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Popular throughout much of Western Canada, Panago pizza shops serve just the right amount of variety. Founded in 1986, Panago owns and operates close to 200 locations from Vancouver to Calgary to Winnipeg to as far as Toronto and New Brunswick. All Panago locations offer competitive prices for frugal customers. Panago also heavily participates in the surrounding community.

Panago mainly offers several unique pizza dishes, from traditional meat lovers to vegetarian or lower calorie options. The restaurants create all pizzas with natural ingredients. Panago promotes customization, where patrons may choose the crust, sauce, cheese, and toppings. Side dishes from Panago include salads, breadsticks, and tender chicken wings dipped in several sauces. All Panago orders come with a choice of dips and spices for added flavor.

In order to maintain one of the largest pizza restaurants in Canada, Panago must maintain a powerful workforce full of part-time employees and full-time associates. Residents across British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and New Brunswick should apply online to Panago for jobs in the quick-service restaurant industry. Potnetial candidates as young as 14 may receive hiring consideration from Panago locations.

Popular Positions and Salary Information with Panago

Panago job seekers may find a variety of positions with the Canadian pizza franchise. All restaurant work within Panago requires a great deal of customer service and communication skills. Prospective associates may download an online Panago job application to continue the hiring process. Contact information, availability, employment desired, education, and work history make up the Panago application form. Careers to choose from with Panago pizza shops include:

Pizza Chef

  • Panago pizza chefs spend most of the time in the store and kitchen.
  • Chefs prepare all the pizzas, salads, wings, and breadsticks on the Panago menu.
  • Cooks learn to use various ovens and other kitchen machinery.
  • Additionally, pizza chefs ring up all purchases for customers that come in.
  • Employee trainers teach pizza chefs to use computerized cashier systems.
  • Pizza chefs typically earn $10.00 to $12.00 an hour from Panago.

Delivery Driver

  • Panago drivers spend the day taking orders to the people for major convenience.
  • Delivery associates may spend many hours out on the road in a specific region.
  • Quite often, drivers with Panago help out at the store preparing pizzas and ringing up customers when not making deliveries.
  • Applicants hoping for delivery driver jobs must possess reliable transportation and a clean driving record to become hired.
  • Mental math skills may also help employment potential.
  • Hourly pay scales for Panago drivers stand around $10.00 to $11.00, with the possibility for tips.


  • Panago managers usually come from the ranks of current restaurant employees.
  • Managers use experience to help lead workers in daily tasks and duties.
  • Office work also takes up a considerable amount of time with Panago managers, such as scheduling, payroll, and budgeting.
  • Finally, most supervisors help hire new team members for work with Panago.
  • Managers screen applications, contact potential candidates, conduct interviews, and conduct the initial training for new workers.

Benefits of Working at Panago

No matter the level of experience, all new Panago associates receive complete training and orientation. To ensure cohesion, Panago strictly maintains a positive working environment full of tolerance, diversity, and fun. Employees receive work benefits, like free pizzas and discounts while working for Panago. All associates may take advantage of flexible scheduling. Panago frequently gives out performance rewards and bonuses to dedicated employees.

Panago offers more than just little job benefits to team members. Qualified workers may take advantage of several medical and financial benefits from Panago. Medical programs consist of health, vision, dental, and even prescription drug insurance plans. Financial plans with Panago include paid vacation, personal time, savings accounts, and 401(k) retirement plans. Upcoming or current college students may apply for scholarship programs sponsored by Panago.


Panago started with three stores in Abbotsford, British Columbia in 1986. A family-owned business, the quick service restaurant conducted business under the name “Panagopoulos” until officially shortening the name to Panago in 2000. The company mainly operates out of British Columbia, with over 90 establishments in cities like Surrey, Victoria, and Vancouver. However, through franchising, Panago oversees fast food pizza restaurants in additional provinces, like Alberta, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Manitoba.


Panago restaurants want customers to feel more freedom when ordering pizza and side dishes. All Panago pizzas come with several crust options, such as original hand-tossed, Italian thin, multigrain, and even gluten-free. Apart from traditional Italian tomato sauce, additional sauces include pesto, salsa, and buffalo. Cheese options from Panago include feta, Canadian cheddar, and goat cheese. Toppings include everything from pepperoni and Italian sausage to peppers, anchovies, and olives. Popular Panago combinations eventually earn a permanent place on the menu, such as Vegetarian, Carne, Oceano, and even healthy and lower calorie options.


180 restaurants throughout Canada create roughly $140 million in annual revenue for Panago. Because of the popularity dips and spices included with each pizza received, Panago created a private label brand with dips, hot sauce, olive oil and vinegar, and even organic juice. Several business organizations admire Panago pizza shops, with awards from the Canadian Franchise Association and J.D. Power and Associates. Devoted to Vancouver and surrounding British Columbia, Panago company headquarters continue to reside in Abbotsford, BC.

Minimum age to work at Panago: 14

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