Pharmacy Jobs in Canada

Common Job Openings


Cashiers work store front ends and provide customer service at designated checkout aisles. Primary job duties include ringing up purchases, greeting customers, answering questions regarding products, services, and policies, and ensuring loss prevention. Workers with excellent verbal communication skills able to carry out responsibilities in fast and efficient manners fair well under formal consideration. Other desirable characteristics include detail-oriented and well-organized individuals. Pay scales start out at minimum wage and rise to roughly $10.00 CAD per hour.

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Job titles available in company pharmacies include pharmacist and pharmacy technician. Both positions historically feature full-time hours. Pharmacy technicians work alongside pharmacists and provide technical and customer service support as needed. Primary job duties include data entry, greeting customers, explaining prescription medications and drug reactions, and answering questions about policies and services. Pharmacists fill prescriptions, research medications, and offer advice regarding adverse reactions or possible side effects. In order to work as a pharmacy technician, applicants must hold previous experience as a pharmacy professional, excellent communication skills, and proficiency with computers and data entry software. Work shifts typically include three longer days per week totaling 40 hours. Shifts often include nights and weekends. The same schedules hold true for pharmacists. Qualifications for pharmacist jobs include at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field, official licensure to practice, strong communication skills, and experience using computers. Previous experience as a pharmacist may also prove necessary for employment consideration. Pharmacy technicians earn an average $15.00 CAD per hour or roughly $30,000 CAD annual salary. Pharmacists bring home salary options over $100,000 CAD with experience.

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Pharmacies also hire motivated associates into managerial careers. Offering promotions from within and outsourcing for new talent, the retail chain fills available supervisory and managerial roles on a regular basis. Job titles include front store supervisor, assistant manager, and store manager. Basic responsibilities held by managerial employees include hiring and training new workers, setting schedules, delegating daily tasks, monitoring sales and subordinate employee performances, and motivating associates. Assistant managers and store managers often carry out additional administrative tasks, such as processing payroll, implementing marketing and sales initiatives, analyzing profits and sales data, and communicating with the company corporate headquarters. Front store supervisors often earn hourly pay between $11.00 and $12.00 CAD. Assistant managers access average salary options around $22,000 CAD per year. Salary options for store managers regularly rest at $60,000 CAD, on average.

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