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Purdys Chocolatier makes chocolates and other candies sold at locations across Canada. With over 80 stores, the company hires for entry-level and management positions. Part-time and full-time jobs are obtainable.

Purdys Chocolatier Job Opportunities

The Perfect Hire

The brand is known for its exceptional goods and customer service. This means applicants must be personable to receive Purdys Chocolatier job offers. Those with a friendly attitude and strong work ethic do well in these careers.

A Great Place to Work

The business has won awards naming it one of Canada’s top employers. New hires for Purdys Chocolatier jobs will enjoy a positive environment and good pay rates. Successful part-time workers might also move into full-time or even supervisor roles.

Purdys Chocolatier Jobs and Salary Information

Positions are available in kitchens, offices, distribution centres, and retail shops. Candidates apply online or in person for openings. After submitting Purdys Chocolatier application forms, qualified job hopefuls should expect multiple interviews. Frequent postings include:

Chocolate Sales Connoisseur

  • Similar to sales associates, these employees work in retail shops.
  • Duties involve working with a team, helping customers, and using the register.
  • Open availability is necessary for night, weekend, and holiday hours.
  • Chocolate Sales Connoisseurs often make around $12.00 in hourly wages.

Team Lead

  • Employees who succeed in sales roles could become team leaders.
  • This Purdys Chocolatier job interacts with management to ensure store functions run smoothly.
  • Workers must display leadership, people skills, passion, enthusiasm, and dedication.
  • Salary packages average about $30k a year.

Purdys Chocolatier Job Applications

Hopefuls will find postings for Purdys Chocolatier jobs on the company’s website. They can then create a profile to apply online. Hiring managers typically contact qualified candidates within a couple weeks.

Benefits of Working at Purdys Chocolatier

Purdys Chocolatier careers come with competitive benefits. Each job usually includes training, chances for advancement, and discounts. Depending on the position, full-time workers may get additional employment benefits.


Richard Purdy started selling candy in 1907. Hugh Forrester later purchased the company to keep it from going out of business in 1925. It was then sold to Charles Flavelle and Eric Wilson in 1963. After Wilson’s exit, Karen Flavelle took over.

Products and Services

Purdys Chocolatier produces candies made of high-quality materials. The ingredients come from all over the world, as well as from local sources. Customers can buy its products from shops located in Canada or directly from the brand’s website.


The business is private and family-owned. Its headquarters are in Vancouver, British Columbia. Karen Flavelle has been owner and CEO of Purdys Chocolatier since 1997.

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