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The Presse Cafe concept began in the late 1990s. The Canadian specialty foods retail company offers patrons a unique and modern take on the traditional coffee shop chain. Contemporary furniture, amenities and bright, bold colors highlight the eclectic yet trendy feels of Presse Cafe locations. The cafe uses a starkly contrasted color scheme of black and red in each storefront. Sharp-angled architecture, tiled flooring, and deco-lighting round out the contemporary themes used in the Presse Cafe concept along with gourmet, fresh-made menu items.

The stylish designs and eclectic menus serve as two major draws to the Presse Cafe coffee chain. The Canadian coffee shop boasts several recurring and seasonal Arabica coffee roasts used to make everything from black coffees to espressos, mochas, lattes, frappuccinos, and cappuccinos. The Presse Cafe concept stresses quick and friendly service. Patrons may dine-in at Presse Cafe locations or order carryout. Convenience, energetic and art-deco themes, friendly service, and delicious offerings lend to the continued success of the chain, which include roughly 45 locations across the North American country.

As a trendy spot for coffee lovers, Presse Cafe takes hiring and training new employees seriously. Workers must meet all minimum hiring requirements for employment consideration, including minimum age requirements, previous work history, availability, reliable transportation, and personable attitudes. Some locations may require career seekers vying for managerial roles submit to drug testing and background checks. Most potential associates participate in one or two brief interviews with Presse Cafe managers during the hiring process. Contact a local Presse Cafe for further details on available coffee shop jobs with the major Canadian chain.

Presse Cafe Positions and Salary Information
Workers must stand at least 14-years old in order to gain employment at Presse Cafe. Jobs available include both part-time and full-time opportunities. Barista serves as the most prevalent employment opportunity available. Refer to the following list for additional entry-level jobs and professional careers available with the prominent coffee shop chain now:

Barista – A majority of Presse Cafe associates start out or currently work as baristas. The entry-level job provides both part-time and full-time shift capabilities, flexible scheduling, and rewarding work environments. Job duties typically involve customer service, maintenance, sanitation, and food preparation. Presse Cafe baristas also complete transactions and restock inventories. Applicants must exude friendly and personable demeanors during the Presse Cafe hiring process. New-hires must possess engaging personalities and dedicated work ethics. The position often requires workers to stand for long periods of time. Use of coffee-related kitchen equipment, along with other commercial cooking equipment, proves fundamental to the job, as well. Minimum wage represents the average pay rates baristas receive upon hire. Experience Presse Cafe baristas may earn as much as $12.00 or $13.00 per hour.

Management – Experienced barista associates and motivated applicants in search of full-time employment may take interest in managerial roles available with Presse Cafe. The Canadian coffee shop chain provides several avenues to find meaningful careers featuring outstanding salary options and access to work benefits packages. Specific job titles available include supervisor, assistant manager, and store manager. Managers work in tandem and perform many of the same job duties as entry-level workers as well as administrative and supervisory responsibilities. Common responsibilities include training, scheduling, hiring, and disciplining workers, ordering inventory, setting sales goals, and advertising. Presse Cafe careers require previous and related work experience. Drug testing, skills assessments, high school diplomas, and background checks also regularly prove necessary. The minimum hiring age for managers generally falls around 18. Supervisors earn between $13.00 and $15.00 an hour. Presse Cafe assistant manager and store manager salary options fall between $35,000 and $50,000 annually, depending on experience and location.

Benefits of Working at Presse Cafe
Upon hire, Presse Cafe workers receive generous discounts on food and drink. The company provides complimentary uniforms and nametags, as well. Flexible hours, career growth opportunities, and competitive pay scales also serve as widely accessible work benefits as a Presse Cafe employee.

In addition to pay, free food and drink, and scheduling flexibility, Presse Cafe offers employment benefits packages. Typically reserved for full-time associate in supervisory or managerial roles, Presse Cafe job benefits packages often include financial planning assistance and healthcare coverage. Specific employment benefits include 401k) retirement plans, paid time off, life insurance plans, and medical coverage. Learn more about Presse Cafe job benefits and fill out an online application form to receive immediate hiring consideration.

The original Presse Cafe location opened in 1996. The same year, Presse Cafe began franchising, which lead to steady growth of the company throughout the 2000s. By August 2013, approximately 45 coffee shops operated under the Presse Cafe banner. Also in 2013, Presse Cafe signed agreements to open the first location in Australia. Presse Cafe also operates in Cyprus, France, Morocco, and Senegal.

In addition to fresh and made-to-order coffee offerings, Presse Cafe locations serve hot and cold sandwiches and wraps, smoothies, pastries, breads, and breakfast items. Favorites include Croque-matin, freshly baked muffins, pure butter croissants, chicken and avocado wraps on sun-dried tomato tortillas, and seasonal salads. Presse Cafe also sells Mighty Leaf teas, Italian sodas, and hot chocolate.

A private company, Presse Cafe generates a majority of income through franchising and sales. Licensing agreements allow motivated workers and aspiring owners to purchase rights to open stores both domestically and internationally. Presse Cafe annual revenues fall around $130 million. The company employs thousands of entry-level workers and career professionals worldwide. Company headquarters for the Canadian coffee shop chain sit in Montreal, QC, Canada.

Minimum age to work at Presse Cafe: 14

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