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Sobeys employs about 85,000 workers, both full-time and part-time. Large stores like Sobeys need large workforces comprised of hundreds of associates.

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Sobeys Job Opportunities

Grocery store jobs may prove a great opportunity for first-time, entry-level employment hunters. Sobeys stores also offer careers for more experienced candidates, such as meat cutters, baker, and pharmacists. Fill out an online application form to reveal meaningful employment opportunities in the grocery store industry and begin the Sobeys hiring process today.

How To Apply

The Sobeys hiring process features ways to apply online and in-person for grocery store jobs across Canada. Complete an online application form with Sobeys for work in retail, store management, distribution, corporate, and pharmacy capacities. To apply online for Sobeys jobs, prospective workers must create an employment profile with contact information, work history, and references. Candidates may also need to supply a professional resume to qualify for Sobeys jobs.

Sobeys Positions and Salary Information

Sobeys needs to hire for the following jobs:

Customer Service Associate

Sobeys customer service associates perform several duties to make sure each store looks pleasant and runs smoothly. These duties include:

  • Working at the front-end of stores, on sales floors, or back stock rooms.
  • Operating cash registers to ring up purchases.
  • Stock out new merchandise, unload incoming deliveries, and assist customers.
  • Specific employment responsibilities typically vary by assigned department.
  • Sobeys customer service associates typically earn around $10.00 to $13.00 an hour.

Department Clerk

Department clerk employees work in specific, assigned sections of Sobeys supermarkets. The position may involve:

  • Assignment in sections like produce, deli, meat, and baked goods.
  • Typically, department clerk workers must undergo specific training programs to qualify for positions desired.
  • For example, deli clerks must possess familiarity with slicers, ovens, dishwashers, and proper food handling procedures.
  • Sobeys often starts department clerks out at minimum wage. Pay scales may reach in excess of $16.00 per hour.


Sobeys supermarkets also offer employment opportunities in management. Available to career-oriented individuals, manager jobs involve:

  • Assigning daily tasks orders and supervising entry-level team members.
  • Any Sobeys employee may become a store manager by undergoing and completing required manager trainee programs, which teach candidates about official store policy, procedures, and instill leadership skills.
  • Most Sobeys managers earn annual salary rates between $42,000 and $55,000.

Benefits of Working at Sobeys

Financial work benefits available to eligible Sobeys team members include paid vacation time commensurate to experience with the company. Sobeys employee purchase programs allow associates to take advantage of several discount programs for amenities like computers, cars, and electronic accessories. Further financial job benefits from Sobeys include health and legal advice as well as 401(k) retirement plans.

Insurance & Savings Packages

Sobeys supermarket employees may take advantage of several standard benefits in the grocery store industry. Qualified members of the Sobeys staff earn both financial and medical employment benefits. Both full-time and part-time workers receive core coverage, which includes health care, dental care, and employee assistance programs. Sobeys associates may also opt into accidental death and dismemberment programs and critical illness insurance.

More About Sobeys

Sobeys grocery stores operate across all ten Canadian provinces, including Ontario, Manitoba, British Columbia, and Quebec. Founded in the early 20th century, Sobeys provides a comprehensive range of grocery store services. The company first began in Stellarton, NS, Canada, where Sobeys corporate headquarters still reside. Sobeys manages over 1,300 supermarket locations nationwide.

How Does Sobeys Work?

A self-service supermarket chain, Sobeys offers a wide range of food items and services. Sobeys products mainly include non-perishable grocery items, frozen foods, fresh produce, dairy products, meats, and seafood. Most stores even include bakeries, delis, and cafe sections. Customers may even fill out prescriptions at in-house full-service pharmacies. Sobeys offers name brands and private labels at the best discounts possible and regularly provides promotions and special offers on goods.


Sobeys began in 1907 in Nova Scotia. Originally a family business, Sobeys initial services included meat delivery. The company expanded into the grocery store business in 1924. Over the years, Sobeys began to purchase several major grocery store chains across the country. Today, Sobeys holds locations in all ten Canadian provinces.


Sobeys supermarkets provide a broad spectrum of grocery store services. Everyday shoppers choose from thousands of name-brand and private-label grocery products at reasonable prices. In addition to general produce, Sobeys grocery stores carry dairy, frozen foods, meat and seafood, deli, and baked goods. Some Sobeys locations feature gas stations, convenience stores, and pharmacies. The rewards program Club Sobeys allows customers to earn loyalty points and discounts on store merchandise.


In addition to thousands of supermarkets, parent company Sobeys Inc. owns several other grocery store chains across the country, such as IGA, Price Chopper, Foodland, and FreshCo. Annual revenue for Sobeys and subsidiaries total around $14 billion a year. Sobeys Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Empire Company, a Canadian conglomerate out of Nova Scotia. Empire trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the initials EMP.

Minimum age to work at Sobeys: 14

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  • CHRIS p BOUCHARD says:

    I loved working for Sobeys, co workers were great and very friendly.

  • Ethan Cherney says:

    I loved working at Sobeys and felt extremely welcomed the moment I began working with customers and co-workers. My manager, Zach, was a very enthusiastic and appreciable person, as well as a great friend of mine.

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