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With immense support, Rexall provides some of the best pharmacy services throughout Canada. Found in communities across the country, Rexall offers comprehensive health and wellness services and convenience to customers every day. Over 180 Rexall drugstores operate in provinces ranging from British Columbia to Alberta to Ontario. Every Rexall location features expertly trained and qualified pharmacists that provide affordable health assistance. Rexall currently belongs to Katz Group, an operator of several Canadian drugstores.

Rexall primarily offers thousands of over-the-counter drugs and medication for countless ailments. Rexall’s inventory includes major names and generic brands alike. The Canadian pharmacy receives expert support from parent company Katz Group Pharmacies. For extra convenience, Rexall carries several health and beauty products, such as makeup, lotions, skin creams, and shampoos. Shoppers may also find affordable grocery items, office supplies, and digital photo services from Rexall.

Dedicated and courteous employees stand as a huge reason for the success of Rexall Canada. Despite an already large workforce, the Canadian company hopes to hire eligible workers on a regular basis. Anyone interested in employment with Rexall may find a surprising number of entry-level jobs and more advanced career opportunities. Rexall work offers an exciting job environment with competitive pay scales and employee rewards. Prospective hires may find careers in pharmacy, retail, and head office departments.

Rexall Job Opportunities and Salary Information
Individuals should apply online to quickly qualify for a pharmacy or retail job with Rexall. Search job openings across Canada with the Rexall online application process. Provide contact information, employment history, education, official certifications, and personal and professional references. Bear in mind that certain Rexall jobs require certain educational qualifications, such as advanced college degrees and licensing. Depending on skills, Rexall applicants may be eligible for positions, like:

Retail Clerk – Retail clerks typically stand as an entry-level position with Rexall drugstores. Similar to other retail environments, store clerks must keep the sales floor well-stocked, organized, and tidy for customers. Store associates may frequently ring up customer purchases using a computerized register system, as well. Since most Rexall stores keep extended hours of operation, the company hopes to hire retail clerks with a fair amount of flexibility. An hourly position, Rexall clerks usually start around minimum wage, which may increase to as high as $11.00 or $12.00 an hour with experience.

Store Manager – Typically reserved for only the most responsible retail workers, Rexall managers must oversee all store operations as well as employee performance and attitudes. As a senior authority, store managers help defuse and solve customer complaints or concerns in a civilized manner. Store managers often communicate with Rexall corporate offices to discuss sales goals, promotions, store performance, and finances. Store managers with Rexall usually earn salary options, ranging from $55,000 to $65,000 annually.

Pharmacist – A highly specialized position, Rexall pharmacists help make hundreds of prescriptions every day for customers. Pharmacists often receive several assistants to help prepare prescriptions. As a qualification, Rexall pharmacists must possess all the necessary education requirements, including college degrees and national licensing before starting the job. A highly rewarding position, Rexall pharmacists earn more than $85,000 per year, on average.

Benefits of Working at Rexall
Rexall rewards team members with several highly sought-after job benefits. Both part-time and full-time associates may qualify for company benefits, though a majority of work benefits only apply to full-time workers with Rexall. Employee benefits may include several medical programs and financial plans, among such complimentary perks as discounts and performance awards. Check with Rexall during the interview and hiring process for other eligibility requirements for employment benefits.

Major medical benefits available to full-time Rexall workers consist of major medical coverage, including dental, life insurance, short and long-term disability, and extended health care coverage. Student employees with Rexall may take advantage of tuition reimbursement plans. Each associate receives paid vacation and personal time which increases after each year of service. For future planning, Rexall staff members may enter a 401(k) retirement program. Company pharmacists may even receive 100percent annual licensing fee reimbursement vouchers.

The Rexall brand name entered the Canadian market in the mid-1980s. Before the move, Rexall opened in Boston, MA in 1902. At the company’s height, over 12,000 drugstores operated across the United States. Rexall products moved across the Canadian border through the United Drug Company partnership during the early 20th century. Today, more than 420 locations tout the Rexall brand name, in over 180 urban and rural communities across Canada.

Some additional pharmacy services from Rexall include blood pressure checks, vaccinations, a program to help customers quit smoking, celiac test kits, and several permanent and temporary health clinics. Customers may take advantage of exclusive brands from Rexall, such as Be.better, KIT, Creation’s Garden, and Rexall Brand. Special offers available to frequent shoppers include exclusive coupons and Air Miles frequent flyer points. Rexall puts out a weekly flyer for upcoming deals and special for each location, as well as a company newsletter full of promotions and articles.

Edmonton-based Katz Group of Companies currently owns and manages al Canadian Rexall locations. Sister pharmacy companies to Rexall include Guardian, Pharma Plus, Super Drug Mart, IDA, and Medicine Shoppe Canada. All drug properties help create more than $7 billion in annual revenue. The Katz workforce numbers over 8,500 employees. Katz Group sponsors several sports team and venues, such as the Edmonton Oilers of the NHL, who play all home games in Rexall Place arena.

Minimum age to work at Rexall: 14

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