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Pioneer Energy stands as one of the largest fuel retailers and convenience store operators in Canada, with over 140 locations in Ontario and a home heating network serving more than 21,000 homes. The company employs entry-level workers to operate filling stations where customers purchase high-quality gasoline, diesel, and propane at low prices. Retail opportunities also exist, and associates may oversee convenience store operations, which provide customers with products like automotive accessories, snacks, beverages, tobacco products, newspapers, and coffee.

Employees at Pioneer stations work hard to make the company one of the most successful fuel and convenience chains in the country. Hiring managers seek dedicated workers with passionate, friendly personalities capable of providing excellent customer service. The company sources fuels exclusively from local Canadian refineries in order to ensure quality products at competitive prices.

In an effort to embody the pioneering spirit, the company rewards innovative ideas and individual accomplishments in meaningful ways. Employee benefits include competitive pay packages, performance-based incentives, and career growth opportunities for promising individuals. Job seekers holding previous retail or gas station attendant positions may find rewarding employment opportunities with the energy provider.

Pioneer Positions and Salary Information

Pioneer stations offer lucrative and fulfilling entry-level positions with opportunities for professional advancement to qualified individuals. Online applications or in-person store visits may lead job-seekers to readily available positions such as:


  • Cashiers work closely with management to maximize the sales of convenience store merchandise and tobacco products while providing excellent customer service.
  • Typical duties may include stocking shelves, interacting with customers, answering questions, operating cash registers, and maintaining the cleanliness of store areas.
  • Qualified applicants must hold Grade-12 certifications and display good personal communication skills.
  • Associates may also receive additional daily tasks from management.
  • Promising employees embody desired skills and exude dedicated personalities.
  • Motivated workers may receive promotions to store management with time, as well.
  • Associates start out making hourly pay rates near minimum wage but may earn up to $12.00 CAD.

Gas Attendant

  • Working in conjunction with cashiers and station managers, gas station attendants typically help with retail operations throughout the day while also assisting customers and motorists with tasks such as filling vehicles with fuel and car washes.
  • Attendants may also stand responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and safety of pumping stations, answering customer questions, and keeping walkways and pumps clear of obstructions, such as ice and snow during winter.
  • Salary packages include hourly wages between $11.00 CAD and $12.00 CAD for qualified workers.
  • Prospective employees must demonstrate physical capabilities such as the power to lift up to 20 kg, the ability to stand and work on foot for long shifts, and interpersonal communication abilities.

Benefits of Working at Pioneer

Work benefits for both part-time and full-time associates include competitive salary packages, employee discounts, and flexible schedules. Depending on employment status and eligibility, employees may also receive additional job benefits, such as employer-sponsored RRSP retirement plans, free car washes, paid vacation, on-the-job training, and career advancement opportunities based on individual talents and interests.


Founded in 1956, Pioneer operates headquarters in Burlington, ON. The company remains at the forefront of the fuel and convenience store industry with decades of success. First to offer a customer loyalty rewards program in the 1950s, the industry leader gave out collectible stamps as the first reward for committed customers. Convenience store brands over the years evolved to include Snack Express and Verve franchises offering one-stop solutions for customers on the go.


By purchasing fuel from Canadian refineries, Pioneer ensures quality and pricing. The company guarantees all fuels meet or exceed CGSB gasoline standards as well as the province-mandated five percent ethanol mixture. Available gasoline includes 87, 89, and Premium 91 Octane blends as well as Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel and propane fueling solutions. Additionally, the energy corporation offers home and commercial heating services throughout New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.


In July of 2015, Parkland Fuel Corp. acquired Pioneer Energy for $377 million CAD. The arrangement maintains supply agreements with independent station owners and distributors and points to an increase in the potential growth of both companies. While profits for many gasoline fuel providers remain directly tied to the fluctuating price of oil worldwide, Pioneer drives consistently low gas prices by deriving a gross retail margin of merely 7 cents per litre from gas sales. The convenience stores attached to most fuel stations assist with bringing in the additional income necessary to cover expenses and turn a profit.

Minimum age to work at Pioneer: 18

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