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Departments throughout Real Canadian Superstore locations must hire workers to fill part-time and full-time jobs. Real Canadian Superstore needs both inexperienced and experienced individuals to work entry-level positions and professional careers.

Real Canadian Job Opportunities

Flexible work opportunities

Jobs available range from work in store pharmacies to stock and receiving, front-end, and general maintenance positions. Real Canadian Superstore uses the hiring process to screen for the most eligible candidates. The Canadian grocery retail chain offers flexible scheduling, paid training, and advancement opportunities into corporate or managerial jobs.

Basic requirements

Dependable applicants with reliable means of transportation and desire to work open schedules often earn preferential treatment during Real Canadian Superstore interviews. Submit an online application form for more details on Real Canadian Superstore jobs today. Minimum hiring ages for Canadian provinces often differ but generally fall around 15 for entry-level positions. Applicants must demonstrate a strong fit for each position desired in order to gain employment.

Real Canadian Superstore Positions and Salary Information

Real Canadian Superstore jobs available include:


The most attainable entry-level position at Real Canadian Superstore locations, cashiers work store front-ends and provide customer service.

  • Main job duties include ringing up purchases, greeting guests, and answering questions about products, services, and policies.
  • Real Canadian Superstore cashier employees must feel comfortable using computerized POS systems and possess friendly, outgoing, and helpful personalities.
  • Starting pay scales often hover around minimum wage and increase up to $12.00 or $13.00 per hour with experience.

Sales Associate

Sometimes referred to as clerks, Real Canadian Superstore sales associates work sales floors and assist customers.

  • The position of sales associate often includes working on foot for long periods of time and interacting directly with shoppers.
  • Applicants must possess excellent communication skills and personable personalities to work at sales associates.
  • Most job duties for clerk employees vary by department.
  • Real Canadian Superstore often starts out sales associates at minimum wage and offers between $12.00 and $13.00 an hour to experienced workers.

Loss Prevention Officer

Large retail stores like Real Canadian Superstore need to guard against theft and hire teams of loss prevention officers to protect against shoplifting.

  • Additional responsibilities for loss prevention officers include maintaining safety and security of Real Canadian Superstore employees and patrons and documenting criminal activity.
  • Loss prevention officers with Real Canadian Superstore often work long, late, and irregular shifts.
  • Some administrative responsibilities may also prove necessary working as loss prevention officers.
  • Depending on region of employment, fluency in French and English may prove necessary as well as excellent clerical skills.
  • Hourly pay for Real Canadian Superstore loss prevention workers begins at roughly $14.00.
  • The average loss prevention officer makes between $15.00 and $16.00 per hour.


Ideal opportunities for full-time employment exist in Real Canadian Superstore management.

  • Individuals with strong leadership skills, motivating personalities, and the ability to organize teams of workers often represent the best candidates for Real Canadian Superstore managerial jobs.
  • Work available includes supervisor, department manager, and store manager positions.
  • Primary responsibilities for supervisors and managers include supervising entry-level workers, assigning daily tasks, scheduling associates, and enforcing protocol and procedure.
  • Real Canadian Superstore managers also oversee hiring and training of new employees and payroll processing.
  • Supervisors earn hourly wages between $15.00 and $16.00.
  • Department managers with Real Canadian Superstore earn annual salary options between $30,000 and $40,000.
  • Average yearly salary rates for supermarket store managers may exceed $90,000, depending on location.

Benefits of Working at Real Canadian Superstore

Real Canadian Superstore offers privileges and advantages granted to Loblaw Companies Ltd. associates. In addition to monetary compensation, Real Canadian Superstore provides continued education and paid training programs. Qualified associates also gain access to financial planning assistance and healthcare coverage. Contact a local Real Canadian Superstore for more employment benefits information now.

Insurance & savings packages

Comprehensive work benefits stand readily available for eligible Real Canadian Superstore employees. The nationwide supermarket chain offers extensive medical and dental coverage to qualified workers as well as life insurance options, disability insurance plans, and accidental death and dismemberment insurance. Available 401(k) retirement plans and profit sharing plans help qualified employees plan for the future. Real Canadian Superstore balances life outside of work with paid time off and employee assistance programs. Apply online for more details on Real Canadian Superstore job benefits and submit the application form today.

More About Real Canadian

Real Canadian Superstore operates as a subsidiary brand of Loblaw Companies Limited. Began in 1979, Real Canadian Superstore officially opened for business in Saskatoon, SK, Canada. Real Canadian Superstore serves as the President’s Choice concept chain to grocery store retailer Loblaw Companies. The business model includes the finest, quality products sold at affordable prices in Big Box store locations. Just over 100 Real Canadian Superstore locations operate nationwide. Stores sit in the provinces of Yukon, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, and British Columbia. Real Canadian Superstore employs tens of thousands of workers across the country.

How Does Real Canadian Work?

Capitalizing on the success of Big Box stores in the United States, Loblaw Companies Ltd. pushed for nationwide expansion of Real Canadian Superstore. The hypermarket retail chain primarily sells groceries and food-related items but also sells various selections of general merchandise, such as clothing, lawn and garden supplies, gifts, and greeting cards. Many Real Canadian Superstore locations also feature pharmacies, photo labs, and fueling stations. Patrons may purchase alcohol and tobacco products, as well. Widely diverse and inexpensive product selections and convenient locations throughout the country attract millions of customers to Real Canadian Superstore each year.


Founded in 1979, Real Canadian Superstore rose to prominence during the mid-1980s. Parent company Loblaw pushed for nationwide expansion and opened several locations across Canada throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Widespread success led to the purchase of Maple Leaf Gardens, home of the Toronto Maple Leafs NHL team, in 2003. By 2008, more than 105 Real Canadian Superstore locations operated in six provinces.

Products and Services

The hypermarket, Big Box format of Real Canadian Superstore locations provides diverse selections of products to customers. Aside from general grocery items and services, the retail chain sells lawn and garden supplies, fuel, alcohol, tobacco, clothing, fashion accessories, and other miscellaneous household goods. Customers may opt into the PC Insiders program, which provides additional discounts to members. Real Canadian Superstore maintains an online presence with a comprehensive company website, as well.


Real Canadian Superstore operates as a subsidiary of Loblaw Companies Limited. The grocery store hypermarket chain entertains more than 2 million customers annually. Loblaw trades on the TSX as L and generates close to $30 billion in annual revenues. Real Canadian Superstore joins over 20 other brands under the Loblaw umbrella. The supermarket maintains corporate offices in Brampton, ON, Canada.

Minimum age to work at Real Canadian Superstore: 15

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  • Vigie says:

    Worked at Real Canadian for 3 years. Cashier / Customer Services. Enjoyed working there. Flexible hours. Made lots of friends with colleagues and customers.

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    Yes, I have worked for a real Canadian before, I did landscaping for one summer

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    I work 9 years plus. as a produce Leader in the Produce Department at Real Canadian Super Store and I enjoy I made a lot of colleagues and costumers friends I love to work here.

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    Enjoyed working at Real Canadian, flexible hours, enjoyed working with colleagues and meeting new customers, teaching them about the products that they purchase, make the customers laugh. When I see customers happy I am happy for them.

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    I am looking for a full time job, I would like to start as soon as possible! Thank you!

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