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Sports Experts stands as one of the largest sporting equipment retailers in Canada. Most Sports Experts locations operate out of Quebec. In total, Sports Experts manages more than 70 stores across Canada. The retail chain began as an independent retailer in late 1960s and later grew due to corporate partnership with prominent Canadian grocery store retailer in the early 1980s. Another merger in the mid-1980s led to even further growth and success. Roughly 1,500 entry-level associates and experienced professionals work for the nationwide sporting goods store.

The initial success of Sports Experts grew out of wide selections of sporting equipment and apparel. Several corporate partnerships and mergers built on the already solid customer bases of the sporting goods retailer and enabled the chain to expand throughout Canada. After merging with competing retail chain Arlington Sports in the mid-1980s, Sports Experts experienced rapid growth and expansion. The merger saw the inclusion of Sports Experts stores in shopping malls throughout the densely populated provinces of Quebec and Ontario and led to more accessible store locations.

Operating out of large, warehouse-format stores, Sports Experts must hire dozens of employees at each location in order to maintain business. Workers with passion for sports and sports equipment and apparel find meaningful employment with Sports Experts. The average Sports Experts associates works part-time. Open availability typically serves prospective employees well during Sports Experts job interviews. Additional hiring requirements vary by position. Turn in an online application form to receive further information on available retail jobs with Sports Experts.

Sports Experts Jobs and Salary Information
Sports Experts stores hire for a wide range of positions on a regular basis. Applicants in search of part-time work or full-time jobs should apply online to begin the Sports Experts hiring process today. Minimum hiring ages often include workers as young as 14 years old; however, applicants under the age of 16 may need a special work permit in order to gain employment with Sports Experts. The sporting goods company offers competitive base pay, flexible scheduling, and comprehensive work benefits packages to qualified associates. Learn more about Sports Experts jobs from the following list of positions:

Sales Associate – Like many other sales associate jobs, Sports Experts sales associate positions involve a great deal of customer interaction. Applicants with strong verbal communication skills and confident, personable, and helpful personalities often receive hiring consideration over other candidates. Primary responsibilities for Sports Experts sales jobs include assisting in sales, maintaining organized sales floors, and operating cash registers. Average hourly pay hovers around $11.00 per hour. Starting pay generally begins at minimum wage.

Shipper/Receiver – Sports Experts offers part-time and full-time shift availability for applicants in search of shipping and receiving jobs. A physically demanding job, Sports Experts shipping and receiving employees must stand in good health at time of employment and possess the ability to comfortably perform manual labor on a consistent basis. Shipper/Receiver associates primarily load and unload shipments from trucks. Additional job duties include stocking shelves and building product displays. The average Sports Experts shipper/receiver starts out around minimum wage. Pay may increase up to $11.00 or $12.00 an hour with experience gained.

Management – The Canadian sporting goods retail chain hires for three tiers of management. Workers may find professional careers as department managers, assistant managers, or store managers with Sports Experts. Department managers act as entry-level supervisors and maintain specific departments at Sports Experts stores. Assistant managers work alongside store managers and provide administrative and clerical support. Store manager oversee operations and communicate directly with company corporate offices. General managerial job duties with Sports Experts may include hiring and training new workers, scheduling employees, delegating daily tasks, and driving sales goals. Basic requirements for managerial opportunities include two to three years of relevant experience, at least a high school diploma, and the ability to lead workers as part of a team. Sports Experts department managers often earn between $25,000 and $30,000 per year. Annual salary rates for assistant managers may fall anywhere between $35,000 and $45,000. Store managers with Sports Experts receive between $45,000 and $55,000 in annual salary, depending on location and experience.

Benefits of Working at Sports Experts
Sports Experts promotes fun and enjoyable work environments with avenues for personal and professional development. Paid training opportunities and continued education programs encourage associate growth and creativity. New-hire workers receive generous discounts on sports equipment and apparel. Sports Experts also provides healthcare options and financial planning assistance to eligible employees.

Though offered through corporate parent FGL Sports, many franchises provide varying employee benefits. Sports Experts qualified associates generally enjoy healthcare coverage, paid time off, and 401(k) retirement savings plans. Employment benefits for corporate associates may include additional insurance options. Apply online to find complete details on Sports Experts job benefits today.

Sports Experts began in 1967 as an independent retailer. In 1981, grocery store retailer Provigo acquired Sports Experts and operated as parent to the sporting goods chain. Four years later, Sports Experts merged with Arlington Sports. The resulting company rebranded Arlington Sports locations as Sports Experts. Sports Experts underwent another change in ownership in 1994 when Provigo sold the retail chain to Forzani Group. During the 2000s, Sports Experts created a subsidiary retailer called Atmosphere.

Products and Services
As a leader in the Canadian sporting goods industry, Sports Experts sells merchandise and apparel for all popular sports. Customers enjoy wide selections of equipment and accessories for basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, track, swimming, and general fitness. Sports Experts stores also provide dietary advice and workout assistance from staff members. The retail chain promotes local sporting events in surrounding communities, as well.

A product of several mergers and acquisitions, present-day Sports Experts operates as a subsidiary of Forzani Group. Also known as FGL Sports Ltd., Forzani Group falls under Canadian Tire control and manages around 15 sports retailers throughout Canada. Forzani Group generates over $1 billion in annual revenues and maintains around 2,600 associates nationwide. Sports Experts corporate offices sit in Calgary, AB, Canada.

Minimum age to work at Sports Experts: 14

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