Real Canadian Interview

Job Interview Experience

How to Prepare for an interview with Real Canadian Interview.

Hiring Process

Part of the extensive Loblaw collection of supermarkets, Real Canadian Superstore offers a standard interview process similar to sister companies and other major grocery retailers.

Phone Screen
Hiring managers at some Real Canadian Superstore locations occasionally perform initial phone screenings to select applicants for in-store interviews. Pre-screening conversations basically ensure candidates fulfill all the requirements of the desired job.

On Site Interview
At the onsite interview, job seekers usually meet with Real Canadian store managers on a one-on-one level. Hiring managers frequently want to see how candidates would act in certain workplace scenarios and often ask several situational interview questions.

Entry-level positions generally require brief meetings lasting 15 to 20 minutes on average, while managerial job opportunities typically entail lengthier and more thorough interview sessions.

Get There Early
Applicants should arrive to the job interview early expecting to answer questions about employment history, availability, and reasons for wanting to work at Real Canadian Superstore.

Personality Assessment:
Real Canadian job interviews sometimes feature an electronic questionnaire that determines applicant levels of agreement with various behavioral and personality statements.

How to Prepare:
Job seekers should prepare for Real Canadian interviews by briefly researching the company culture and thinking of constructive work-related questions to ask at the end of the interview session. You can do this by reviewing our Real Canadian Application.

How to Behave
During the interview, applicants need to remain confident, concise, and willing to ask for clarification if needed. Candidates should thank the interviewer at the conclusion of the meeting and inquire about the next steps in the hiring process.

Second Interview Expectations
Real Canadian typically uses multiple rounds of interviews to hire candidates for managerial jobs and other advanced positions.

Group Setting:
The store management team or hiring managers from Real Canadian corporate offices often conduct second interviews collaboratively as a panel.

Background & Experience Review
Questions generally cover the material from previous interviews much more in-depth. Managerial applicants and other candidates encountering more than one interview should come to the second session ready to give specific examples of professional accomplishments and skills applicable to Real Canadian jobs.

Possible Interview Questions and Answers

Q: What do you think makes a good cashier/store clerk/stocker/etc.?
A: Someone who is personable and able to connect with customers and resolve issues in a manner that goes above and beyond.

Q: What would you do if you caught another worker stealing?
A: I would try to discourage them at first, but if I couldn’t change their mind, I would report the person to a manager.

Q: What is one thing you would change about the store?
A: I would try to build upon the already solid relationship between the customer and the store. I think social networking might add to the outstanding customer service.

How to answer interview questions.

Interview Tips

How to Dress
Like most retailers, Real Canadian Superstore tends to hire applicants with initiative and professionalism. Proper interview attire often conveys desirable worker traits before candidates answer a single question.

What to Wear
Though inexperienced job seekers often show up for interviews in inappropriately casual outfits, serious applicants should adhere to established grocery store interview etiquette by wearing business-casual apparel instead. Dress pants or skirts with button-down shirts or modest tops make far better first impressions than blue jeans and t-shirts and often generate increased hiring consideration for candidates choosing to wear such interview attire.


  • Razia Talib says:

    Yes I worked at Real Canadian in 1989 till 1992. I assume that this is the correct year but not sure.
    I really enjoyed working at the store. My job was to look after customers and I was working at customer service.

  • Linda Paynter says:

    Yes I worked in Winnipeg on portage avenue for 2 years. I worked in deli department.
    I enjoyed meeting customers and providing them with the products they wanted and also enticing them to try new products.

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