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Starbucks operates about 1,200 coffeehouses throughout Canada. Globally, Starbucks reaches 61 countries, manages over 20,000 locations, and employs more than 140,000 workers. Starbucks coffee shops generally operate as standalone stores, in universities and hospitals, and in large shopping centers. The chain offers fresh coffee, hot and cold beverages, and fresh pastries and sandwiches.

The coffeehouse chain opened its first location in 1971. Initially, Starbucks sold roasted coffee alone. Today, the coffee giant offers many coffee choices, brewing equipment, food items, and merchandise. The majority of Starbucks locations operate as franchised coffeehouses, in addition to company-owned locations.

Starbucks hires new employees to maintain operations above and beyond company policies. Future job applicants may visit a local Starbucks location or visit the website to turn in an online application. Starbucks offers many jobs to entry-level workers, such as barista and shift supervisor positions, requiring little or no previous work experience. Job applicants pursuing a more advanced career with Starbucks must usually possess secondary education and work-related experience prior to hiring.

Starbucks Job Titles and Salary Options
Starbucks maintains many locations throughout Canada and employs thousands of workers to operate the giant coffee company. Applicants seeking employment with Starbucks must stand at least 16 years of age for hiring consideration. Starbucks maintains many job openings for entry-level workers and career-minded applicants alike. Starbucks offers competitive pay, exceptional insurance coverage, bonuses, paid time off, and many other employee perks. Job seekers may complete an application for the following employment opportunities at Starbucks:

Barista – Representing the face of Starbucks, baristas perform many customer service duties. Baristas operate cash registers, greet customers, take beverage and food orders, and clean and maintain stores. Ideal barista candidates possess great customer service skills, outgoing personalities, flexible scheduling, ability to do simple math, and willingness to learn and work. Typically, Starbucks baristas earn minimum wage to start and may generate up to $14.00 per hour based on work experience.

Shift Supervisor – Shift supervisors with Starbucks oversee the day-to-day activities of baristas and assist in store operations with managers. Typical responsibilities of shift supervisors consist of delegating work to baristas, ensuring customer satisfaction, and maintaining company goals and achievements. Starbucks shift supervisors provide organization, work flexible schedules, and maintain positive attitudes. Shift supervisors may begin at an hourly rate of $11.00. Experienced supervisory employees with Starbucks may earn upwards to $15.00 an hour.

Assistant Store Manager – Job applicants seeking to begin a career with Starbucks may apply online for assistant store manager positions. Assistant store managers work alongside baristas and shift supervisors assisting in everyday business operations and developing skills in entry-level workers. Assistant store managers at Starbucks locations possess strong leadership and organizational skills, exceptional written and communication attributes, schedule flexibility, and outgoing attitudes. Beginning salary options fall around $30,000 per year for Starbucks assistant store managers.

Store Manager – Store managers oversee Starbucks store operations and maintain company sales goals and achievements. Starbucks general managers must possess proven leadership skills, great organizational skills, and written and verbal communication skills. Store manager responsibilities and duties include delegating work to subordinates, processing payroll, ensuring customer satisfaction, and reporting to district managers. Salary rates for Starbucks store managers hover between $40,000 and $60,000 a year.

Starbucks Job Benefits
After successfully completing the hiring process, qualified Starbucks associates gain substantial work benefits. New-hire workers receive competitive pay, paid time off, discounts on Starbucks merchandise and other retailers, and free ground coffee on a weekly basis. Additionally, Starbucks offers employee benefits, like health insurance, including medical, prescription drug, dental, vision, life, and disability coverage. New employees may also qualify for adoption assistance, 401(k) retirement savings plans, equity in Starbucks stock and discounted stock purchase plans, domestic partner benefits, and referral and support resources for childcare and eldercare.

Starbucks strives to find a balance for work and life and getting to know team members and the surrounding communities. The coffee giant offers over 50 partner clubs and networks to provide recreational athletic leagues, foreign language clubs, and parenting resources. Additional programs include Thrive Wellness Program, Elite Athletic Assistance Program, internal recognition programs, and career sabbaticals.

USA Starbucks Application

Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl, and Gordon Bowker opened the first Starbucks coffee shop in Seattle, WA, in 1971. By the end of the 1980s, Starbucks expanded internationally into Vancouver, Canada, and all throughout the western part of the United States. In the late 1990s, Starbucks began converting stores into eatery cafes and began serving pastries and sandwiches. The company expanded into Japan and Singapore during the 1990s, as well. Starbucks operates more than 17,000 locations internationally and serves millions of customers freshly brewed coffee on a daily basis.

Starbucks menus offer several coffee choices, hot and cold beverages, pastries, and sandwiches. The coffeehouse chain provides an abundant number of choices, such as pick of the day, caffe misto, clover-brewed coffee, decaf, iced coffee, and roast coffees. Starbucks also serves an assortment of frappuccinos, espressos, Tazo teas, smoothies, bottled drinks, and kids drinks. In addition to beverages, Starbucks offers cafe menu items, such as bakery products, bistro boxes, sandwiches, paninis, wraps, breakfast items, ice cream, yogurt, and fruit.

Starbucks trades as a public company on the NASDAQ under the symbol, SBUX. Over 140,000 employees help Starbucks bring in annual revenues of roughly $13 billion and produce a net income of just above $1 billion. Starbucks global headquarters reside in Seattle, WA.

Minimum age to work at Starbucks: 16

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