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Pizzaiolo operates a chain of pizza shops with locations throughout Canada. A popular pizzeria, Pizzaiolo maintains a network of approximately 30 locations across the greater Toronto area. The authentic Italian pizzeria specializes in offering quality, hand-crafted pizza at a great price. Dedicated to customer convenience, Pizzaiolo offers online ordering, delivery, and catering. Pizzaiolo also offers pizza by the slice.

A full-service pizzeria, Pizzaiolo features a wide selection of classic gourmet pizzas and signature Pizzaiolo creations. Focused on quality, Pizzaiolo uses homemade dough with unbleached flour and yellow corn meal. To ensure freshness, Pizzaiolo never freezes dough. The chain grinds tomatoes to make fresh sauce and cuts smoked sausage daily. Pizzaiolo uses fresh rosemary, oregano, and mozzarella without any rennet. Pizzaiolo pizzas come in a variety of sizes, like medium 12″, large 14″, extra-large 17″, and party sized 15″ by 21.” The restaurant also offers the option for original crust or whole wheat.

An award-winning pizza chain, Pizzaiolo frequently ranks as one of the top pizza restaurants in the greater Toronto area. The chain often promotes itself as Toronto’s Best Pizza. Popularity for chains continue to grow, and Pizzaiolo plans to open more restaurants in the years to come. Pizzaiolo set the goal to open enough pizza shops to cover Toronto and deliver to the entire metropolitan area.

Pizzaiolo Canada Jobs and Salary Information
Entry-level job seekers and career professional may find rewarding work with Pizzaiolo. The pizza shop chain primarily needs part-time associates to work daytime and night time shifts. The chain also offers full-time careers with leadership roles. Pizzaiolo looks for motivated and friendly associates to fill store jobs. Employment seekers should also possess open work availability. Job that Pizzaiolo frequently hires for include:

Customer Service Associate

Cook – Pizzaiolo hires talented cooks to skillfully prepare pizzas. Primary duties include making fresh dough, hand rolling and tossing dough, carefully spreading sauce, and adding cheese and toppings. Cooks need to maintain a clean and organized work environment and follow all health and sanitation guidelines. Cooks also operate ovens and monitory the cooking process. Cooks typically earn between $9.00 and $12.00 an hour.

Delivery Driver – Drivers quickly and safely delivery pizzas to customers. Primary responsibilities include checking order quality and accuracy, taking timely routs to deliver customer orders, and collecting coupons and payment. When necessary, delivery drivers take orders over the phone. Drivers should possess strong communication skills and the ability to perform basic mental math. Drivers generally earn minimum wage as base pay. On top of that, drivers accept tips.

Manager -A manager oversees store operations. Key duties include labor management and administrative duties. Labor management job duties include interviewing and hiring associates, providing coaching and training, setting work schedules, and delegating job duties. Administrative work includes monitoring sales, ordering supplies, and executing promotional deals. Managers resolve customer issues and ensure product quality and freshness. The average manager salary ranges from $30,000 to $70,000.

Benefits of Working at Pizzaiolo Canada
Eligible employees at Pizzaiolo earn comprehensive work benefits. Health and wellness benefits include disability coverage, life insurance plans, and medical and dental plans. Qualifying associates may earn financial benefits, such as 401(k) retirement savings, service awards, and annual bonuses. Pizzaiolo also offers work/life balance benefits like paid time off, holidays, and educational opportunities. Pizzaiolo operates a number of franchised units and benefits may vary by location.

Pizzaiolo offers more than just benefits packages to select workers. All employees enjoy the benefit of a comfortable work environment. Always willing to work around associate availability, Pizzaiolo offers flexible work scheduling and allows frequent requests for time off. Employees also enjoy working in a fun environment filled with positive, upbeat peopled. Committed to employee growth, Pizzaiolo offers ample career advancement opportunities. Additionally, staff members enjoy great discounts on Pizzaiolo food.

Luigi Petrella founded the first official Pizzaiolo in 1999, but the history and tradition behind Pizzaiolo traces back to 1940s Italy. Luigi’s grandparents Giuseppe and Ida Petrella opened a small pizzeria in their little town in Montorio, Italy, and set for the family’s pizza-making tradition. In the 1960’s, Luigi’s parents Anna and Antonio traveled from Italy to Canada and brought old world pizza making practices to the country. In 1967, the pair opened La Gondola at Keele & Wilson. To celebrate Luigi’s birth, his parents opened Pizza Gigi in 1970. Luigi worked for years in his parents’ restaurant and later carried on the family legacy by opening his own pizza restaurant in 1999. Luigi named the resultant Pizzalo, meaning “Pizaa Maker” in Itallian, and continued the family tradition of offering authentic Italian pizza. With quality tasting pizza and exquisite service, Pizzaiolo grew steadily over the years. Today, Pizzaiolo offers a deep-rooted history of pizza making through 30 locations across Canada.

As the name implies, Pizzaiolo offers a variety of expertly crafted gourmet pizzas. Pizzaiolo divides the menu into meat, vegetarian, and vegan pizzas. Popular meat pizzas include the Capone, Gianni Ola, meat lover, Thi Pie, and Soprano. Some vegetarian favorites are the bomba, casino, Diani, spinotta, and veggie lover. Vegan pizzas include the Fredo and Vittoria. Pizzaiolo also offers the “create your own masterpiece” where customers may choose the crust, sauce, cheese, vegetables, meats, and herbs on the pizza. The pizza chain also offers gluten free options. In addition to pizza, Pizzaiolo offers salads and baked calzones.

Pizzaiolo operates as a privately held company. The restaurant chain keeps financial earning and profits private. On estimate, Pizzaiolo brings in over $15 million in sales each year. Pizzaiolo offers franchise opportunities and the typical initial investment to open a location ranges from $75,000 to $150,000 a year. Headquarters for Pizzaiolo reside in Toronto, ON.

Minimum age to work at Pizzaiolo: 16

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