manitoba, The Bay simply went under the name, Hudson’s Bay Company. The store operated primarily in Western Canada before moving throughout the rest of the country in the 1960s. In 1972, the department store chain officially became The Bay. Presently, The Bay operates almost 100 department stores across the country. Headquarters for The Bay reside in Toronto, ON.

Products and Services

First and foremost, The Bay offers clothing and accessories for men, women, and children. Shoppers may find shirts, pants, shoes, and outerwear. Outside of clothing, The Bay carries accessories like handbags, jewelry, and beauty products. Most stores sell home items, such as bedding, furniture, stationary, bath supplies, and kitchenware and cook supplies. The Bay even offers an exclusive line of clothing and accessories in store as well as online.


The Bay department stores currently operate under supervision from Hudson’s Bay Company. Hudson’s Bay Company operates the oldest company in North America, founded in 1670. Sister companies of The Bay include Canadian retailers Zellers, Home Outfitters, and Lord & Taylor. A public company, Hudson’s Bay Company trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the initials, HBC. Through The Bay and other stores, Hudson’s Bay Company creates more than $7 billion annually in Canadian dollars. NRDC Equity Partners currently owns HBC and The Bay.

Minimum age to work at The Bay: 16

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Watch video of a The Bay employee discussing their job

Video Transcript

Please describe your job title and primary duties.

The Bay Retail Sales Associate:
Oh, my job title was Sales Associate for the Men’s Department and I did cash, I would help people… If they would call in for an item, I would place it on hold at Layaway. So I would pick up items and I would make sure the floor is clean. I would need to know the various different products on the floor. Most of the time I worked in intimate, like underwears, under-shirts, so I would have to know the different size collars and the various, different shirts. It was a lot of information. I was there as a seasonal employee so…

How would you describe the application and interview process?

The Bay Retail Sales Associate:
I handed in my resume, I believe in late August, then I just called their HR department and let them know that, “Oh, I’ve handed it in my resume. I have this experience. I’d like to know, are you currently hiring for the seasonal?” And they were looking in the database. I’m like, “Oh,” because I know I’ve had a lot of experience in sales and they were like, “Oh.” There was a discrepancy or whatever, they weren’t able to contact me, so I gave them my updated contact information. The same day they transferred me over to the hiring manager. She told me to come in and 45 minutes for an interview. And there I was hired after the interview so…

What questions did the interviewer ask during the job interview?

The Bay Retail Sales Associate:
Oh, they asked specific questions of how to up-sale a pen or my experience with customer service dealing with difficult customers in my previous position. So I was able to describe a time, let them know how I handled the circumstances and the situation. And also, it was a group interview so there was other individuals there and we had to be comfortable within the group setting. There was at least seven people so each of the seven people, she would ask the same questions.

What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?

The Bay Retail Sales Associate:
It’s a great experience. Just be very persistent because sometimes your resume may be lost in a shuffle. So I would advise anyone, just call, call the Human Resources and ask them directly. “Are you currently hiring? I’ve handed it in my resume. Since six months ago I haven’t received a response.” You can give them a little snippet of your history of having experience in sales. And usually, they’re very nice and they’ll just direct you to which department… Within the interview they let me know which department was hiring. So then I wanted to work in the Men’s Department because I just voiced it in the group interview. But no, usually I would just advise anyone call. It’s always good to cold call sometimes even if you had in your resume or didn’t if you’re interested in that company because you never know.

The Bay Retail Sales Associate Interview

Video Transcript

Please describe your job title and primary duties.

The Bay Retail Sales Associate:
I worked in the retail department, women’s and men’s. It was customer service, assisting customers with their inquiries, finding product for them, and being a cashier.

What was the work environment like?

The Bay Retail Sales Associate:
I would say it was pretty relaxed. I was one of the seasonal hires, so I was hired for the holiday season. For that season, it was pretty relaxed. There wasn’t a lot of supervision for me as a new hire, so that was interesting. The environment was Christmas. It was okay.

How would you describe the application and interview process?

The Bay Retail Sales Associate:
It was a written application that I submitted along with my resume. The interview process was a group interviews. I’m not sure how it works on the hiring end, but I know that I sat with a group of other people. From that group, a few of us were called back and we got the job while others didn’t.

What questions did the interviewer ask during the job interview?

The Bay Retail Sales Associate:
They asked about what I would do in certain situations, like if a customer was dissatisfied with the product or dissatisfied with the service, how would I handle that? They asked… I don’t know, like what my experience was, what other positions I’ve been in that would be suitable for me to work in this environment if I were to get the job. Yeah. I guess the whole thing about it is it felt like you were competing and trying to get your voice heard over everyone else’s, because there were at least 12 other people there with me. It was the whole competitive aspect that made that interview process a little bit scary.


  • Deborah Tropea says:

    I worked for the Bay in the year 2000. I worked in the Ladies Dept. What I especially enjoyed was being a part of a team and representing the Bay. Interacting with people and helping them with their shopping concerns and promoting the many different brands and treating everyone with respect.

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