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Simons, also referred to as La Maison Simons, operates as a leading retailer of fashionable clothing. The premier fashion retailer offers high-quality clothing for men and women. Merchandise offered at Simons include sweaters, T-shirts, outerwear, denim, pants, shorts, suits and dresses. In addition to fashionable apparel, Simons offers underwear, leisurewear, socks, sportswear, swimsuits, and accessories.

A Quebec-based company, Simons operates exclusively in Canada. Simons operates 10 locations across Canada. Retail operations exist in Laval, Montreal, Quebec City, Saint-Bruno, Sherbooke, and Edmonton. The retailer also maintains business offices in Paris, London, and Hong Kong.

Simons maintains cutting-edge stores. Additionally, Simons operates a state-of-the-art distribution center and an innovative e-commerce center. Simons employs more than 2,000 workers across Canada. With over 170 years of retail experience, Simons plans further expansion in the years to come. Simons also drives toward the goal of reaching unprecedented levels of retail excellence.

Simons Job Opportunities and Salary Information

Simons offers a wide range of job opportunities throughout its stores. The fashion retailer seeks driven, style-conscious associates to begin work now. Simons offer exciting part-time jobs and full-time careers for entry-level workers and seasoned retail professionals.

Customer Service Associate – Customer service associates with offer exceptional assistance to clients. A customer service associate fosters customer relationships and provides prompt assistance. Simons looks for customer service workers with strong communication, fashion sense, and helpful natures. Customer service associates with the Canadian retailer may bring in between $9.00 and $13.00 an hour.

Loss Prevention Agent – Simons loss prevention agents train and develop employees to reduce merchandise shrink. Additionally, loss prevention agents must ensure store compliance with loss prevention initiatives. Loss prevention agents with Simons may make anywhere between $10.00 and $16.00 per hour.

Stock Handler – Stock handlers at Simons stores unload deliveries and fill merchandise levels on the sale floor. When needed, stock handlers replenish supplies at cash register desks. A stock handler needs to work fast and efficiency and provide customer assistance when needed. Stock handlers with Simons may earn between $9.00 and $14.00 an hour.

Mannequin Stylist – Mannequins server as a vital sales tool at Simons. Mannequin stylists dress mannequins with the latest fashionable clothing. A mannequin stylist must keep up to date on the latest clothing styles. Simons mannequin stylists earn an estimated $12.00 per hour.

Benefits of Working at Simons Canada
Simons cares about employees and their families. In addition to generous hourly pay and yearly salary options, Simons associates enjoy outstanding job benefits. Key employee benefits from Simons include healthcare coverage and financial saving plans. For health and wellbeing, eligible workers earn include fully-financed travel health insurance, low-cost life insurance, medical treatment plans, and drug prescription plans. Financial stability coverage from Simons includes salary insurance to cover up to 26 weeks, incentive-based rewards, and annual bonuses.

In addition to company benefits packages, Simons employees may also earn a number of standard job perks. Team members enjoy 20% discounts on Simons purchases. Associates with more than five years of service may access 30% discounts on store merchandise. Twice annually, all workers enjoy 40% discounts. Simons also offers direct deposit pay once a week. Additionally, the retailer offers work benefits, like two weeks fully paid sick leave and paid days off for special events, such as weddings and moving days.

17-year-old John Simons founded a dry goods shop in 1840. John frequently traveled oversees to England and Scotland and brought back goods to his Canadian store. The first retail store, Simons House opened in 1840. The company saw steady success over the years and the company saw a boom in sales after WWII. In 1952, Simons transformed into a department store chain specializing in specialty fashion apparel and home décor items. In 2010, Simons offered online shopping thought the official website.

Products and Services
Simons offers an expansive catalogue of high-quality clothing for men and women. Exclusive brands featured by Simons include twik, ICONE, Contemporaine, Sport, Miiyu, Simons Maison, DJAB, R1, and IFiv5. Simons brands offers sporty, urban, businesslike, seductive, and cutting-edge styles. Always at the forefront of style, Simons remains up to date on current fashion trends.

Simons operates as a privately held company. On estimate, Simons earns about $150 million in annual revenue. Headquarters for Simons resides in Quebec City, Quebec.

Minimum age to work at Simons: 16

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