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Teriyaki Experience offers Japanese-inspired fast food at roughly 105 locations throughout Canada. Originating in 1986 at Promenade Mall in Toronto, ON, Canada, Teriyaki Experience operates internationally. The restaurant chain currently maintains around 25 locations in the United States, Central America, Europe, and the Middle East. Teriyaki Experience restaurants operate both within shopping mall food courts and as traditional street-front eateries.

As the Asian influence of the company name suggests, Teriyaki Experience offers a healthier and flavorful alternative to traditional fast food. Customers personally witness cooks preparing made-to-order meals. The Teriyaki Experience menu features a variety of meats and vegetables to accompany signature teriyaki sauces. Guests may also purchase bottles of Teriyaki Experience sauce to take home. To emphasize healthy eating, Teriyaki Experience gives patrons the options for meals cooked in water instead of oil or cooking sauce.

Teriyaki Experience continues to expand both in Canada and internationally and provides several entry-level and managerial job opportunities for prospective employees. The company maintains high standards of customer service and teamwork among associates in order to deliver quality product. Although Teriyaki Experience restaurants operate as franchises, the hiring process remains fairly streamlined and uniform. Apply online to receive hiring consideration for Teriyaki Experience employment opportunities today.

Popular Teriyaki Experience Jobs and Salary Info
The Canadian Asian fast food chain provides both online and in-store application forms. The online application process requires an uploaded resume instead of a traditional job application. While Teriyaki Experience hires for many of the same positions as other fast food establishments, the open cooking area and made-to-order food concepts offer unique opportunities for workers to interact with customers and positively impact dining experiences. Employment opportunities at Teriyaki Experience include:

Cashier -Teriyaki Experience cashiers provide excellent customer service. Cashier associates display friendly and professional manners, operate cash registers, and serve meals. Teriyaki Experience cashier workers also ensure the cleanliness of dining areas. Cashiers must value teamwork with other employees to deliver food efficiently and consistently. Starting pay for cashiers at Teriyaki Experience begins around minimum wage. More experienced cashiers may earn up to $12.00 per hour.

Cook – Cooks at Teriyaki Experience operate grills, fryers, and other kitchen equipment to produce fresh, quality food. The unique open kitchen layout at Teriyaki Experience restaurants offers cook employees the chance to interact with customers on a regular basis. Cooks must also maintain work stations. Pay scales for cook jobs hover near minimum wage. Experienced cooks with Teriyaki Experience may earn up to $12.00 or $13.00 an hour.

Management – Managers work to ensure the consistency, productivity, and quality of Teriyaki Experience restaurants. Traditionally full-time employment opportunities, managerial jobs involve supervisory and administrative responsibilities. Primary job duties include hiring and training employees and resolving customer issues. A career in management requires excellent communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills. Average salary for new-hire managers with Teriyaki Experience begins around $35,000 per year. Salary options may increase up to $45,000 or $50,000 with strong work performance.

Benefits of Working at Teriyaki Experience
In addition to offering appealing food options, Teriyaki Experience offers attractive employee benefits. Workers receive competitive wages, paid training, complimentary uniforms, and flexible scheduling. Teriyaki Experience also provides associates with free meals during lunch or dinner hours and unlimited access to soda fountains.

Qualified restaurant employees also receive health and wellness employment benefits, which may include vision, dental, or prescription drug coverage. Teriyaki Experience provides 401(k) retirement plans or other financial benefits to eligible workers, as well. Apply online for Teriyaki Experience jobs to find meaningful employment with lucrative work benefits packages today.

Teriyaki Experience began in 1986 in Toronto, ON, Canada. A decade later, the company went international with a location in Bahrain. After operating exclusively in food courts, the first street-front location opened in Ottawa, ON, Canada, in 1998. The 2000s marked the establishment of Teriyaki Experience in European and American markets in Italy and Atlanta, GA, USA, respectively. Today, Teriyaki Experience continues to grow and plans to open 40 additional restaurants worldwide in the near future.

The Teriyaki Experience menu revolves around the company signature teriyaki sauce, which customers may pair with beef, chicken, shrimp, tofu, or vegetables. Menus also feature varied assortments of noodle options and side dishes, like dumplings and spring rolls. Many Teriyaki Experience locations offer soup and sushi to enhance the Japanese-inspired experience, as well.

The Canadian Asian restaurant chain operates under parent company Made in Japan Restaurants and generates annual sales in excess of $40 million. The company looks to expand aggressively, especially in American and international markets. Lou Donato founded Teriyaki Experience and acts as CEO, while Nick Veloce serves as president and COO. Teriyaki Experience maintains corporate headquarters in Oakville, ON, Canada.

Minimum age to work at Teriyaki Experience: 14

Official Site: www.teriyakiexperience.com/en/Speek-To-Us.html

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