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Hiring Process

With retail stores across the world, Old Navy has accumulated a wealth of experience interviewing and hiring job seekers over the years. Most stores employ typical one-on-one interview sessions with a store manager or other hiring representative.

Group Setting
However, many Old Navy stores use a group interview format with several applicants participating at once. Panel interviews in front of multiple managers also remain popular, so candidates should plan and prepare accordingly.

Getting to Know You
Basically, the interview process enables Old Navy hiring officials to get to know potential workers. Questions mainly pertain to past employment, availability, job requirements, and personality traits. During group interviews, applicants spend time collaborating with other candidates pursuing Old Navy positions. Group interviews tend to require high levels of interaction and excellent social skills from job seekers.

Second Interview Expectations
Most Old Navy positions, such as stocker, cashier, and sales associate jobs, only require one job interview. However, stores looking to hire for leadership positions may conduct a second interview session, if necessary. Second interviews usually consist of meeting with a senior member of the Old Navy management team, such as a store or district manager.

What Will You Do?
Exercises and activities during the second interview often include personality tests, roleplaying exercises, and several situational questions.

Bring Your Resume
Candidates should bring a resume and work references to review with an Old Navy hiring manager. The ideal combination of relevant experience and energetic personality typically helps applicants secure employment with Old Navy.

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Possible Interview Questions and Answers

Q: Why did you apply to Old Navy over other retailers?
A: I really like Old Navy’s styles of clothing and have enjoyed shopping here for years.

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Q: What do you expect to get from Old Navy as an employer?
A: I’d really like to start saving up enough to buy my first car. I think a steady job at a company like Old Navy would help me do that and build experience for a future career.

Q: Are you comfortable interacting with customers in any capacity?
A: Working with the public has never really been that big of an issue for me. I look forward to meeting new people on a regular basis, so yes, I would say I’m comfortable working with any number of customers.

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Interview Tips

Attire: What to Wear
Most Old Navy interviews do not require an elaborate wardrobe. However, a professional, business-casual look often suffices at job interviews for most positions.

This is how you should dress: Wearing an article of clothing from Old Navy may help applicants earn extra consideration from hiring managers.

Male interviewees should consider pairing a button-down collared shirt or sweater with a pair of khaki pants or slacks. Additionally, the appropriate shoes to wear should look and feel suitable for any kind of office setting.

Women should follow many of the same rules when choosing what to wear to an Old Navy job interview. Conservative dresses or skirts matched with business tops represent ideal choices. Footwear should consist of low-profile heels, flats, or other office-appropriate shoes. Again, opting to wear Old Navy merchandise to the interview often enhances the candidacy of prospective workers.

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