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Specializing in refined oil products in eastern Canada, OLCO Petroleum Group operates in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. The brand maintains a total of approximately 320 franchised gas stations, with roughly 180 in Quebec and nearly 140 in Ontario. Most establishments also hold convenience stores which provide access to bread, dairy products, snack foods, beer and wine, tobacco goods, and fast food. Other amenities include car washes, lottery machines, propane bottle filling, and mechanical repairs. Additional services range from terminal-to-wharf connections and dock storage to warehousing of dry products and customized and personalized billing.

Many of the gas stations featuring the OLCO brand remain open 24 hours a day. Locations serve as convenient stops to satisfy multitudes of needs. Customers receive top-notch service from each associate. Labourers ensure problems resolve quickly and each individual patron experience begins and ends positively. The company hires diverse individuals capable of aiding customers from different backgrounds. Friendly and fun work environments remain prevalent throughout stores and gas stations, which allows customers to enjoy visits.

The best approach for acquiring an entry-level position with the chain remains to apply in person. Candidates rarely find opportunities posted online, and instead must actively seek out hiring managers. Applications forms should highlight experience and desirable skill sets. Typically, labourers enjoy access to positions requiring little experience. Room for advancement proves obtainable for dedicated staff members able to demonstrate worth. Employee benefit packages often entice workers with attractive salary options and rewards based on performance and commitment.

OLCO Petroleum Group Jobs and Salary Expectations

Scattered throughout Canada, opportunities within gas stations remain available for both entry-level applicants and managerial role seekers. Personnel regularly handle diverse situations requiring strong interpersonal and communication skills. Employment hunters typically possess proper education certifications, such as high school diplomas, and meet minimal age qualifications of 18 years and older. Locations may request contenders to speak English, French, or even both.

Gas Attendant

  • Applicants holding experience in convenience stores or gas stations often receive preferential treatment for attendant positions.
  • Individuals able to proactively assist customers in quick-paced environments may find consideration despite limited work histories.
  • Salary options begin at $10.50 CAD an hour for friendly, upbeat job seekers.
  • Associates maintain wide ranges of duties from operating the till to cleaning and restocking shelves.
  • Desirable attributes include comfort working with limited supervision, punctuality, and the ability to problem solve in timely manners.
  • Other responsibilities frequently necessitate working the car wash and lottery machines.

Store Manager

  • Coaching retail teams into success, store managers demonstrate control over operations and staff members.
  • Labourers may supervise, motivate, and train coworkers throughout each shift.
  • Managers actively stand as role models in both customer service and sales.
  • Further responsibilities include daily administration and recruitment of new associates.
  • Employees guarantee team members follow standards, policies, and procedures, as well.
  • Leaders should possess a minimum of one to two years of retail or customer service experience.
  • Common traits favorably considered include organization, commitment, responsibility, versatility, and thoughtfulness.
  • A valid driver’s license also increases the likelihood of employment.
  • Store workers garner pay rates of $23.00 CAD per hour.

Benefits of Working for OLCO Petroleum Group

Dynamic teams highlighting community contribution, the workforces at OLCO stations consist of exceptional workers who value service and teamwork. In return, eligible candidates receive flexible scheduling. Industry-competitive wages frequently find yearly revisions and couple with bonus plans based on length of employment and performance. Social benefits programs consisting of medical, dental, and life insurance guarantee well-protected labourers. Supplementary rewards may range from provided uniforms and recognition programs to discounts and paid mileage for work-related trips. An employee assistance program also stands available to assist workers with everything from legal advice to locating childcare facilities and fitness centers.


The marketer and distributor of refined oil products originated in 1986. Company headquarters reside in Montreal-Est, QC, an on-island suburb also home to many other large oil refineries. In 2005, nearly 84% of the class A shares remained owned by Mayfred Canada Ltd. The company also went private the same year but previously traded as OLC.A on the Montreal Stock Exchange. OLCO currently operates as a subsidiary of TransMontaigne.

Products and Services

Through a network of service stations and convenience stores primarily located in Quebec and Ontario, OLCO offers residual oils and various lubricants like diesel, gasoline, kerosene, propane, and furnace oils. Additional amenities include car-wash services, mechanical bays for repairs, propane bottle filling, automotive products, and administrative support in marketing, human resources, safety, purchasing, and business management. Miscellaneous offerings like fast food, lottery, beer and wine, tobacco, and magazines make the company a one-stop shop.


Functioning as a private Canadian company, OLCO remains one of the largest independent petroleum products distributor in eastern Canada. Distributing as much as 1.5 billion liters of products to various institutions. The company formerly traded on the Montreal Stock Exchange until 2005.

Minimum age to work at OLCO: 18

Official Site: www.linkedin.com/company/olco-petroleum-group-inc-