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TCBY, which stands for The Country’s Best Yogurt, operates an international chain of frozen yogurt shops. With more than 500 locations in 14 countries, TCBY ranks as the largest frozen yogurt brand in the world. The American-based company enjoys a particularly strong presence in Canada, maintaining roughly 100 retail outlets throughout all 10 provinces. TCBY claims to offer the most extensive product line of any restaurant chain specializing in frozen treats.

TCBY Job Opportunities

Entry-Level and Managerial Work

TCBY Canada consistently hires job seekers to fill entry-level positions and management careers across an expanding network of nearly 100 stores. Entry-level employees at TCBY primarily work with customers, while managers focus on successful business operations. As TCBY and the frozen yogurt industry continue to grow, Canadian job seekers at all career levels enjoy increasing opportunities for employment within the foodservice sector. Prominent market research company IBISWorld projects frozen yogurt sales to escalate steadily by an average annual rate of 2.4 percent. With demand for frozen yogurt on the rise, industry leader TCBY regularly needs to hire entry-level associates and managerial employees to serve growing numbers of health-conscious customers.

Basic requirements

Specific hiring requirements vary according to the position desired but generally include responsible work ethics, enthusiastic personalities, and passion for innovative frozen treats. Prospective workers must comply with provincial minimum hiring age requirements, which typically start at 14 years. TCBY jobs all come with competitive pay scales and several employment benefits, including unique opportunities to sample new products and other menu items at work.

TCBY Jobs and Salary Information

Popular TCBY job titles include:

Crew Member

Entry-level crew members at TCBY perform a variety of customer service and food handling duties. The entry-level position typically requires no previous work experience for hiring consideration. Prospective crew member associates should feel comfortable regularly interacting with customers and working as part of a team. Applicants must also have basic math skills and the ability to work flexible schedules determined by current business needs, especially during the summer season. Some of their responsibilities are to:

  • Greet patrons.
  • Prepare menu items according to customer specifications.
  • Collect payments.
  • Finalize sales transactions on computerized cash register systems.
  • Cleaning workstations and dining areas.
  • Replenishing frozen yogurt and toppings.
  • Answering questions about TCBY products.
  • TCBY crew member jobs feature hourly pay rates typically starting around minimum wage and increasing to $10.00 or $11.00 with experience.


Available with various job titles and responsibilities, TCBY management positions fulfill the administrative and supervisory functions necessary for commercial success. Prospective managers generally need a high school diploma and previous related work experience, preferably supervisory in nature. Relevant college coursework or degrees often prove preferable or necessary for more advanced store manager positions. All managerial applicants must possess advanced levels of business acumen, demonstrated leadership skills, and the ability to work extended or irregular hours as needed. Managerial job titles commonly offered at TCBY stores include shift supervisor, assistant manager, and store manager roles. The management team:

  • Develops plans to increase sales.
  • Implements new product lines.
  • Orders inventory.
  • Creates employee work schedules.
  • Resolves customer concerns.
  • Hiring.
  • Training.
  • Delegating daily tasks to entry-level workers.
  • Shift supervisors usually receive hourly pay hovering between $12.00 and $14.00.
  • Annual salary options for assistant managers typically start around $30,000, while TCBY store managers often earn upwards of $40,000 in yearly salary.

Benefits of Working at TCBY

In addition to bringing the health benefits of frozen yogurt to Canadians nationwide, TCBY extends several employment benefits to workers immediately upon hire. Part-time and full-time associates gain access to fun and casual work environments, flexible schedules, employee discounts, and career advancement opportunities. TCBY often promotes talented entry-level workers into leadership positions and management careers with additional job benefits.

Insurance & Savings Packages

Employment benefits packages for full-time TCBY managers and other eligible associates typically feature general medical coverage, dental and vision plans, and life insurance options. TCBY also offers financial benefits like pay raises and bonus programs, paid time off, and 401(k) retirement savings plans to qualified employees. Available job benefits often vary by TCBY franchise location.

More About TCBY


In 1981, TCBY opened the first frozen yogurt shop in the United States in Little Rock, Arkansas. The frozen yogurt concept enjoyed instant popularity and TCBY started franchising locations the following year. By 1984, more than 100 stores operating under the TCBY banner. The successful company expanded into Canada in 1987 and continues to maintain more locations in the country than anywhere else outside the United States. Mrs. Fields Famous Brands acquired TCBY in 2000 and oversees a worldwide network of more than 500 frozen yogurt shops throughout 14 countries.

How Does TCBY Work?

Positioned as a healthier alternative to conventional ice cream shops, TCBY constructs stores in three distinct formats to accommodate the evolving tastes of consumers and emerging trends within the frozen yogurt industry. Restaurant locations operate with traditional, nontraditional, and self-serve layouts. Workers at traditional TCBY stores provide counter service to fulfill customer orders, while nontraditional locations typically fill smaller spaces in establishments like airports and malls. Self-serve restaurants give patrons the freedom to assemble personalized frozen yogurt creations priced by weight. Since 2010, new TCBY stores boast revamped designs featuring contemporary decor and inviting dining areas to attract modern consumers.


TCBY specializes in soft serve frozen yogurt and sorbet. The TCBY menu features dozens of yogurt flavors, with several nonfat and sugar-free options available. TCBY also offers customizable yogurt cakes and pies specially prepared to remain 96 percent fat free. In 2011, the frozen yogurt chain introduced Super Fro-Yo, which contains generous predetermined minimum amounts of various vitamins and nutrients. While primarily emphasizing frozen yogurt selections, TCBY also boasts a line of smoothies made with real fruit, juices, and yogurt.


Mrs. Fields Famous Brands operates TCBY as a privately held subsidiary. The parent company also uses the moniker Famous Brands International. As the largest international division of the frozen yogurt franchise, TCBY Canada contributes extensively to hundreds of millions of dollars in total annual revenue. TCBY maintains regional offices in Saint-Laurent, QC, Canada, with worldwide headquarters in Broomfield, CO, USA.

Minimum Age to Work at TCBY: 14

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Watch video of a TCBY employee discussing their job

Video Transcript

Please describe your job title and primary duties.

TCBY Cast Member:
Well, I started out as a cast member, so I guess I should start from there. And as a cast or as a regular employee, my job was just to make the products, knowing how, because you’re mixing things I don’t want to get in details what your… So you have to know how to follow instructions, how to make, use different recipes and to put things together to make it work. So as a regular employee, that was my job title, my description. But as a supervisor, I had to ensure that everyone was doing, following these recipes, following, these coordinations, following these rules and guidelines.

How would you describe the application and interview process?

TCBY Cast Member:
They desired me to be able to follow instructions, be able to, I seem to have a good problem-solving skills. So they asked me questions regarding these areas and it gave me scenarios in order to figure it out on the spot to see how I’d respond. So I’d see, in a nutshell, that the job hiring process was really efficient and it really targeted the work field that they were, that I was expected to operate in. So I think it was really good. I think it was really good.

What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to get employment?

TCBY Cast Member:
Be open-minded about, because you’re going to be dealing with different persons with different perspective of their desires and their wants. So, be open-minded be willing to compromise a bit with expectations, be hardworking, obviously be really hardworking and don’t be afraid of challenges. That was one of the biggest ones don’t be afraid of challenges.