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SaveEasy primarily operates along the Atlantic Canada coastline. The supermarket chain began under ownership of Atlantic Wholesalers Ltd. The original stores sought to capitalize on the booming supermarket industry. SaveEasy grew to one of the largest grocery stores in the region by the late 1970s. The grocery store chain operates nearly 40 locations in four provinces and employs thousands of entry-level workers and experienced professionals.

Common products sold at SaveEasy locations include dairy, deli, bakery, meat, seafood, produce, and general grocery items. SaveEasy stores often sit in rural areas and smaller communities along the Canadian East Coast. Due to more rural settings, SaveEasy locations often personalize locations to reflect surrounding communities and regularly stand as the choice favorite among shoppers. SaveEasy also discounts products on a consistent basis. Low prices and friendly, neighborhood stores represent the biggest draws to SaveEasy across Atlantic Canada.

Workers may find meaningful employment with the grocery store chain. SaveEasy offers part-time and full-time job opportunities with competitive pay scales and access to employment benefits. During the hiring process, SaveEasy screens for helpful, knowledgeable, and hardworking individuals to fill entry-level jobs and professional careers. Most positions involve some aspect of customer service. The ability to communicate effectively and stay on task greatly benefits potential SaveEasy applicants. Apply online to learn more about SaveEasy jobs today.

SaveEasy Jobs and Salary Information
Opportunities for work range from entry-level, part-time positions to full-time managerial careers. Applicants in search of SaveEasy jobs must meet the minimum hiring age of 14 for entry-level jobs. Managerial positions often require applicants to stand at least 18 years of age and hold related experience and high school diplomas. SaveEasy jobs available include:

Cashier – The position of SaveEasy cashier involves handling money, completing transactions, and assisting customers. A typical work day for cashier employees includes standing on foot for long periods of time and interacting with shoppers. Personable individuals with excellent customer service skills often receive hiring consideration for SaveEasy cashier jobs over other candidates. Average work weeks consist of 15 to 30 hours for cashier workers. The grocery store chain regularly starts cashiers out at minimum wage. Increases in pay may lead to hourly wages around $12.00 or $13.00.

Clerk – SaveEasy clerks work in various departments throughout store locations. Job duties typically vary depending on department assigned. In some cases, clerk associates work multiple departments throughout a given week or workday. Some daily responsibilities involve manual labor. Applicants must stand in good health prior to employment as SaveEasy clerks. Pay scales begin around minimum wage and increase with experience up to $13.00 or $14.00 per hour.

Management – Prospective SaveEasy employees in search of careers with the regional grocery store chain should complete an online application form for managerial jobs. Work available includes positions as supervisors, assistant or department managers, and store managers. Primary responsibilities range from conducting job interviews and training new-hires to processing payroll, driving sales, ordering inventory, and communicating with company corporate offices. SaveEasy needs to hire workers with excellent organizational and leadership skills. The ability to manage large teams of employees and meet sales goals prove extremely desirable qualities for potential managers. SaveEasy supervisors earn between $13.00 and $14.00 an hour average to start. Assistant managers make roughly $35,000 to $40,000 in annual starting salary. Average starting salary options for SaveEasy store managers may exceed $50,000 per year.

Benefits of Working at SaveEasy
The regional supermarket chain stands as an ideal place for inexperienced and experienced workers alike to develop and grow both personally and professionally. In addition to competitive pay, flexible work schedules, paid training, and career advancement opportunities, SaveEasy offers comprehensive job benefits packages. Fill out an online application form to find more details on SaveEasy employment benefits eligibility requirements and availability.

SaveEasy offers employee benefits packages through parent Loblaw Companies Limited. Work benefits available primarily consist of access to continued education programs and avenues for advancement in the company. Qualified SaveEasy associates also receive healthcare coverage, 401(k) retirement plans, and paid time off. Employee profit sharing programs and generous in-store discounts also exist for eligible workers. Apply online to begin the SaveEasy hiring process now.

Regional grocery store chain SaveEasy began as an independent company in Atlantic Canada in 1959. After years of success and growth throughout the region, Loblaw Companies Ltd. purchased controlling shares of SaveEasy and assumed full proprietorship in the mid-1970s. By the late 1980s, Loblaw rebranded many SaveEasy stores and designated remaining locations to rural areas and small towns. As of February 2013, SaveEasy operated almost 40 stores.

Products and Services
A majority of SaveEasy locations operate out of smaller, neighborhood grocery store locations. SaveEasy sells products ranging from meat and deli items to fresh produce, baked goods, frozen foods, alcohol, and tobacco products. Customers may sign up for weekly newsletters featuring deals and promotions. SaveEasy also maintains an online presence with a company website also highlighting daily and weekly deals and promotions.

Originally operated by Atlantic Wholesalers Ltd., Loblaw Companies Limited purchased SaveEasy in 1976. One of the largest grocery store retailers in Canada, Loblaw Companies Ltd. manages close to 1,000 supermarkets nationwide and pulls in roughly $30 billion in annual revenues. SaveEasy headquarters reside in Brampton, ON, Canada.

Minimum age to work at SaveEasy: 14

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