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Shell Canada, a company connected with the integrated oil supergiant Shell, maintains approximately 1,300 gas stations across the country. Of the fuel locations, roughly half remain independently owned and managed by dealers and branded wholesalers. The global corporation operates in more than 70 countries and manages over 43,000 service station nationwide. In Canada, business activity varies from exploring and extracting national gas to refining, supplying, and trading crude oil. The recent FuellingChange initiative demonstrates the commitment of the company to improve the environment. Other avenues of social responsibility include projects in education and investing in employees.

Career hunters enjoy exciting opportunities in a range of positions within the gas company. Vacancies exist in corporate fields for recent graduates and students, in operations and maintenance, and at gas stations. In 2008, Shell Canada received an award from Mediacorp Canada, Inc. as a top 100 employer to work for. Later, in 2015, The Times ranked the company in the Top 50 Employers for Women. Specific policies establish gender equality through transparent pay structures linked to performance and flexible work arrangements tailored to suit individual needs. Top-notch job benefits packages allow staff to garner above industry-comparable pay.

Candidates gain employment through applying online or in person, depending on position of interest. Many locations maintain unique hiring processes and may or may not post available jobs online. Applicants should prepare relevant resumes and hand deliver applications to hiring managers on duty. Aspirants should also choose to follow up over the phone or by visiting individual locations. Most labourers utilize previous work experience in retail or at gas stations to accomplish daily responsibilities with Shell. Workers also demonstrate passion for customer service to build the success of the business.

Shell Canada Job Positions and Salary Information

Whether seeking a professional corporate job, maintenance position, or simply an entry-level gas station associate opportunity, candidates maintain options to hunt through vacancies posted online. Applicants stand the greatest chances of gaining employment by intently demonstrating customer service skills, basic mathematics, and attentive listening. Each gas station may present varying requirements.

Gas Attendant

  • Able to provide exceptional customer service, gas attendants assist patrons at every opportunity.
  • Making salary packages between $10.45 CAD and $11.50 CAD an hour, employees maintain wide ranges of responsibilities.
  • Friendly work environments allow coworkers to unite and help consumers with product selection, purchases at the cash register, and answering questions or concerns.
  • Attendants should learn how to process cash, debit, and credit card transactions at the register.
  • During interactions, labourers scan items, bag merchandise, and reiterate totals.
  • Throughout each shift, workers utilize checklists to log duties, lottery amounts, inventory tracking, and general maintenance.
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedules also stand essential.

Store Supervisor

  • With completion of high school (or a GED certification) and one to two years of retail experience, applicants may apply for a management role such as store supervisor.
  • The pay rate begins on average around $18.00 CAD per hour.
  • Managers may supervise up to 10 workers at any given time and should prepare to handle employee shortages if necessary.
  • Supervisors assign sales staff and cashiers appropriate duties along with schedules and specific areas to work in.
  • Other major responsibilities may include authorizing returns of merchandise, payments by cheque, maintaining specified inventory, and resolving customer complaints.
  • Store staff must communicate expertly, work with others, read and write on a professional level, and problem solve effectively.

Shell Canada Job Benefits

The well-being and personal needs of workers remains prominent in the workplace. Employment benefits packages include competitive salary options as well as a performance-based bonuses. Future planning takes place in the form of pension programs, including employer-matched contributions. Schedules maintain flexible working patterns in order to satisfy work/life balance. Professional growth also stands available with training and mentoring. Miscellaneous work benefits like access to fitness centres, employee assistance programs, and paid time off further add to company morale. Staff members enjoy access to countless discounted goods and services while employed.


Active in Canada since 1911, the current headquarters resides in Calgary, AB. Originally traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange, Shell Canada accepted an $8.7 billion USD takeover from Royal Dutch Shell in 2007. Company corporate history spans more than 200 years. Marcus Samuel, the founder of Shell Transport and Trading Company, operated a small antique company in Houndsditch, London importing and exporting seashells. In 1907, Shell Transport and Trading Company merged with competitor Royal Dutch Petroleum to form Royal Dutch Shell.


Through service stations across the world, Shell provides transport fuel to over 10 million customers each day. Technological expertise and decades of research created Shell V-Power and Shell V-Power Diesel, each formulated to provide consumers with top-notch fuel. Unique rewards present to customers on purchases made with cards from the company. Convenience store items, such as snacks, beverages, and magazines, along with car washes, ATMs, and miscellaneous auto services hold available at most locations.


One of the largest integrated oil companies in Canada, Shell experiences annual revenue of roughly $14.3 billion CAD. The oil and gas company operates as a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell, which trades publicly on the London Stock Exchange, Euronext Amsterdam, and the New York Stock Exchange. The supergiant generates around $420 billion USD each year in revenue and acquires operating income of $23 billion USD.

Minimum Age to Work at Shell: 16

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    I have worked for Shell (renamed ad Z Energy Service station) in New Zealand. I have 6 years exeprience of Customer Services/Gas-attendant/Barista/Assistant Site Leader.
    I would like to join Shell here in Canada as well because of my previous experience.

    Thank you so much

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