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Sylvan Learning operates tutoring centers across Canada and promotes education, self-confidence, and happiness. The tutoring centre hires passionate people sharing the company vision along with the desire to enrich student lives. Focused on academic advancement and positive reinforcement, the educational institute creates fun learning environments catered to personal growth and development. Ideal candidates possess caring natures and passion for learning. Approachable demeanors also benefit job hopefuls, as most position involve developing rapports with students and parents.

Teaching jobs appeal to both young educators looking to begin careers and established professionals. Educators often take advantage of flexible work schedules and supportive company cultures. Employment at Sylvan Learning also brings teachers the satisfaction of working closely with students and watching pupil progress. Business-minded professionals may take interest in administrative and management jobs available with the company. The learning institution offers ample opportunities for career development. Goal-driven management associates may climb the ladder into top-level positions.

Applicants typically need to apply onsite by visiting centres in person or contacting hiring representatives via email or phone. Each centre markets job opportunities separately, so interested applicants need to target specific locations when seeking out employment. Sylvan Learning offers online maps where job hunters may find local centres to contact and inquire about employment opportunities.

Sylvan Learning Canada Jobs and Salary Information
As a company where workers take responsibility for children, Sylvan Learning requires applicants to meet the minimum age requirement of 18 years old. Associates earn generous pay rates or salary options. Entry-level workers typically receive flexible part-time hours and full-time associates work regular 40-hour schedules. Positions featured with the learning institution include:

Teacher – Teachers follow Sylvan-based programs to educate and evaluate students. Areas in which teachers instruct students include reading, writing, math, study skills, and SAT prep. Supervising and motivating students and rewarding accomplishments represent key duties. Inside the classroom, teachers generally work with small groups of children in order to provide attentive, individualized academic assistance. Outside of the classroom, teachers review and grade assignments and coordinate with centre managers. Teachers must possess education certification in order to receive hiring consideration. Centres primarily teach students outside of regular school hours, so the ability to work evenings and weekends benefits teaching candidates. Teachers earn hourly pay between $10.00 CAD and $16.00 CAD an hour.

Centre Director – A centre director oversees centre operations at a single location. Essential duties include monitoring financial performance and managing staff members. To ensure centre success, centre directors manage revenue, expenses, and collections and execute marketing practices. Staff management duties include recruiting, training, and coaching team members. Centre directors also ensure success by cultivating relationships with teachers, parents, administrators, and general managers. Requirements for centre directors include bachelor’s degrees, several years of sales or customer service experience, and problem-solving skills. Centre directors may earn annual salaries ranging from $30,000 CAD and $45,000 CAD.

General Manager – Usually in charge of multiple centres, general managers lead teams and grow sales. Leading teams starts with interviewing and training associates and continues with providing ongoing guidance to workers. Sales-growth responsibilities include developing and coordinating marketing strategies and monitoring enrollment. Managers ensure customer satisfaction by engaging with parents. Regular communication and interaction with corporate executive teams also represents a key responsibility. Sylvan Learning prefers general managers possess college degrees in business along with 10 years of experience managing retail operations. General managers typically earn between $50,000 CAD and $100,000 CAD annually.

Benefits of Working at Sylvan Learning Canada
Sylvan Learning supports the health and wellbeing of associates and offers comprehensive job benefits packages, which may include health and future savings plans. Qualified associates receive health benefits like life insurance coverage and short- and long-term disability coverage. Financial benefits include 401(k) retirement plans and bonus opportunities. To assist with creating a work-life balance, the chain of learning centres also offers paid time off and holidays.

USA Sylvan Learning Application

Former school teacher W. Berry Fowler opened the first Sylvan Learning in Portland, OR, in 1979. By the 1980s, Fowler began franchising the business and popularity for the supplemental learning institution grew quickly. In 1986, Sylvan Learning maintained over 500 locations and became one of the most recognized names in tutoring. The prominent chain operates over 800 centres across North America. Over 80 locations reside in Canada, with a majority of locations in the Provinces of Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia.

Products and Services
Sylvan Learning offers supplemental learning services to students grades K through 12. The learning institution provides personalized programs designed not only to teach curriculums but to inspire passion for lifelong learning. Programs provide support in fundamental areas, like math, reading, and writing as well as preparation for state tests, SATs, and ACTs. Students may also access basic homework help, paper writing evaluation, and tips for effective studying. Sylvan Learning offers convenient schedules opportunities for parents and students to work tutoring around their busy schedules. Summer camps and online tutoring also remain available through the tutoring center.


The major North American education institution maintains both corporate–owned and franchised locations. A franchisee usually needs to invest between $150,000 CAD and $250,000 CAD to finance the development of a location. Corporate headquarters for Sylvan Learning reside in Baltimore, MD, USA, with Sterling Capital Partners serving as sole proprietor of operations. The company remains privately owned and does not disclose financial statements.

Minimum Age to Work at Sylvan Learning: 18

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