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One of the largest names in the industry, Petro Canada serves as a leading chain of gas stations, with locations situated throughout all 10 provinces and territorial states. Nationwide, the gas station chain consists of more than 1,500 locations and around 4,000 employees. Once owned by the British Royal Monarchy, the oil refining and retailing firm operates as a subsidiary of Suncor Energy. In addition to traditional gasoline retail services, customers take advantage of onsite car washes as well as lubricants and crude oil available through wholesale.

Patrons recognize Petro Canada locations from the distinctive and patriotic red and white color schemes used in branding. The national symbol of the maple leaf also fixes prominently in gas station signage and decor, which spurs a sense of nationalism in services provided. Customers travel short distances to find franchised fueling stations, in most cases, as the fuel retailer places locations along busy highways and in heavily trafficked areas of major metropolitan hubs. Diverse services, including self-serve and full-service stations, also increase popularity among travellers.

Work available includes both part-time, entry-level jobs and long-term, professional careers. Petro Canada job seekers regularly encounter competitive pay scales and opportunities for growth within the company, regardless of positions desired. Hiring often occurs more frequently at the entry-level, as turnover for part-time jobs generally runs much higher than for managerial or corporate roles. Entry-level hiring processes traditionally place candidates in largely informal interviews with a station manager. Positions in management may require multiple interviews to secure employment. Most responsibilities revolve around or involve customer service in some manner. Additional duties may consist of manual labor, tracking inventories, and maintaining functional gas station facilities.

Petro Canada Jobs and Salary Expectations

Typical hiring requirements for entry-level applicants include standing at least 16 years of age and possessing the ability to work evenings, weekends, and holidays. Workers enjoy flexible scheduling upon hire; however, due to late or even 24-hour operations, most locations vary employee shifts on a consistent basis. Personal enjoyment of working with others, including the general public, and bilingual French and English abilities also benefit prospective associates. Candidates most readily find Petro Canada jobs in the following capacities:


  • Stationed at gas station checkout counters, cashiers primarily serve as customer service representatives and ring up purchases.
  • Additional job duties may include assisting in sales, organizing merchandise shelves, and stocking products, as needed.
  • Cashiers may also clean lavatories and sweep and mop sales floors.
  • Excellent math skills and basic understandings of computer operating systems work to the advantage of candidates during the hiring process.
  • The entry-level position pays around $10.00 CAD at start, with wages moving upwards of $12.00 CAD over time.

Gas Attendant

  • Another popular entry-level position available at full-service stations, gas attendant involves greeting customers pulling into the station, checking fluid levels and tire pressure, pumping gas, and cleaning vehicle windows.
  • In the absence of cashiers, attendants also operate cash registers and process transactions.
  • Typical pay hovers at $12.00 CAD.
  • The position may offer part-time or full-time hours; however, most attendants work part-time or roughly 15 to 30 hours per week.


  • Petro Canada managers historically make around the industry average of $30,000 CAD in annual salary options.
  • However, station managers outside of base-level supervisor or assistant manager roles may make in excess of $60,000 a year.
  • Supervisors and assistant managers generally look after personnel and handling hiring, scheduling, and motivating entry-level employees.
  • Store managers carry out administrative functions, such as ordering new supplies, establishing sales goals, reporting to the company corporate and/or regional offices, and tracking inventory.
  • In addition to meeting the minimum of 18, managerial associates must possess basic high school educations and demonstrate proven leadership abilities in retail settings.
  • Upon hire, supervisors and assistant managers may work part-time or full-time, depending on individual station needs.
  • Store managers almost strictly work full-time, or 40 hours or more per week.

Petro Canada Job Benefits

A large subsidiary of global petrochemical and oil manufacturing firm Suncor Energy, Petro Canada offers substantial work benefits to qualifying employees due to significant corporate backing. Flexible hours, paid training, and lucrative pay represent vital components of base employment benefits available to both entry-level and professional associates. Individuals may also become eligible for pension and savings plans, vacation days and paid sick time, annual incentives programs, and healthcare options. Many gas stations under the company banner offer discounts on products and services, as well.


Petro Canada began as a result of an act of Parliament in 1975. Movements to create a publicly maintained oil company gave rise to the measures needed to pass the legislation. The oil manufacturer and retailer operated under the British Monarchy until 1990 when the government privatized the firm. Portions of the company sold off to investors throughout the 1990s and 2000s. In 2009, the gas station chain became a wholly own subsidiary of Suncor Energy, which maintains full proprietorship.


The convenience store chain sells a variety of fuels, including regular unleaded, high-octane, and diesel gasoline, with the exclusive Ultra 94 a Petro Canada-brand-only offering. Around 240 locations also feature year-round car wash amenities. Customers may accrue awards points for both gas and convenience store purchases as well as car washes purchased. Other services include mobile phone plans, car wash season passes, food and drink sales, propane refilling stations, and automotive parts, fluids, and accessories.


As a subsidiary of Suncor Energy, Petro Canada trades under the call sign SU on the NYSE and TSE. Annual revenues for the gas station chain alone amount to more than $18 billion CAD. Collectively, Suncor Energy and subsidiary companies generate over $40 billion CAD. Both oil firms maintain corporate headquarters in Calgary, AB, Canada.

Minimum Age to Work at Petro Canada: 16

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