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Rogers Communications operates as one of the largest communications companies in Canada. Colloquially known as Rogers, the nationwide communications firm offers a myriad of telecom and wireless services, including digital television, landlines and mobile phone services, and high-speed broadband internet for residential and commercial use. Founded in the mid-1920s, the public company also operates cable television stations, radio stations, and publishing houses throughout North America. Corporate operations encompass nearly 30,000 employees and 1.8 million customers nationwide.

Rogers Communications Job Opportunities

Encompassing several areas of business and communications, Rogers represents an ideal place to find professional and entry-level jobs alike. Workers with and without experience may find viable options for employment featuring paid training, ongoing career development opportunities, generous hourly pay and salary options, and employee benefits packages. The hiring process varies by position but generally involves phone interviews and personal interviews with managers and HR representatives. Most entry-level applicants spend one or two weeks navigating the hiring process, while career-level associates may spend as much as a month going through full review.

Basic requirements

Common job titles available require applicants to meet the minimum hiring age of 16 for employment consideration. Highly specialized positions and technical fields, such as management, IT, and human resources, require candidates to stand at least 18 and possess various academic and professional qualifications. Overall, the telecom firm looks for motivated and professional individuals with strong work ethics and excellent customer service skills.

Popular Positions and Salary Information

Rogers Communications regularly needs to hire:

Customer Service Consultant

Although Rogers Communications poses no formal hiring requirements for entry-level customer service consultant positions, applicants with post-secondary schooling generally receive additional employment consideration. Other hiring requirements include the ability to speak both French and English, flexible work availability, and passion for the telecommunications industry. Customer service consultant jobs feature fast-paced and highly competitive work environments. Responsibilities include adressing:

  • Customer concerns.
  • Comments.
  • Questions via telephone and email.
  • Pay scales begin around $10.00 CAD an hour for customer service consultant workers and rise to more than $15.00 CAD hourly for experienced associates.

Field Sales Representative

Rogers Communications field sales representatives carry important roles within the company. Applicants must hold valid driver’s licenses and reliable means of transportation in order to gain hiring consideration. Other specific attributes of successful candidates include motivating personalities and dedicated work ethics. Experience working as part of teams, customer service skills, and creative thinking often put prospective associates ahead of other candidates. Field sales representatives earn hourly pay and annual salary options based on experience and proven work performance. Primary job duties include:

  • Sales of services to area and community partners and businesses. .
  • The position involves a great deal of travel..
  • Field sales representative associates may need to work nights and weekends in addition to regular day shifts..
  • Average starting pay scales hover between $10.00 CAD and $12.00 CAD per hour. Annual salary options top out around $32,000 CAD.


Opportunities for managerial jobs remain available in a wide variety of fields. Call centers, retail stores, and corporate offices alike need motivated and professional associates to provide direction and delegation. Vacancies regularly open up in accounting, sales, retail, call centre, and IT capacities. Rogers Communications generally hires individuals over the age of 18 with proven experience in leadership roles. Some managerial positions may require bachelor’s or master’s degrees in related fields, as well. Managerial job duties include:

  • Hiring and training new workers.
  • Setting employee schedules.
  • Analyzing corporate directives.
  • Implementing sales, marketing, and protocol strategies.
  • Delegating daily tasks.
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Depending on the field, managers may make anywhere between $30,000 CAD annual salary and up to more than $115,000 CAD per year.

Benefits of Working at Rogers Communications

Rogers Communications assists employees in reaching career aspirations through extensive paid training and professional development programs. Upon hire, workers enjoy competitive pay and access to employment benefits packages, as well. Typical hiring requirements for job benefits packages vary by position. Available work benefits may include paid time off, profit-sharing plans, healthcare options, life insurance policies, Canada Pension plans, bonuses, and discounts on company services.

More About Rogers Communications


The history of Rogers Communications begins with the invention of the alternating current vacuum tube by Edward Rogers in 1925, which led to the possibility of radio reception. His son, Ted Rogers, inherited the patents for the AC vacuum tube after his father’s passing. Building on the patent, Ted opened CFTR broadcasting station in Toronto in 1962. By the mid-1970s, Rogers grew the company to a dozen channels. Rogers Communications entered U.S. markets in 1981. In 1985, the firm changed names from Rogers Cablsystems Limited to Rogers Cantel Inc. A year later, the company assumed the current Rogers Communications moniker. The communications company sold all U.S. assets in 1989. Experiencing widespread success and acquiring several companies during the 1990s, the telecom outfit launched the first nationwide GSM wireless network in 2001. The company continues to innovate and lead the Canadian communications and broadcast technologies industry with branch locations, call centres, and multipurpose offices spread across the country.

How Does Rodgers Communications Work?

The most prevalent services offered through Rogers Communications include mobile wireless, cable TV, home phone, and high-speed internet. Internet options feature 150mbps speeds and wireless connectivity, which uses a 5ghz network server. Customers enjoy digital-quality pictures and sound through available cable television packages. The communications company allows customers to bundle services into plan packages at reduced rates and often discounted pricing.

Products and Services

As a company invested primarily in telecommunications, Rogers Communications offers customers both traditional and wireless internet, telephone, mobile, and television services. Customers enjoy high-speed broadband services reaching every province in Canada. The large communications firm also manages several television, radio, and print outlets in various regional and domestic markets.


Rogers Communications operates as a public entity and trades on both the TSX and NYSE as RCI.A and RCI respectively. Company assets total over $18 billion CAD, with annual revenues peaking at $12 billion CAD annually. Chief competitors include Shaw Communications and Bell Canada. World headquarters for the communications firm resides in Toronto, ON, Canada.

Minimum Age: 16

Official Site:

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Video Transcript

Please describe your job title and primary duties.

Rogers Customer Service Assistant:
Customer service for all the products. So cell phone, internet, and home phone throughout the years I’ve been there. So it’s mostly just answering customers’ requests in regards to switching to something or adding on different price plans. Or just explaining their bill process. So really just all customer service work for it.

How would you describe the application and interview process?

Rogers Customer Service Assistant:
You had to first go in, do a test, do a typing tests. You had to do a grammar test, spelling test, math test. And then you received an interview. After the interview they made you do a test during the interview and then they’ll call you back. So it’s a very long process.

What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?

Rogers Customer Service Assistant:
To be prepared for how fast it is. It’s not very laid back. It’s go, go, go all day until you’re finished your shift. So to be prepared.