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Subway Canada marks one of the most important markets for the Subway fast food chain. Although the company didn’t move north until the mid-1980s, Subway Canada helped the company become the largest fast food chain in the world. Subway operates close to 40,000 full-service locations. In fact, Canada holds the most Subway restaurants outside of the United States. Most Subway Canada locations operate as independently owned franchise restaurants.

Subway Canada continues to serve freshly made submarine sandwiches to customers across the country. Diners may choose from a variety of breads, meats, cheeses, vegetables, sauces, and other toppings. Subway also offers side items, such as freshly baked cookies, fat free chips, and fruit. The Subway menu heavily promotes health eating habits, even offering a low-calorie menu.

Present in over 100 countries, Subway needs thousands of employees to provide quality service every day. Subway Canada offers many standard job opportunities, for both part-time workers and full-time career seekers. Subway normally splits employment into restaurant operations and corporate employment. Subway restaurants take a very proactive approach in the hiring process. The company currently operates the University of Subway, a training program for new employees. Experienced workers may also look to Subway University for further growth in the company. While Subway encourages prospective associates to apply online, many restaurants still accept paper applications.

Subway Canada Job Titles and Salary Information

Sandwich Artist

  • Sandwich artists operate as general crew members for the restaurant chain.
  • Typical duties for a sandwich artist concern preparing Subway menu items, such as sandwiches, wraps, and salads.
  • In addition to food prep, sandwich artists clean the store, restock ingredients, check ovens and other machinery, and handle cash registers and customer transactions.
  • Sandwich artists usually start out around minimum wage with Subway, sometimes earning pay rates up to $12.00 with experience.

Senior Sandwich Artist

  • Most senior sandwich artists perform the same duties as regular Subway team members.
  • However, senior associates receive more responsibility by training newly hired employees.
  • To save time for managers, senior sandwich artists train new workers on the best ways to make sandwiches.
  • Additionally, senior Subway employees show new crew members how to clean the store, stock out ingredients, and complete other specific restaurant duties.


  • Management at Subway restaurants usually consists of assistant managers and store managers.
  • Main duties for Subway managers include screening and hiring new restaurant associates.
  • Managers consider incoming applications, contact workers, conduct interviews, and make final decisions on hiring.
  • Subway managers also work in an office capacity quite often by setting schedules, training employees, checking daily profits and reports, and opening and closing the restaurant.

Benefits of Working at Subway Canada

Employee benefits mark one of the biggest reasons for the growth of the Subway chain. The company offers both major and minor perks for part-time and full-time workers. Job benefits include financial improvement, health and wellness assurance, and several performance incentives and rewards. Through Subway University, the company offers ongoing training programs in safety training and professional training.

Financial benefits from Subway Canada include industry standards, like paid vacations, profit sharing, and a 401(k) retirement program. For many students, Subway offers annual scholarship programs. For peace of mind, Subway Canada provides several medical benefits to qualified workers. Typical medical employment benefits from Subway include prescription drug discounts, life insurance, and health options for dental, vision, and general medical coverage.

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Subway restaurants originally started amongst a collective of doctors hoping for healthier fast food. The company first opened in Milford, CT, where corporate headquarters continue to reside. Subway Canada became one of the first international branches of the company, with expansion outside of the U.S. occurring in 1984. In the fast food industry, Subway stands as one of the most popular and well respected brands in the world.


Subway restaurants differ greatly from competing fast food restaurants. Since its inception, Subway focuses on a wide variety of submarine sandwiches, either six inches or a foot long. Popular sandwiches from Subway include clubs, meatball subs, and the BMT, Subway’s most popular sandwich. Customers may choose to toast sandwiches, since many locations now carry high-powered toaster ovens.


Doctor’s Associates Inc. stands as the owner and parent company of Subway restaurants. With more than 38,000 locations, Subway produces over $16 billion in annual revenue. Despite its size, Subway continues to maintain private ownership. Subway holds many proven promotions to increase customer turnout, such as the Sub Club and $5 footlongs. The company also maintains sponsorship deals with several popular athletes from a number of sports.

Minimum age to work at Subway: 16

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