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Sunset Grill operates as a Canadian restaurant chain featuring breakfast all day long. A popular name in breakfast dining, Sunset Grill maintains a network of over 40 locations across Canada. The restaurant offers relaxed, California-style atmospheres designed to welcome guests and encourage long-lasting visits. The courteous wait staff provides speedy and dedicated service and ensures guests enjoy individualized dining experiences.

Sunset Grill operates as a health-conscious restaurant chain. Living true to the slogan, “Fresh is Tastiest,” Sunset Grill uses the freshest ingredients. A prime illustration, Sunset Grill uses 100% fresh juices flown in from Florida on a daily basis. Keeping with the health-conscious trend, Sunset Grill employs healthy cooking methods, like using flat-top grills and pat-drying bacon. Sunset Grill also avoids deep frying food items. For example, instead of frying potatoes, Sunset Grill boils, peels, and bakes potatoes fresh daily.

A master of the breakfast restaurant niche, Sunset grill remains content with serving breakfast and lunch only. Stores only remain open until 3 or 4 PM, allowing for employees to go home at reasonable times and enjoy the evening hours. A leading breakfast restaurant chain, Sunset Grill remains an innovative, forward-moving company. Sunset Grill continues to create new menu items and find even healthier ways to prepare meals. With ongoing expansion, Sunset Grill plans to open approximately 20 more locations in the years to come. Due to the sizeable plans for expansion, the Canadian restaurant chain needs to hire entry-level workers and career professionals for a variety of positions. Contact a local Sunset Grill to learn about employment opportunities, pay scales, and work culture.

Sunset Grill Canada Jobs and Salary Information
Sunset Grill offers a number of part-time jobs and full-time careers at each location. Entry-level job jobs available Sunset Grill exist in customer care and kitchen help. The Canadian restaurant chain also needs career professionals to fill management job titles. No matter the position, Sunset Grill looks for dedicated, hard-working associates able to handle working in fast-paced environments. Applicants may view job openings online, but should visit a store in-person to apply. The following list details job opportunities available at Sunset Grill locations:

Server – Servers provide fast and friendly customer care. Main responsibilities include taking food and drink orders, refilling drinks, serving food, and processing payments. Servers must frequently check on patrons and cater to all requests to ensure total satisfaction. A server needs a friendly personality along with the ability to work on foot for an entire shift. A server earns a base pay of about $5.00 an hour. In addition to hourly pay, Sunset Grill severs take home all tips earned.

Cook – Cooks follow recipes to create fresh and delicious meals. Key duties include mixing and pouring batter, grilling, operating ovens, and plating food. Sunset Grill cooks must maintain clean and organized kitchen environments. Additionally, cooks must follow all health and safety guidelines outlines set forth by Sunset Grill. A cook typically earns about $11.00 an hour.

Host – Hosts greet guests at the door, provide seating, and hand out menus. When not interacting with guest, hosts wrap silverware and clean front of house areas. When needed, hosts help clear tables and take beverage orders. Sunset Grill looks for hosts with upbeat, helpful attitudes. Hosts also need to pay attention to available seating in the dining room. Hosts generally make between $9.00 and $10.00 an hour.

Manager -Management positions available at Sunset Grill include assistant manager and store manager. As team leaders, managers hire and train entry-level workers, perform ongoing coaching and evaluation, and assign duties. Also in charge of store operations, managers develop and implement plans to drive sales and control costs, monitor inventory, and order supplies. Additional job duties include administrative tasks like creating employee work schedules and managing payroll. Sunset Grill prefers to hire managers with pervious leadership experience. Managers typically earn between $30,000 and $60,000 a year. Annual salary options rates often vary depending on experience and time spent with the company.

Benefits of Working at Sunset Grill Canada
Dedicated to employee care, Sunset Grill offers generous work benefits. As a health-focused company, Sunset Grill offers a number of health benefits for qualified workers. Health and wellness benefits may include medical plans, life insurance plans, short and long-term disability coverage, and access to healthy living programs. Eligible workers also receive financial benefits like 401(k) retirement plans, service rewards, and bonuses. Sunset Grill operates many franchised locations, and job benefits often vary by restaurant.

Aside from employee benefits packages for select associates, Sunset Grill offers generous perks that all associates enjoy. The California-style restaurant chain offers the benefit of an exceptional work atmosphere. Associates enjoy laid-back job cultures featuring supportive and upbeat team members. Only serving breakfast and lunch, Sunset Grill remains a one-shift operation. Employees may go home every night and enjoy quality time with friends and families. Committed to employee success, Sunset Grill offers ongoing training and numerous opportunities for career advancement. The restaurant often promotes from within, and talented entry-level workers may progress into upper-level management roles. Workers also enjoy discounts on meals.

In 1985, the first Sunset Grill opened in Toronto, ON, Canada. Founder Angelo Christou gave the restaurant a California-style atmosphere and name inspired by the hit Don Henley song “Sunset Grill.” Committed to offering an unbeatable dining experience, Christou took time to hone the menu and create delicious, one-of-a-kind dishes. After opening, Sunset Grill quickly developed a local following and earned the reputation for best breakfast tin town. A decade after opening the first location, Sunset Grill expanded into a second location in Danforth Village. Popularity for the restaurant exploded in the 2000s, with dozens of locations opening across the county. Today, Sunset Grill operates over 40 locations throughout Canada and plans to grow into new markets in the future.

Sunset Grill offers a host of classic breakfasts, such as steak and eggs, ham and sausage, pancakes, and grilled chicken. Classic breakfasts come with Grade-A small eggs, which come prepared scrambled, Sunnyside, or over-easy. The health-oriented restaurant also offers French toast, pancakes, and waffles, which come topped with fresh fruits. Guests may also enjoy light breakfasts, such as fresh fruit salads, yogurt’n’berries, and eggs and toast. Squeezing fresh fruit daily, Sunset Grill offers orange juice, grapefruit juice, and lemonade. Other drinks offered include fresh coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and soft drinks. Licensed stores may also sell wines and beer. In addition to breakfast, Sunset Grill offers a wonderful lunch menu. The healthy restaurant offers classic sandwiches, prime beef burgers, fresh and made-to-order salads.

Sunset Grill operates as a private company. Each locations pulls in tens of thousands of dollars in annual revenues, which lends to the ongoing success of individual franchises and the company as a whole. On estimate Sunset Grill being in $60 million in revenues each year. Headquarters for Sunset Grill reside in Mississauga, BC, Canada.

Minimum age to work at Sunset Grill: 16

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