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Sirens operates a popular chain of fashion retail stores boasting more than 80 locations across Canada. The North American retailer sells clothing for women, including seasonal and year-round styles and accessories featuring contemporary and trendsetting designs. Styles available primarily cater to club-goers ages 20 to 30. The fashion retail chain also caters to entry-level job seekers and industry professionals looking for long-term or intermediary career options.

Already a large employer in Canada, the chain also maintains several U.S. stores, which provide even further access to entry-level jobs and professional careers. Work available includes traditional retail employment opportunities like cashier and sales associate jobs as well as opportunities in fashion design, merchandising, and management. Workers must meet the minimum hiring ages set forth by provincial laws in order to qualify for Sirens jobs. Additional qualifications usually vary by position but often include fashion-savvy, energetic, self-motivated, and dedicated individuals.

The most abundant in-store jobs available with the Canadian fashion retailer include stock and store associate positions. Sirens also hires on cashiers and visual merchandisers with regularity. The easiest way to begin the hiring process includes visiting a local store and submitting the necessary employment forms in-person. Candidates may also apply for available retail jobs via email with resumes and cover letters attached and desired positions, store locations, and cities designated in the subject line. Applicants should also include contact information, experience, and references separate from resumes in the body of the email.

Sirens Canada Positions and Salary Information
Typical hiring requirements for Sirens job hopefuls include a minimum of one year of management experience for applicants looking to assume leadership roles. Entry-level applicants generally encounter no formal restrictions for available jobs; however, personable and friendly individuals with keen fashion sense usually outperform other candidates during the hiring process. Positions widely available include:

Visual Merchandiser – Visual merchandisers take on the important roles of creating visually appealing displays and designing floor layouts. Workers must possess creative and fashion-intuitive personalities. Applicants who frequently wear or enjoy Sirens clothing often navigate the hiring process more easily than other job seekers. Experience in the fashion industry or in the creative arts may also help build solid candidacy for available visual merchandiser jobs. Pay often hovers between $11.00 CAD and $13.00 CAD per hour.

Sales Associate – The entry-level position of sales associate involves greeting customers, folding clothes, organizing shelves, helping cashiers perform checkout duties, providing access to fitting rooms, and answering questions regarding products, services, and store policies. Sirens primarily focuses hiring efforts on individuals with outgoing, knowledgeable, and charming personalities. Applicants must show passion for clothes as well as the brand in order to receive hiring consideration. Workers may choose from part-time or full-time schedules. Some lifting or other physical labor may prove necessary during a given work day. Applicants in good health and able to perform moderate lifting may stand out from other candidates. Average starting pay for sales associates falls around $10.00 CAD and increases with experience or promotion.

Management – The Canadian fashion retailer provides three tiers of managerial roles for career-minded applicants to assume. Workers may fill out applications for employment as shift leaders, assistant store managers, or store managers. Most managers must hold at least a year of experience prior to official hiring and high school diplomas for employment consideration. The abilities to delegate effectively and resolve conflicts also play important roles in final hiring decisions for managers. Shift leaders primarily supervise entry-level staff and handle scheduling. Assistant store managers undertake store operations responsibilities, including marketing, merchandising, and inventory. Store managers oversee general operations and perform sales and administrative tasks like coordinating shipments and communicating with the company corporate offices. Shift leaders typically earn hourly wages falling between $10.00 CAD and $14.00 CAD. Assistant store manager salary options begin around $30,000 CAD a year. Store managers often earn upwards of $50,000 CAD annual salary, although specific pay scales vary with experience, in most cases.

Benefits of Working at Sirens Canada
Aside from accessible employment opportunities across Canada and the United States, Sirens offers desirable work benefits. Upon hire, associates enjoy paid training, access to career development opportunities, and potential for promotions and professional growth. Qualified employees also redeem paid time off, healthcare coverage, and CPP savings plans as well as in-store discounts on clothing and accessories.

Other Information on Sirens Canada
Sirens operates as a subsidiary of YM Inc. Founded in 1975, the Canadian chain of fashion retailers continues to expand throughout North America. The popular mall-based retail chain exclusively sells fashions for women. Sirens maintains a visible presence online and allows customers to look through the latest fashions put out by the Canadian retailer on the company website. To access the online catalogs, shoppers simply click on the LOOKBOOK tab at the top of the homepage and then click through styles available via clickable photos to enlarge each image. The retailer generally updates featured styles seasonally.

Minimum Age to Work for Sirens: 16

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