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Ontario-based pizza restaurant Pizzaville offers delicious and affordable Italian food for just about any occasion. Pizzaville stores operates mainly in the Toronto Metropolitan Area, though customers may find shops in communities like Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Guelph, and even as far north as Parry Sound. A full-service Italian restaurant, Pizzaville features all of the popular items customer may be familiar with. Of course, Pizzaville locations feature delivery and catering services.

Pizzaville pizzas feature dozens of combinations to choose from. Customers may pick their own crust, cheese, sauce, toppings, and size to fit the situation. Of course, Pizzaville features plenty of favorites, including bacon cheeseburger, chicken pesto, and vegetable deluxe options. Add to the pizza with a selection of side dishes like garlic bread and chicken wings, as well as pastas that include penne, lasagna, and spaghetti. Many Pizzaville locations feature family size portions and catering services for parties, graduations, or any other events.

Each Pizzaville location features dozens of employees that help the overall operation of the store. Managers across Ontario frequently look to hire new workers in both part-time and full-time capacities. With extended hours of operation and schedule flexibility, a Pizzaville job may be perfect for students, first-time workers, and individuals looking for a little extra work. Applicants as young as 16 may apply for many entry-level jobs, though certain positions may carry higher age standards.

Pizzaville Job Positions and Salary Information
Both part-time and full-time job opportunities exist with Pizzaville restaurants. Each title features unique duties and responsibilities, though every position puts customer service first. When applying to Pizzaville, a candidate must submit a resume of personal and professional accomplishments. Additionally, applicants must label the job desired, employment status (part-time or full-time), availability, and education. Positions that Pizzaville candidates commonly apply for include:

Cook – Many new employees with Pizzaville take on jobs as cooks and kitchen workers, in order to familiarize themselves with the work environment. As the name implies, associates spend time preparing all the items on the Pizzaville menu, including pizzas, pastas, and garlic bread. Cooks often take down customer orders either for pick-up or delivery. After working as a kitchen member, additional jobs may open up with Pizzaville for interested workers.

Driver – Drivers spend their time delivering food to customers in the local area. To be considered for a delivery job, a driver must possess reliable transportation. Hiring managers also look for drivers with excellent mental math skills when handling money. 18 stands as the minimum hiring age for prospective delivery drivers. While drivers earn an hourly wage, they may also receive tips for prompt and expedient service.

Management – Managers keep every aspect of Pizzaville running smoothly. Key duties include monitoring employee performance, ensuring customer satisfaction, and analyzing sales figures. Many managers also function as franchise owners and carry additional responsibilities. One of the most important duties for Pizzaville managers involves interviewing and hiring new employees. Managers also train new associates in Pizzaville policy and procedures. Some current crew members with Pizzaville may move into supervisory or assistant manager jobs after gaining experience with the company and the restaurant industry in general. Most managers may take advantage of extensive salary options with Pizzaville, along with added benefits and perks.

Benefits of Working at Pizzaville
Depending on job title, employment status, and experience, Pizzaville workers may access several company benefits and perks. For example, full-time and career-focused associates usually receive more benefits than most part-time workers. Rewards include both financial perks as well as health and fitness perks. Applicants should bear in mind that Pizzaville franchise owners may choose the benefits available to store employees.

Each Pizzaville associate gains access to discounts on food and meals, including pizzas, pastas, and side dishes. Apart from discounts, Pizzaville workers also may earn paid vacation time that may increase each year. A 401(k) retirement plan may be available to certain full-time workers, such as supervisors and managers. Financial benefits include savings accounts with several banks in the surrounding areas. Delivery drivers may also be compensated for the mileage on their car.

Founded in 1963, Pizzaville thrives in neighborhoods throughout central and southern Ontario. In order to compete with other pizza shops in the area, Pizzaville decided to bake all of their pizzas in stone ovens, along with other staples of Italian cuisine. By franchising to other locations, Pizzaville quickly carved out a name in suburban communities and urban centers across Ontario. A major supporter of local charities, Pizzaville ingratiates into many of the communities it serves.

The Pizzaville menu features dozens of pizza options and popular Italian-inspired cuisine. Pizzaville stone bakes all their pizza crusts, along with fresh meats, vegetables, pizza sauce, and other ingredients. Pizzaville features traditional crust, thin crust, and even gluten-free crust. Italian alternatives from Pizzaville include panzerottos, baked pasta, chicken wings, poppers, and side items like salads, garlic bread, and rice balls. Pizzaville also allows customers to build customized pizzas.

Pizzaville currently owns and operates close to 70 full-service locations throughout Southern Ontario. The company’s franchising program contributes to the expedient growth of the Pizzaville brand. Entrepreneurs may open their own Pizzaville restaurant, as long as they follow the guidelines of service and quality customers expect. Company headquarters for Pizzaville currently reside in the suburban town of Woodbridge, Ontario.

Minimum age to work at Pizzaville: 16

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