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Rossy variety stores serve communities throughout Eastern Canada. Founded in 1949, Rossy offers a variety of products at discount prices. With stores throughout Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Quebec, Rossy aims to be the first choice for families in the community. Head offices for Rossy reside on Lebeau Saint-Laurent in Quebec.

Products sold at Rossy stores cover several home needs. Customers may find electronics, dishwashers, pet products, and kitchenware. Additionally, customers may purchase beauty products, toys, office supplies, home furniture, and clothing and shoes for men, women, and children. Rossy sells hundreds of name-brand products throughout stores, from Sony TVs to Friskies cat food.

Job seekers in Canada should consider Rossy variety stores for retail job opportunities. Rossy offers both part-time and full-time work. Rossy jobs carry a variety of requirements, meaning first-time workers and experienced retail professionals alike may apply for jobs. Find in-store jobs and head office opportunities with Rossy variety stores today.

Rossy Job Opportunities and Salary Information

Store Clerk – Store clerks with Rossy spend most of the day moving around on foot. Store clerks essentially spend the day keeping the sales floor neat and tidy. To do that, Rossy clerks put out products from the stock room, set up displays, and try to accommodate customer inquiries. In entry-level jobs, new Rossy employees often choose to begin as stock clerks, since the position doesn’t require extensive training. Hourly pay rates for Rossy stock clerks range from $10.00 to $12.00.

Cashiers – Another entry-level job, cashiers with Rossy interact with customers more than some of the other workers. As one would expect, cashiers require great detail with cash handling and customer orders. Training as a cashier with Rossy usually doesn’t require much outside of teaching applicants how to use the cash register. To get used to working in retail and around lots of people, many brand-new applicants start off as cashiers. Rossy typically pays cashiers around $9.00 to $11.00 per hour.

Store Manager – Rossy typically selects to fill store manager openings from the current workforce. However, applicants experienced in the retail industry outside of Rossy may apply online for management jobs. Workers in management mainly organize and monitor subordinate employees in the store. Rossy managers ensure that everyone stays on task in a safe and responsible manner. Additionally, store managers communicate with the corporate department of Rossy. Salaries for Rossy store managers rest around $40,000 to $50,000 a year.

Head Office – The Rossy head office, located in Quebec, oversees each retail location. Mainly, corporate offices make decisions about which products to sell, upcoming deals, and financial strategies. Head office positions with Rossy may fall into categories, like buying, accounting, IT, warehouse distribution, administration, and general office work. Since each corporate job requires different skills and abilities, Rossy offers a variety of salary options. Rates largely depend on job title, experience, and amount of time spent with the company.

Benefits of Working at Rossy
Rossy variety stores offer employees the choice to take advantage of company employment benefits. Major job benefits primarily apply to full-time workers and corporate associates. However, even part-time employees with Rossy may earn smaller perks. Rossy typically does not discuss employee benefits until the hiring and interview process.

Most important to many workers, Rossy medical benefits include quality care for associates and dependents. For example, Rossy insurance plans usually consist of health, vision, and dental coverage. Financially speaking, Rossy offers many wealth management systems and plans to help employees. For example, experienced workers with the department store chain may qualify for employee savings plans, free financial assistance and advice, and a retirement plan with company match. Smaller work benefits that may not cross the minds of Rossy team members include steep discounts on merchandise, paid time off, and sick days.

Michael Rossy founded his namesake store in 1949. Heavily involved with communities throughout Eastern Canada, Rossy stores began to open more frequently. By the 1970s and 1980s, Rossy operated over 50 stores. In fact, stores started to open almost too close to each other, leading the company to close certain locations. Today, Rossy stores number more than two dozen in the provinces of New-Brunswick, Ontario, Newfoundland, and Quebec.

Products and Services
Customers may find just about anything in the nearest Rossy store. Popular products from Rossy include a variety of electronics, bedding, home furniture, clothing, and footwear. Each Rossy store offers products at discount products. Every week, Rossy creates a flyer for deals and sales going on throughout the store, delivering ads to members of the community, as well as uploading flyers to the company website.

As a regional retail store chain, Rossy remains a privately owned business. Corporate offices for Rossy continue to reside in Quebec. The company offers online services for both French and English-speaking customers, as well. The Rossy distribution warehouse allows customers to make bulk orders, whether it be electronics, pet supplies, or furniture.

Minimum age to work at Rossy: 16

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