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Established in the mid-1970s, Panzerotto Pizza operates as a Canadian pizza chain primarily found in the Province of Ontario. The original concept of the pizza chain stands to provide customers with delicious and quality pizzas made from fresh ingredients. A long-running pizza chain, Panzerotto Pizza enjoys a wide and diverse customer base. Menu items include a variety of gourmet and traditional offerings at reasonable prices. Just over 30 locations comprise the Panzerotto Pizza network of restaurants.

Panzerotto Pizza uses television marketing campaigns and word-of-mouth to increase brand awareness. An online presence also serves to spread the brand name throughout Canada. Though located mostly in Ontario, Panzerotto Pizza looks to expand into new markets and draw larger customer bases on a regular basis. The average location sits in busy, metropolitan areas. Suburban communities also serve as prime locations for Panzerotto Pizza restaurants. Delicious and diverse menus featuring dozens of toppings and other pizza favorites like calzones, chicken wings, hot sandwiches, and poutine lend to the success of the company, as well.

Pizza industry staples like Panzerotto Pizza represent outstanding avenues for employment. Panzerotto Pizza allows customers to dine-in, carry-out, or order delivery, which creates opportunities for aspiring drivers, customer service representatives, and cooks to find meaningful work. The restaurant chain also needs to hire managers and supervisors with regularity. Individuals with passion for quality and customer service often receive hiring consideration over other potential candidates. Panzerotto Pizza offers both online and paper application forms. Complete a job application to receive immediate hiring consideration for Panzerotto Pizza jobs now.

Panzerotto Pizza Positions and Salary Information
Panzerotto Pizza offers a wide variety of positions for both part-time and full-time job seekers. Work often includes customer service, sanitation, and food preparation responsibilities, regardless of position desired. Panzerotto Pizza associates must work quickly and efficiently while producing quality food. Entry-level job seekers and career professionals may take interest in the following Canadian pizza shop jobs:

Delivery Driver – Applicants most hold valid driver’s licenses in order to work as delivery drivers. The minimum hiring age corresponds with provincial laws governing driving privileges. Clean driving records and the ability to provide prompt and friendly service also stand as ideal traits of Panzerotto Pizza drivers. During busy rushes, delivery drivers may assist pizza makers in food preparation and dish washing. No real employment experience proves necessary for the position. Potential associates typically receive minimum wage upon hire. The job title also boasts the ability to earn tips.

Pizza Maker – A general position available at Panzerotto Pizza shops, pizza makers carry out a variety of responsibilities. Typical job duties include greeting customers, taking food and drink orders, preparing food, cleaning work stations and dining areas, disposing of waste, restocking food trays, taking inventory, and ringing up purchases. The entry-level job requires no previous work history for employment consideration. Applicants must meet the required hiring age of 14 and possess motivated, energetic, and dedicated personalities. Pay scales begin at minimum wage and increase over time with proven work performance.

Management – Career opportunities available at Panzerotto Pizza locations include supervisor and manager job titles. Workers must hold relevant experience as a manager or in the food retail industry in order to assume the title of supervisor or manager. Specific responsibilities include hiring and training pizza makers and delivery drivers, setting employee work schedules, assisting in entry-level tasks, performing opening and closing procedures, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Administrative work, such as completing payroll and tracking sales, also figure prominently in managerial job duties. Panzerotto Pizza supervisors typically earn between $12.00 and $14.00 per hour. Manager may make in excess of $40,000 annual salary. Specific pay scales and salary options may vary by location and previous experience.

Benefits of Working at Panzerotto Pizza
As a major pizza chain, Panzerotto Pizza offers workers competitive job benefits. Associates enjoy flexible work schedules, career advancement opportunities, and paid training. Panzerotto Pizza also provides complimentary uniforms upon hire and extends generous discounts on food and drink.

Full-time employees in managerial roles also gain access to employment benefits packages. Qualified associates receive healthcare coverage, paid time off, and life insurance options. Additional employee benefits may include 401(k) retirement plans and bonus incentives. Each Panzerotto Pizza location generally provides individual eligibility requirements. Panzerotto Pizza employee benefits packages may vary by location, as well.

The history of Panzerotto Pizza began in Chicago, IL, USA, in the 1950s. The eventual, Canadian-born, Panzerotto Pizza chain creator gained experience working for different Chicago-area pizza chains before moving back to Ontario in the late 1960s. Initially an Italian restaurant serving classic and traditional dishes, the Canadian restaurant chain switched focus to pizza in 1976 and formally established Panzerotto Pizza in the process. The company began franchising in 1980 and introduced the first, online delivery system available to Canadians in 1995. Panzerotto Pizza further expanded in 1996 with the acquisition of Wing Machine restaurants.

Panzerotto Pizza mostly serves pizza and pizza-related menu items. Specialty and gourmet pizzas comprise a majority of Panzerotto Pizza menus. Other available offerings include the Panzerotto, which mirrors the Italian favorite calzone. Panzerotto Pizza also serves salads, breadsticks, wings, onion rings, and hot and cold sandwiches. Customers may dine-in, carry out, or choose delivery options. The Canadian pizza chain offers online options for delivery and carry out orders.

A private company, Panzerotto Pizza maintains nearly 35 locations throughout the Greater Toronto area. In addition to company brand locations, Panzerotto Pizza also formally operates Wing Machine restaurants. Roughly 15 Wing Machine locations operate within the Toronto metropolitan area, as well. Combined, Panzerotto Pizza and Wing Machine restaurants generate millions of dollars in annual revenues. Both companies look to franchise and expand into new markets in the near future. Head offices for the Canadian pizza chain reside in Toronto, ON, Canada.

Minimum age to work at Panzerotto Pizza: 14

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