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OPA! of Greece operates a prominent, Canadian chain of Mediterranean restaurants. Boasting healthy menu options, OPA! maintains a sizeable network of locations spanning a majority of Canada. OPA! of Greece began in the late 1990s. Since opening, the restaurant chain serves millions of customers each year and looks to broaden the company brand name with locations in new markets.

The worldly and delicious menus of OPA! of Greece locations lend to the continued success of the brand. Patrons enjoy dine-in and carry out services as well as full-catering services. OPA! of Greece serves as an ideal meeting place for families, friends, and colleagues. Convenient locations in major metropolitan areas, suburban communities, and rural towns create an easily accessible network of stores. Most OPA! of Greece locations operate as food court restaurants as part of large shopping malls. Shopping centers also represent common places diners find OPA! chains.

As a major restaurant chain, job opportunities stand readily available at most OPA! locations on a regular basis. Applicants in search of restaurant jobs may choose from part-time or full-time opportunities featuring competitive pay, flexible scheduling, and generous work benefits packages. OPA! of Greece workers must meet the minimum age of 14 to work as entry-level employees. Managerial roles often require applicants stand at least 18. The ability to take orders and work efficiently rank as two of the most sought-after traits of potential OPA! of Greece candidates. Fill out an online job application to learn more about qualifications and begin the hiring process today.

OPA! of Greece Positions and Salary Information
Restaurant chains like OPA! of Greece provide several viable options for first-time workers and entry-level job seekers to find employment. Available job titles range from customer service positions to work in OPA! kitchens and opportunities in management. The Canadian restaurant chain needs to hire managers to oversee operations, as well. The following list details job opportunities available at OPA! of Greece locations:

Food Counter Attendant – Primary daily objectives of OPA! of Greece food counter attendants change on a near-consistent basis. Workers may begin shifts performing basic sanitation of dining and work areas and then move onto other tasks as needed. Typical job duties include greeting customers, taking food and drink orders, processing payments and completing transactions, preparing orders, and maintaining inventories. Applicants must possess the ability to work quickly and engage customers in appropriate and friendly manners at all times. The entry-level job pays around provincial minimum wages at start, which increases overtime. Experienced OPA! of Greece food counter attendant jobs may yield as much as $12.00 per hour, depending on location.

Server – Another entry-level job title available at OPA! of Greece restaurants, servers bring food and drink orders to customers. Additional job duties include explaining menu items, answering questions about restaurant facilities, refilling drinks, and catering to customer requests. Servers must possess friendly attitudes and attentive personalities. The position requires applicants to work on foot for long periods of time. Most servers work part-time or roughly 15 to 30 hours per week. Minimum wage often proves typical as starting pay for OPA! servers. Through proven work ethic and job performance, servers may earn as must as $11.00 an hour.

Management – Typically reserved for applicants with at least some experience in the restaurant industry, OPA! of Greece managerial careers include food service supervisor and restaurant manager. Each position requires at least one year of experience and a high school diploma for hiring consideration. During OPA! of Greece job interviews, prospective managers must prove abilities in organization, supervision, leadership, and communication. Job duties regularly include hiring and training new employees, scheduling workers, resolving workplace conflicts and customer issues, and increasing sales and profitability of the brand name. Average starting pay for OPA! of Greece food service supervisors falls around $12.00 per hour. Restaurant manager often begin around $30,000 annual salary and may receive as much as $45,000 a year, depending on location and proven abilities.

Benefits of Working at OPA! of Greece
As a restaurant chain entertaining regular expansion, new-hire employees and tenured professionals alike enjoy widespread availability of job opportunities within the company. Career growth programs provide ideal tracks for motivated individuals to advance into higher pay scales and added responsibility. Like most restaurant chains, OPA! of Greece offers flexible scheduling, paid training, and meal discounts. Full-time associates in managerial position also receive access to employment benefits packages.

Eligible workers enjoy health and wellness programs like paid time off, healthcare coverage, and life insurance options. Financial assistance also stands readily available to qualified associates, including bonus incentives and 401(k) retirement plans. Complete and submit an online application form or contact a local OPA! of Greece restaurant to learn more about available job benefits and careers.

Founded in 1998, OPA! of Greece quickly caught on in Canadian markets and soon expanded throughout the North American country. The rapid and vast expansion of the brand led to locations spanning British Columbia to Ontario. The first OPA! location opened in Calgary, AB, Canada. As of August 2013, more than 80 restaurants operate under the OPA! of Greece banner.

Featuring primarily Greek and Mediterranean foods, the quick service restaurant chain boasts healthy menu options as opposed to traditional fast food. Menu items include platters and plate specials ranging from low-carb meals to salads and kid’s meals. Popular menu items include the Pita Wrap Plate, Spanakopita Plate, and the traditional Greek Salad. Side items available include hummus with pita, French fries, rice, Greek potatoes, souvlaki skewers, and baklava. OPA! of Greece provides readily accessible nutritional information for all menu offerings in-store and online.

Formally known as OPA! Souvlaki of Greece, OPA! of Greece operates as a private company. Expansion through franchising and annual sales represents the two primary ways OPA! of Greece generates revenue. The popular Canadian restaurant chain earns millions of dollars in annual revenues across the network of roughly 80 locations. OPA! of Greece headquarters sit in Calgary, AB, Canada.

Minimum age to work at OPA! of Greece : 14

Official Site: http://www.opasouvlaki.ca/careers.php


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