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Job Interview Experience

Here is what you can expect at a Target Interview.

Hiring Process

As Target seeks to establish a presence across Canada, the popular big-box retailer needs to interview and hire new workers on a regular basis. Like many prominent companies, Target requires job seekers to fill out an online application form and other materials depending on the position.

Selected applicants must then participate in a Target job interview. Entry-level applicants usually go through a single job interview with a Target hiring manager.

What Will You Discuss?
Common questions usually pertain to employment history, education, job skills, and availability. Interviewers also go over the position with candidates, which includes explaining job requirements, describing the work atmosphere, and answering applicant questions.

Second Interview Expectations
In order to find the best workers possible, Target stores sometimes initiate a second job interview.

Possible Group Interview
Second interviews may take the form of another one-on-one session or, in many instances, a group interview with other Target applicants. Entry-level candidates should demonstrate the ability to work in a group setting with the second interview.

What Happens at the Second Interview?
Activities may include customer service exercises. While it may seem redundant, applicants answer many of the same questions from the first job interview.

Group Setting
Some advanced positions, such as those in management, feature a panel interview format for the second round of the hiring process. Candidates discuss previous work experiences with Target store managers, district managers, and perhaps even corporate workers.

How Should You Behave?
Target Canada tends to hire applicants that treat the interview with professionalism and tact.

Video interview with Target employee. Listen for tips!

Target USA employee interview

Possible Interview Questions and Answers

Q: How quickly do you feel you can get comfortable working for Target?
A: I adapt really quickly to any work environment and learn procedures in little time.

Q: What would you do to help Target grow as a company?
A: I would continue to provide sound customer service and work as efficiently as possible to get as much done as I can and limit the amount of time it takes to complete projects, which would limit the amount of money spent on each project.

Q: Do you have any bilingual skills?
A: Yes, I speak English and French.

Guide to Interview Questions

Interview Tips

Here is How You Should Dress
Even for entry-level positions, Target applicants should treat the job interview with care and respect. By showing up to the interview with a clean, organized appearance, applicants will display genuine interest in securing employment with the department store chain.

What to Wear
Shirts and pants should remain free of wrinkles and suitable for any kind of office environment. Shoes should boast clean soles and polished exteriors, as well. Candidates should maintain neat and trim hairstyles, and men should opt for clean-shaven and well-groomed appearances. Women should limit the amount of jewelry and accessories worn to the interview. Applicants should keep a conservative approach in mind when dressing for a job interview at Target.