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Online Job Application for Shoppers Drug Mart Jobs

The large Canadian pharmacy chain regularly hires for both specialized and entry-level jobs. Hopefuls can fill out Shoppers Drug Mart application forms to apply online or in-store. The company recruits outgoing applicants after successful job interviews.

Watch video of a Shoppers Drug Mart employee discussing their job

Video Transcript

Please describe your job title and primary duties.

Shoppers Drug Mart Cashier:
I was actually a cashier at Shoppers Drug Mart Cashier, which involved me handling the customers who came in when they were checking out, or sometimes even jumping in and putting stuff on the shelf and whatnot.

What was the work environment like?

Shoppers Drug Mart Cashier:
It was not really a challenging environment. I can’t say that. It was actually a great place to get started off. It gives you great work experience. I did finance in high school, actually, so it was a good place to actually get some extra money and get some experience at the same time.

How would you describe the application and interview process?

Shoppers Drug Mart Cashier:
I remember a friend of mine was working at Shoppers Drug Mart Cashier and I gave my application to him and he actually forwarded it to the branch manager. From there I was called in for an interview. After the interview, promptly after, two weeks after, I was actually hired.

What questions did the interviewer ask during the job interview?

Shoppers Drug Mart Cashier:
It was basically seeing what my attitude to this entire thing was. They weren’t looking for much of an experience, so to speak, considering I was in high school and just starting off at the time. It had to do with more how I could deal with challenges and tasks that came along the way. So it was very straightforward. It was very simple. It wasn’t very challenging, but they were just looking for people with the right attitude.

What set you apart from other candidates?

Shoppers Drug Mart Cashier:
All I can say is, it was my positive attitude. When I went for the interview, I had zero experience. Well, I had some volunteer experience, but no… I wouldn’t have really hired myself if it wasn’t for my attitude. I think that was the only thing that set me apart. I was willing to learn. I was as open to give a shot to new opportunities. So I think that’s what set me apart from the rest of the applicants.

What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?

Shoppers Drug Mart Cashier:
I would tell them to not be too afraid, actually. Most people are too intimidated when they go into interview. I know this sounds generic to say don’t be afraid. Be confident and just let your employer know that you are up for a challenge. Let them know that you’re willing to learn. Employers want honesty from their employees. And as long as you give them that in the interview, it seems like they seem to like it.

Shoppers Drug Mart Job Opportunities

Most jobs at Shoppers Drug Mart are customer-focused. Friendly team members are a must. Pay rate may depend on skill and location. Hiring managers might discuss employment benefits, salary options, and paid time off during the interview process.

How to Apply

Interested job seekers may apply to the nearest Shoppers Drug Mart to start the hiring process. Individuals may also apply online for even more information on employment with Shoppers Drug Mart.

Shoppers Drug Mart Jobs and Salary Information

Openings at Shoppers Drug Mart include:


Below is some information about being a cashier at Shopper Drug Mart.

  • This entry-level job centers on customer service.
  • Cashiers usually work part-time.
  • The flexible schedule is ideal for a first-time worker.

Beauty Expert

  • Specialists in this field will have to know about makeup and other products to assist people with purchases.
  • A sales job can help workers expand their resume.

Pharmacy Assistant

Some information about the Pharmacy Assistant role is that:

  • This Shoppers Drug Mart career is typically full-time.
  • As a professional position, it is a great way to enter the job market.
  • Pharmacy assistants may need prior experience.

Shoppers Drug Mart Job Benefits

Part-time employees have benefits such as discounts and paid training. Retirement plans or investment options could be available for these Shoppers Drug Mart jobs following a period of service.

Insurance & Savings Packages

Full-time positions, like pharmacists or store managers, get healthcare coverage. This includes vision, dental, and medical insurance for Shoppers Drug Mart careers. Only select workers qualify for paid vacations.

More About Shoppers Drug Mart

Aside from being a drugstore, the company sells a wide range of items like home goods, groceries, and electronics. With thousands of stores across Canada, employment seekers often submit Shoppers Drug Mart job applications to multiple locations.

How Does Shoppers Drug Mart Work?

To support sales of beauty supplies, Shoppers Drug Mart hires beauticians and workers with an interest in makeup and hair. During the hiring process, it is important for candidates to mention their relevant experience or hobbies.


Founded in 1962 by Murray Koffler, the first Shoppers Drug Mart was in Toronto, ON. The company found success within a decade and expanded to 50 sites throughout Canada. In 2007, the chain opened its thousandth store.


Many Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacies provide blood pressure tests, free medication literature, and yearly flu shots. Certain stores are open 24 hours a day. Some even offer a convenient drive-thru.


Shoppers Drug Mart has been traded publicly on the Toronto Stock Exchange since 2001. Annual profits are around $600 million, so the company has up to 10,000 employees who earn solid hourly wages.

Minimum Age to Work at Shoppers Drug Mart: 14

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