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PharmaChoice maintains over 300 independently owned and operated full-service pharmacy locations in nine Canadian provinces. The network of stores operates in communities across Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, and British Columbia as well as other provinces and territories. PharmaChoice pharmacies provide comprehensive sets of health and wellness services for men, women, and children. Based out of Dartmouth, NS, Canada, PharmaChoice strives to create a better, healthier environment for residents across the country.

The Canadian drug store chain operates as a member-owned collective of full-service pharmacies and convenience stores. Shoppers may pick up thousands of prescription and over-the counter drugs for purposes like cold relief, joint pain, anti-biotics, and topical cream. PharmaChoice carries both major and generic brands of cold medicine, aspirin, pain relievers, and general first aid. Convenience items found in PharmaCHoice stores include diapers and baby products, hair and beauty products, feminine hygiene items, skin care, and household goods.

With new PharmaChoice stores opening across the country, owners need to hire qualified new employees for entry-level jobs and full-time work opportunities. PharmaChoice associates enjoy a pleasant atmosphere with challenging duties and competitive rewards. Entry-level team members with the pharmacy retail chain must provide excellent customer service and demonstrate sound social skills for employment consideration. More advanced career opportunities exist in store management and pharmacist jobs but generally require more experience, education, or training. Inquire with PharmaChoice to find meaningful employment with a major, national drug store chain today.

PharmaChoice Job Titles and Salary Info

PharmaChoice encourages prospective candidates to apply online for work with the Canadian pharmacy. Job seekers may find work with local and national PharmaChoice pharmacies alike. The application process typically asks for contact information, employment history, educational background, and position(s) desired. Many PharmaChoice locations also want personal or professional references from applicants. An accompanying resume or CV may increase hiring potential for pharmacy jobs, like:

Store Clerk

  • Primarily an entry-level position, PharmaChoice store clerks maintain retail and convenience operations of store locations.
  • Store clerks routinely greet customers, ring up purchases, stock new merchandise onto shelves, and help open or close stores, if necessary.
  • New workers receive initial training from PharmaChoice upon hiring, such as cash register operation and other store procedures.
  • PharmaChoice may hire applicants for both part-time and full-time store clerk jobs.
  • Pay scales for store clerks with the pharmacy retailer in Canada typically rest around $10.00 to $13.00 an hour.

Store Manager

  • PharmaChoice job hopefuls with higher career aspirations may should consider store management employment.
  • Supervisory jobs with the retail pharmacy company include more responsibilities as well as additional rewards.
  • Management duties mainly entail monitoring employees and some clerical work.
  • Store managers also implement sale strategies, coordinate sales floors, order store merchandise, and monitor location performance.
  • PharmaChoice managers routinely interview, hire, and train new staff members for entry-level store jobs, as well.
  • Salary rates with PharmaChoice managerial roles start around $54,000 per year and often increase to as much as $75,000 in annual salary.


  • Typical job duties for PharmaChoice pharmacists include preparing prescriptions for customers and answering questions regarding allergen and drug reaction information.
  • On any given day, pharmacists may fill out prescriptions for anti-biotics, vitamins, allergy medication, and even natural supplements.
  • To qualify for pharmacist work, PharmaChoice applicants must possess several educational qualifications, including college degrees and pharmaceutical certifications.
  • PharmaChoice pharmacists salary options begin around $65,000 a year and may reach as high as $95,000 per year.

Benefits of Working at PharmaChoice

PharmaChoice offers employees several rewarding job benefits. The company gives out benefits based on performance, employment status, and experience with the company. Part-time PharmaChoice associates may not receive the same employment benefits as full-time workers. Available work benefits include several programs for health and wellness and financial security, with several complimentary pieces added in. Apply online to find more information on employee benefits and to begin the PharmaChoice hiring process.

To help make paychecks and earnings last longer, PharmaChoice provides several savings plans and wealth management programs to eligible crew members. Qualified workers may access 401(k) retirement plans to help plan for the future. Medical assurances from PharmaChoice consist of comprehensive insurance for vision, dental, and general health coverage. Additional job benefits from PharmaChoice available to pharmacy employees include paid vacation, tuition assistance, and free health evaluations and consultations.


PharmaChoice began as a collective of independently owned and operated pharmacies in 1999. The idea began as a way for members to provide high-quality health services at affordable prices. Today, the PharmaChoice family encompasses more than 300 locations across nine Canadian provinces. A concentrated team of business professionals support PharmaChoice locations across hundreds of urban areas and rural communities alike.


The drug store chain operates throughout Canada and offers hundreds of health and medical supplements. Customers may find everything from daily vitamins to anti-biotics to topical medication. PharmaChoice also carries hundreds of over-the-counter products, such as brand-name and generic calcium supplements, vitamin pills, cold and allergy medicine, and pain relievers. PharmaChoice stores also offer free health care tips and advice from medical experts.


The company openly invites pharmacy owners to join the PharmaChoice network. New members may access several marketing tools, ethical practice advice, and technology solutions to increase odds of success in upstart communities. PharmaChoice shares company profits among all members depending on traffic and performance. Corporate home offices reside in Dartmouth, NS.

Minimum age to work at PharmaChoice: 14

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