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A clothing retail chain focused on selling fashionable apparel to young adults, Stitches needs to hire on new employees who align with the look and style of the customers the establishment targets. The company typically utilizes third-party employment websites to advertise job vacancies, with a majority of employment hunters finding part-time and full-time openings online. Staying ahead of the fashion curve remains one of the most important values of the company, and job seekers with an eye for upcoming trends and great customer service skills often receive greater consideration for available jobs.

Stitches boasts widespread job opportunities for inexperienced workers. Many associates report finding first jobs with the retail company. Typical responsibilities for entry-level workers include interacting with customers and maintaining store appearances throughout the day. Part-time, entry-level employees regularly enjoy flexible work schedules and earn competitive wages. Basic sales and cashier positions remain perfect for students as well as job seekers aspiring to begin long-term careers in the fashion retail industry.

The clothing company needs associates with leadership abilities and strong fashion sense to fill managerial and merchandising positions at Stiches locations. Upper-level job duties typically require associates to assume full-time schedules, or between 30 and 40 hours per week, to complete assigned tasks. Managerial employees enjoy higher salary options and additional work benefits to make up for the challenges of the job. Advancement opportunities allow driven associates to continue expanding retail career aspirations. Applicants interested in upper-level job opportunities should apply online by sending resumes to the designated contacts on the company website.

Stitches Canada Positions and Salary Information
Stitches typically imposes a minimum hiring age as mandated by provincial law. Upper-level associates must typically possess high school diplomas and one to two years of experience in the retail industry to earn employment consideration. The youth clothing company often hires for the following positions:

Sales Associate – Sales associates, often called partners, serve as the face of Stitches locations. Workers must possess comprehensive understandings of store layouts in order to help shoppers locate items during visits and offer helpful suggestions when necessary. Often standing for long hours during shifts, employees must keep stores looking sharp and consistently offer unparalleled customer service. Additional duties include stocking new items. Associates may need to lift between 20 pounds and 30 pounds on a regular basis. Sales associates usually earn between $10.00 CAD and $11.00 CAD per hour.

Cashier – Cashiers assist customers with final transactions by scanning and bagging items, handling various payment types, and issuing receipts. Typically reserved for inexperienced workers, cashier jobs mostly take place at cash registers and also require employees to keep checkout aisles looking tidy. Managers may assign additional tasks as necessary. Pay for cashier associates often hovers around $9.00 CAD or $10.00 CAD per hour.

Visual Merchandiser – Visual merchandisers need to possess excellent taste in fashion as well as creative yet practical visions for store layouts. Associates design display cases for new items, ensure appealing store layouts, and assist with inventory. Visual merchandisers often utilize help from sales associates by delegating duties, which requires great interpersonal skills and organizational abilities. Pay for visual merchandiser associates often ranges from $12.00 CAD to $16.00 CAD per hour.

Management – Manager job titles include shift leader, assistant manager, and store manager. Shift leaders supervise sales associates and cashiers by providing support, assigning basic duties, and handling difficult customer-oriented situations in the absence of store or assistant managers. Pay scales for shift leaders usually fall between $11.00 CAD and $12.00 CAD an hour. Assistant managers and store managers collaborate with corporate officials and visual merchandisers to increase sales, maintain sensible product levels, and foster positive store atmospheres for employees and customers alike. Managers also hire and train new associates and set employee schedules. Upper-level managers generally make annual salary options ranging between $25,000 CAD and $50,000 CAD.

Benefits of Working at Stitches Canada
Product discounts, flexible schedules, competitive pay, and advancement opportunities represent just a few of the employment benefits readily available to new Stitches associates. Employees may also become eligible for CPP retirement plans, flexible spending accounts, disability coverage, and paid time off. Upper-level candidates often receive performance-based bonuses and company-paid training, as well.

Other Information on Stitches Canada
Stitches, one of several apparel retailers owned by parent company YM Inc., opened to the public in the mid-1970s. The popular store attracts teens with a variety of interests in clothing and style, including skate and surf culture, club apparel, and fashionable day-to-day garb. Committed to discovering what customers really want, the company attributes success to keen senses for recognizing upcoming fashion trends. The retailer creates chic and visually stimulating environments catering to the styles and preferences of customers in more than 170 stores throughout Canada.

Minimum Age to Work at Stitches: 16

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