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One of the largest coffee shop chains in Canada, Second Cup maintains profitable operations and serves millions of customers on an annual basis. The popular cafe chain enjoys widespread success by offering handcrafted coffee creations and traditional roasts served by highly trained and personable individuals. Hiring takes place on a consistent basis for entry-level jobs and professional careers. The major coffeehouse encourages applicants interested in gaining employment to fill out applications online or in-person.

Second Cup Job Opportunities

Full time & part time

The Second Cup network of cafes reaches in excess of 345 locations. Workers may find viable opportunities throughout Canada in various positions within the company. The best options for part-time work or first jobs include entry-level barista positions. Hiring staff look for friendly, motivated, team-oriented, and passionate individuals to work entry-level coffee shop jobs. The same traits stand equally desirable for managerial career hopefuls and individuals looking for full-time work in corporate capacities.

Basic requirements

The minimum hiring age for employment consideration typically varies throughout most of Canada. Each province sets forth individual hiring ages for various industries. As a franchised enterprise, Second Cup routinely hires applicants as young as 12, although specific age requirements may fluctuate from store to store.

Selling certified-organic and fair-trade goods, Second Cup also looks for individuals who understand the importance of global stewardship and healthy living. Applicants often field questions from customers regarding healthy lifestyles or coffee products sold in-stores specifically. Workers must possess some understanding of the processes used to roast the beans, the processes used to purchase the coffee beans, and well-being, in general. The Canadian coffeehouse regularly covers such topics during the interview process and onboarding sessions; however, individuals who possess said traits prior to official hiring may receive additional employment consideration.

Second Cup Positions and Salary Information

The following jobs stand ready for hire at most locations:


The position of barista features opportunities for both part-time and full-time employment. Basic math skills typically prove useful for prospective employees. Strong communication skills, general knowledge of and experience making coffee, and the ability to work flexible schedules also prove highly beneficial for aspiring baristas. Job seekers interested in barista jobs typically carry out food Service responsibilities, including:

  • Preparing and serving drinks and cafe foods.
  • Cleaning kitchen equipment.
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Ring up purchases on automated point-of-sales machines.
  • Upon hire, most baristas make around $9.00 CAD per hour.
  • Pay scales may reach as high as $11.00 CAD or $12.00 CAD an hour over time.


As a growing chain, Second Cup looks to promote or hire on new management to oversee operations at existing and newly opened stores. The coffee house chain rewards individuals who take initiative in leading others and providing exceptional customer service. Workers must possess previous and related experienced to assume managerial roles, specifically in preparing teas and coffees in retail environments. Understanding of sanitation and health safety practices required by law also works in favor of potential managers. Key responsibilities include:

  • Scheduling employees.
  • Managing inventories.
  • Processing payroll, hiring new workers.
  • Driving sales and patronage.
  • Supervisors and managers typically start out around $11.50 CAD or $12.00 CAD an hour and move into salary options through experience gained of roughly $35,000 CAD a year.

Benefits of Working at Second Cup

Second Cup promotes both customer and employee satisfaction. Workers enjoy paid training, discounted or complimentary drinks, flexible hours, and career development featuring regular promotions from within.

Insurance & Savings Packages

The Canadian cafe chain also provides employment benefits packages for eligible associates, which typically includes individuals in full-time positions. Available work benefits range from healthcare coverage to CPP plans and paid time off.

More About Second Cup

How Does Second Cup Work?

The North American coffeehouse chain began in 1975 in Toronto, ON, Canada. As a leading Canadian cafe, Second Cup continues to improve operations and purchases coffees and teas fair-trade and organic. In addition to domestic operations, the prominent chain maintains operations in the U.S. and many nations throughout the Middle East. The outfit trades publicly on the Toronto Stock Exchange as SCU and generates more than $25 million CAD annually. Company headquarters reside in Mississauga, ON, Canada.

Minimum Age to Work at Second Cup: 12

Official Site:

Watch video of a Second Cup employee discussing their job

Video Transcript

Please describe your job title and primary duties.

Second Cup Barista & Cashier:
My job title was a barista as well as cashier. My job title included learning the recipes for the drinks, as well as serving the cakes and delicacies that were available within the store.

What was the work environment like?

Second Cup Barista & Cashier:
Yeah, it was busy. It was quiet. It was quiet. It’s quiet, usually, because people who come in that space, they’re reading or they’re having conversations, but they’re not loud. Like, let’s say, a fast food restaurant where the environment is less… I don’t know how to explain it. In a Second Cup environment, the lights are dimmed and there’s more intimate placings for you to sit. So it’s like, you don’t need to scream or anything like that. And the crowd that it brings in is very different as well. So, it was a pretty mild environment.

How would you describe the application and interview process?

Second Cup Barista & Cashier:
The hiring process, what I remember. It was a one-on-one interview where they asked you questions and scenarios, depending on what you’re supposed to do at Second Cup, as well as previous experiences that you’ve had in customer service. But I don’t recall there being a math test. Usually, with certain places you have to do a math test to prove you can do whatever, but I don’t recall there being a math test for that. It was just the interview questions. And then I received a call.

What questions did the interviewer ask during the job interview?

Second Cup Barista & Cashier:
It’s mostly scenarios. They ask you about yourself, like interests, stuff like that. But it was mostly scenarios. Like, if this person ordered that and you had to do this, what would be your reaction? But it wasn’t anything particularly specific.

What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?

Second Cup Barista & Cashier: Have a bubbly spirit. Have comfortable shoes because it’s a lot of back and forth repeated motion. It can hurt a little bit. So comfortable shoes is good. And just have good customer service because there’s a lot of that involved. And try to have a certain method of remembering how to make the drinks in case you are not too good with memory.